2014 Book Log


Books read in 2014

  1. January Thaw by Jess Lourey
  2. Playing With Matches by Carolyn Wall
  3. The Senior Moment by Eva Hudson
  4. Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer
  5. Bootstrapped in Iowa by Sara Broers
  6. The Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen
  7. The Testament of Mary by Colman Toibin
  8. The Front by Patricia Cornwall
  9. Blunt Impact by Lisa Black
  10. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend by Michael Dicks
  11. Bean There, Done That by Sandra Balzo
  12. Brewed, Crude and Tatooed by Sandra Balzo
  13. A Cup of Jo by Sandra Balzo
  14. If You Lived Here You Would Be Home Now by Claire LaZebnik
  15. Mother Teresa  No Greater Love 
  16. Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
  17. Triple Shot by Sandra Balzo
  18. Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reiches
  19. The Tenth of December by George Saunders
  20. The Banks of Certain Rivers by Jon Harrison
  21. The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers
  22. When She Was Gone by Gwendolyn Gross
  23.  The Ogallala Road: A Memoir of Love and Reckoning by Julene Bair
  24. I’ll Be Seeing You by Suzanne Hayes and Loretta Nyhan
  25. A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen
  26. Lemonade and Holy Stuff: Collected Essays by Miranca Gargasz
  27. My Ideal Bookshelf  Art by Jane Mount Edited by Thessaly La Force
  28. The Lemon Orchard by Luanne Rice
  29. The Last Word by Lisa Lutz
  30. Building Talieson:  Frank Lloyd Wright’s Home of Love and Loss by Rin Mccraev
  31. The Face of Deception by Iris Johansen
  32. Snapped by Pamela Klaffe
  33. The Cold Light of Mourning by Elizabeth Duncan
  34. Downsize with Style by Bettina Deda
  35. The Price of Innocence by Lisa Black
  36. Home by Rachel Smith
  37. A Thousand Pardons by Jonathan Dee
  38. The Key to Her Heart by Catherine Herzog
  39. The Judas Goat by Robert B Parker
  40. Derailed by Neta Jackson
  41. Lola’s Prayer Cocktail by YL Mitchell
  42. The Lovebird by Natalie Brown
  43. Just a Geek:  Unflinchingly Honest Tales of the Search for Life, Love and Fulfillment Beyond the Starship Enterprise by Wil Wheaton
  44. God Save the Child by Robert B Parker
  45. A Savage Place by Robert B Parker
  46. The International Bank of Bob by Bob Harris
  47. The Killing Game by Iris Johansen
  48. Fly Away by Kristin Hannah
  49. Mistress by James Patterson
  50. Graceland by Alan Glynn
  51. Moving Day by Jonathan Stone
  52. Sweet Tea and Secrets by Nancy Naigle
  53. The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty
  54. The Final Detail by Harlan Coben
  55. Waking Up In Heaven by Crystal McVea
  56. The Geometry of Sisters by Luanne Rice
  57. A Savage Place by Robert B Parker
  58. Evil Eye by Joyce Carol Oates
  59. Crazy for You by Jennifer Cruise
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  1. Such an adorable book teapot. I see you are “steeped” in some deep reading. Wow!

  2. Love the teapot! And wow, impressive list!

  3. Wow ~ great list!

  4. You’ve read this many books already? I am beyond impressed. Numbers 4 and 5 have titles that really interest me. I’m jotting them down right now to see if my library system has them.

    That book-themed teapot is one of my favs in your collection thus far.

  5. Cute tea-pot. Impressive book list for just over 30 days. If you lived here you would be home by now looks good! I just Kindled The Circle by Dave Eggers and started to read it. So far it’s ok, it needs to pick up….

    • I have soooo many on my Kindle and TBM just keeps reviewing more on her blog that I want to add. 🙂 Good thing my sister in law got me that massive Amazon gift card for Christmas. 🙂

  6. What a cute teapot and it’s not even “Teapot Tuesday”! Love it – I do have a question though – how do you store/display all of your teapots? Oh my what a collection you must have. For me I’m trying to read the bible through this year; just a wee bit behind, but that’s my book list for the year!

  7. I really like your book teapot on top of your book list. I love books also and that is why I have my book lamp. Keep reading.

  8. Well done you. Love the teapot of course. I thoroughly enjoyed Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Annie Barrows and Mary Ann Shaffer. One book I could read again. I’m lucky to read 2 -3 books a month.

  9. I really want to get Humans of New York – it’s just so interesting! Love your book log, I live vicariously through you. 😃

  10. Very impressive, Beth Ann! See? Being stuck in all that snow and cold hasn’t gone entirely to waste, has it?!

  11. jennisincerely says:

    Wow, thats a lot of books you’ve read already! I’m shooting for one per month! And I need to get Sara Broers’ book, too!

    • I just saw that you mentioned Cat Herzog’s book so I downloaded it. 🙂 I am a reader and it is a great activity for good winter Iowa days. Ugh. Sara’s book is a quick read—short and ebook format. I like to read books that “regular” people have written—-people that I actually might meet. 🙂

  12. Oh my gosh – I just coveted your little teapot! that is absolutely adorable. love it.
    and my mom just showed up with a stack of books for me too! 🙂

  13. I wish you could have seen my face when I read your post… You made me smile wide

  14. How in the world do you read so many books in such a short time? I am on my 3rd book for 2014 only!

  15. It looks like you’ve been snowed in! LOL You even have a teapot book!


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