I’ve Been Dreaming of the Perfect Car—-I May Have Found It!

Finally.  The perfect car.  Oh yes—I know what you are thinking.  We all have specific ideas of what comprises the perfect vehicle but I think I may have found it and it could be mine for just one short day.  The Weinermobile—yes—you read correctly.  The Weinermobile.

For a very short time anyone can join in on the chance to “lease” the car for the day by simply tweeting about their love of  all things Weinermobile.  The contest is the brain child of the  Oscar Mayer folks and for a simple tweet including #Tweet2Lease anyone has the chance to win an 8 hour day of being driven anywhere by one of their trained “Hotdoggers” who will be a personal chauffeur for the day.

Of course I am excited about the one in a million opportunity to be chosen and I applaud Oscar Mayer for taking to social media to launch a fabulous contest.  It is in a word—genius.   I want to win so badly I can taste the ketchup and relish and onion that accompany my Oscar Mayer dog.

Where would I go?   Drive through at Culvers might be a little difficult to negotiate plus I am not sure how the Hotdogger would feel about visiting a fast food restaurant that I am pretty sure does NOT offer Oscar Mayer products.  I am not sure the parking lot at Cabin Coffee would accommodate the behemoth and I am positive it would not fit in their drive thru lane so that rules that out.   Road trip?   Maybe to Faribault to stop in to see my friend, Audrey, from Minnesota Prairie Roots and on to the “cities” for some sightseeing?   The sky is the limit.   Well—8 hours is actually the limit but hey—-I could see and do a lot in that time.

My biggest concern is what the cup holders are like—-because you know that is what decides a car for me—the quality of cup holders is crucial  to my decision.

By posting this on my blog I realize that many of you are going to flock to Twitter and start tweeting your own #Tweet2Lease tweets and if by some chance one of you wins you have to take me with you.   It’s only right.

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  1. I can so see you in that car 😉

  2. haha. I hope that if you won you also at least got to eat one hot dog.

  3. Haha…I’m sure it includes a wiener bar and no meals to plan for a day!

  4. Beth you are so funny! I wouldn’t mind having the Weinermobile for the day either. I hope you win, I really do!! I will have my fingers crossed for you.. 🙂

  5. Oh, yes, a day in the Weinermobile with you! But would we get anywhere? You know how often I “have to” stop and take photos. But I suppose I could manage and we would have quite the adventure. Thanks, my friend, for thinking of me.

  6. But Beth Ann, what if the cup holders don’t cut the “mustard”? Would you still let them drive you “all around”? Just wondering!

  7. I’m entering. It better have cup holders. You know, this “ride” really doesn’t grab me like it does you. It’s more for a smiley face girl. So if I win–you go and take pictures. Oh, and bring me back a Butter Burger.

  8. so cool.
    also, so many jokes about riding and wieners, but I will behave 😉

  9. Riding around in a Weinermobile doesn’t sound like my cup of tea, but if that’s your heart’s desire, Beth Ann, I say, Go for it! I can’t imagine the thing has decent cup holders, but let’s pray it at least has sufficient heating (or do you get to choose when you ride??)

    • Oh come on–really?? Just think of the excited looks on people’s faces! 🙂 No clue as to the particulars. I will find out when I win. Which I undoubtedly will. 🙂

  10. Road trip! Do you think you could make it to Edmonton in 8 hours? Perfect roadtrip if you have a chauffeur!

  11. What can I say? I would like to see it but not interested in riding in it so I will not try, which will give you a better chance.

  12. Oh, I hope you win! What a blog post that would be.

  13. Well, good luck! It would be great to see you win!

  14. Too funny–I would not want a car like that!! Think I’m going to get a Jeep next. I really like those!

    • I love Jeeps, too. Our oldest had an amazing Jeep he got in Texas but had to sell when he went to grad school in NYC. No need for a car there! He still misses it.

  15. No thanks. You can keep your hotdog. I’d rather foot it.

  16. OMGoodness you cracked me up. I grew up in Philadelphia and that crazy car lived in Philly too.
    It is a pretty cool ride…
    They so should have hot dogs at fast food places. Lets go #OscarMeyer make that deal!

  17. Good luck. What will you wear if you win? What goes well with a wiener and the colors of the rig? Another blog will give you answers!

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