Follow Friday Four Fill In Fun Blog Hop #147

feelingbeachiebutton 200x200It’s Friday and that means I join Hilary from Feeling Beachie for her blog hop.  It’s a great way to meet some other folks and see what they have to say.   We just fill in the blanks and share our answers—easy peasy.   Thanks to Hilary for doing this every week!!! This is the 147th one that she has done so hats off to Hilary for all the weeks for Friday Fun!

The statements:

  • ____ always makes me ____
  • If one song represents how I feel right now it is ____________.
  • In 2013 my biggest challenge was __________ and made me __________
  • I feel ________ about making New Year’s resolutions:

My Answers:

  • Mr. Diamond aka my husband always makes me laugh.
  • If one song represents how I feel right now it is Baby It’s Cold Outside.
  • In 2013 my biggest challenge was writing more consistently for my blog   and made me a bit of a better writer.  Maybe.  
  • I feel ambivalent about making New Year’s resolutions.

The miserable weather is remaining here in Iowa.  I am not a fan but it does mean that I am hunkered down inside making more cards for Hospice as part of my commitment to make around 650 sympathy cards for them this year.  It is a really good thing to do when the wind is howling and the temperature is dropping outside in the snow covered world.  I am thrilled that I can do this as a volunteer for a great organization that I believe in.  It is the perfect way for me to do something for them without tying myself down to a weekly commitment that I just can not honor  at the moment.   So…….while the winds howl and the snow piles up outside you can find me in my “office” with card supplies piled high around me.  Oh and yes—-usually at least one helper ………holly

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  1. What an adorable helper you have. And what a blessing you are to Hospice. As a recipient of several of your handcrafted cards, I know how much they uplift. Thank you, my friend, for all you do in service to others.

  2. Your helper is cute and I love volunteering. I make baby hats for newborns. It is a wonderful activity while the wind howls outside.

    • judy—what a great volunteer project!!! I love being able to do things on my own without having to feel like I am on a weekly schedule or something and it just took a while to figure out what I could do for them. But I love the baby hats!!! What a way to start a new life with a nice warm hat!!!

  3. I am proud of my daughter because she loves to help others.

  4. Great fill ins!

  5. – Reading blogs always makes me feel better & more connected with other people.
    – If one song represents how I feel right now it is having a heatwave, a tropical heat wave. (Our temps have been above 0 during the day & just below 0 for almost a week, although we’re supposed to get to -18 degrees soon)
    – In 2013 my biggest challenge was participating in NaNoWriMo and made me work really hard on my writing.
    – I feel ambivalent about making New Year’s resolutions since I never keep them, so I’ve completely lost interest in making them!

  6. LOL – my girls love that upside down cat photo. they say the best way to catch a cat is indeed to bring out a box.
    I was going to use Baby it’s Cold Outside too!! unfortunately blogger has been down for me most of today, so I haven’t got to my post yet.

  7. I love your little helper. Have fun making the cards. What a great thing to do.

  8. Love your helper! Bet she’s tons of fun to have around. 🙂 Hope you stay warm!!!

  9. I love your helper too! We just got out of our second deep freeze and heading for minus one on Sunday night. I don’t do resolutions, never could keep them!

  10. How could you possible get anything done without that furry helper? How are you coming along on your card count?

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