Teapot Tuesday

Baby–it’s cold outside!!!!   I am dreaming of blue skies, bright sun and tropical music today as we endure yet more winter weather in our state.  It was brutal last night and at times the wind gusts clocked at 60 MPH.  It is no wonder our grill cover came “un- bungee-corded”  and the side table is now a vertical rather than horizontal side table.

In honor of the freezing cold I selected a summer themed pot from my collection to make us all feel just a bit warmer today.   Of course I had to put “her” outside in the snow for the real effect but you get the idea.   Enjoy !



“The first sip of tea is always the best… you cringe as it burns the back of your throat, knowing you just had the hottest carpe-diem portion.” – Terri Guillemets

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  1. hilaryfeelingbeachie says:

    I love… that just screams FL~

  2. Oh, how fun! LOVE the way you set her in the snow–sort of, the winter version of sand at the beach. Too cute! Stay warm, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks, Kathy. It is minus 12 this morning so it is cold, cold, cold. The pilot light on our gas fireplace even blew out in the horrible winds we had so hubby had to get that relit last night but we are warm and toasty. So blessed to have a house around us that keeps us sheltered . Have a sunny day!

  3. Cute pot, but I really feel like she should be wearing a few more clothes under the circumstances. I’m getting a pedicure today. Usually I wear flip-flops home. Not sure how that is all going to work out today.

    I’m done singing ‘Let it snow.’

    • Thanks, Christine! I bundled her up when I brought her inside, trust me. Her toes were very chilly! Good luck with that pedicure—–you may have to stay at the salon for a bit longer today. Take a book!

  4. I love that teapots can have senses of humor. Until your blog, I had no idea there were so many different types. Fun!

  5. Your amazing collection always amazes me. I love when you share all the different ones you have! She’s a cutie ~ although I think that snow is too cold for her toes! LOL

  6. There we go again. Bare feet in winter, just like that customer who stopped by my husband’s Minnesota shop last week. Oh, yeah, he was wearing sandals. But no socks.

    Ms. Polka Dot, I think, would be one fun-loving friend.

  7. If you were to ask Kelvin he would tell you I need to do this a little more often! Not sure if it’s my thyroid or hot flashes, but I have to keep begging to have the patio door open because I’m burning up!

  8. She is very funny, all the way to her painted toes. Something you would find in a British seaside town gift shop.

  9. How FUN. Love the toe nails and flip flops. She’s hot alright! Carpi Demi!! –not sure where we will take that today–more than likely for a quick run to Home Depot. My teens needs a few parts for the bookcase.

  10. This one is really cute with the bird on top of the hat. Keep them coming.

  11. Love her painted toes. Nice tough.

  12. Oh how cute..she would definitely need some boots on today wouldn’t she! HA. It’s 25 here and ice today! No snow, we aren’t that lucky as we usually just get the ice. Stay warm.

  13. Ha – love it. even her bare little toes are painted.
    I don’t think I’d be out in my swimsuit in this weather though!

  14. “She” definitely looks like a Southern teapot — who else would go outside in freezing weather wearing little of nothing?? Of course, I prefer to think of that snow as SAND, so thus she’s right in style! Think warm thoughts, Beth Ann, and let’s chase this cold away!

  15. What a fun teapot for a cold and snowy day. We’ve got 6-12″ expected with this round–more snow than we’ve seen in years. Australia is looking better all the time!

  16. Ha! I think, I’ve seen one or two ladies like that in real life… 😉 Cute!!!

  17. That is the funniest teapot I ever saw.

  18. Very cute of love her and her toe paint.. 😀

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