The Game Ball

Today is The Big Game.  I don’t want any problems with using the actual words but you know what I mean.  It is the day of the Superb Owl Game as Stephen Colbert has dubbed it.   While I do not have anything really invested in the game being played today I will watch and eat my obligatory Big Game Day food .   I will ooh and ahh over the commercials–many of which I have already viewed as the trend is to release the commercials early this year.   But in the back of my mind I will be thinking about that football that is being tossed around and where it the life of that football began—in my college town of Ada, Ohio.

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  1. How appropriate it began with the letter “A”! We’ll be eating seven layer bean dip and classic Fritos.

  2. It’s funny – each year this day always catches up with me because we are not football people but we try to watch the half-time show… Pretty cool that the ball comes from your hometown! 😀

  3. Unfortunately, they are a dying breed… By that I mean, handmade in America by Americans.. Wilson makes many other products as well and I hope that they all follow that same process..

  4. A fact I missed! Very interesting! Eat on!

  5. Awesome, Beth Ann — how cool that your hometown is the home of Wilson! Sure, I’ll be watching (until I get bored, when I’ll just half-watch and focus on the commercials!). I don’t really have a dog in this fight, but I like the Broncos better.

    • I am not a huge football follower so this game is not going to make or break me—I will be reading and watching but not too invested. 🙂 Oh and eating….

  6. That is so cool that the Wilson footballs are made in your college home town. I loved watching how the footballs are actually made. I finally found something interesting about football! (I am so not into sports but maybe now I can actually join in a conversation)

  7. I’ll be holing up with a book and Randy will cue me in to watch those interesting commercials.

    Yeah, Ada!

  8. Hubby just got invited to watch the game on a friend’s 81 inch tv. from how quickly he left the house I assume that’s a big tv. the loyal hockey fan in me is outraged!! LOL
    I am just glad I’ll be able to watch my own thing, and probably tune into the half time show.
    But…..I hope he didn’t take the potato chips!

  9. I really don’t give a rat’s booty about the game but in the interest of not being left out of conversations about the game and potentially hilarious commercials I’ll be listening from the office and occasionally watching. Go Broncos!

    Now, where are those awesome snacks? I’m hungry. LOL

  10. I am so glad we still make the super bowl football in the good old USA!

  11. I really enjoyed the video on the football company and how the ball is made. Yah Ada! We were going to retire there but changed our minds. My husband and I met there and were married there, and we both will be in the cemetery there.

  12. I usually enjoy watching the game; yesterday was one of those days…I do enjoy watching the commercials though, especially the Budweiser; they always do a great job.

  13. I think I saw this on “How It Is Made” one time! Interesting! We were blissfully unaware of the big game by watching PVR’d items.

  14. That’s interesting football information, I had no idea! The hosts of our small group from church invited anyone who wanted to come watch the game, or commercials (and share yummy food). Watching my team melt down in the company of good friends was much better than suffering through it alone!

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