Living la Vida Lamo

Mr. Diamond and I were discussing how our lives have changed over the years.  Gone are those days of being room mom, school parties and chauffeuring kids to play dates.  Gone are the endless trips to schools and orthodontist appointments.   No more nights spent in football stadiums, freezing cold Saturday mornings spent on soccer fields or spending weekends shuttling kids to different parties and friends’ houses.

Our own personal lives have changed a bit, also. We no longer spend 3 or 4 nights of the week attending meetings or gatherings of some kind or another.  We don’t have the same commitments that we once had.  Quite frankly I am no longer a fan of going out late at night.

We are living la Vida Lamo and yes—I made the word up. Spell check does not agree with me that it is a word.  I disagree. (And the proper pronunciation is with a long A and a long O sound just for those of you who were wondering.)  In other words–living the lame life.

If you wonder what Living la Vida Lamo consists of I have made a short list of some examples.

  • Today our lame lives are often ruled by felines.  The last one into the bedroom at night is in charge of door barricading.  Our one cat, Buddy, loves to break in during the night.   We don’t like sleeping with cats who continue to walk on our heads, sniff, purr loudly and lick so the last person in is in charge of putting the basket in front of the door.  God forbid we ever have a fire and have to get past the barricaded door in a hurry.  P1000537
  • You know you are Living la Vida Lamo when your weekend activities include flattening all the cardboard in your garage for recycling and you preschedule it like it is an appointment.
  • Another sign that you have sunk to a lame life is when you are both in bed by 9 pm.   Now granted, we have a tv in the bedroom and I always read before I go to sleep but still—-the nights that we are in bed by 9 pm far outweigh the number of nights we are not in bed by 9 pm.
  • Going to use the loo includes hearing a cat race to join you in the bathroom and rolling around on the rug because you are a captive audience who will pet his belly.  Lame.P1000539
  • A date includes going to Fleet Farm for bird seed, ice melter and pictures with a cardboard Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.IMG_2126
  • You might be Living la Vida Lamo if you find yourself attuned to the sound of the UPS truck in the neighborhood and look expectantly out the window knowing that yet another eBay teapot is on the way to you.
  • Another sure sign that your lame life is a certainty is the nightly vigil of looking out the windows to see the deer and bunnies who are foraging around your bird feeders necessitating yet another trip to Fleet Farm for bird seed.
  • Living La Vida Lamo also means that every couch and chair has a fuzzy blanket somewhere to accommodate feline napping.  Add to that an unlimited supply of lint rollers by the door before exiting the house and you KNOW your life is now beyond lame.

There you have it.  Some of the sure signs that you are Living la Vida Lamo.   To be quite honest with you—it really isn’t that bad.  I would take the lamo life to the stress-filled living from one crisis to the next life any day. A little lame is okay for this gal.  How about you?

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  1. o-ho-ho, you live at our house. Rick is always the last one to bed so closes our bedroom door to keep T-Bob from coming in. Still around 5:00, T-Bob starts meowing for water and treats, a habit that dates back to my M-F work days. We don’t buy bird seed but deer feed to feed the deer around our church a protein supplement. Husband Rick goes daily to feed them in the trough he built. I do not miss the old schedule that filled almost every block on the calendar.

    • Ah—I love that you feed the deer!!! What do you feed them that is good for them. I know there are differing ideas on what to do for them in the winter that will actually help them and not hurt them. They usually just clean up under our feeders now and I have a little squirrel feeder that they get into the corn a bit but they don’t get too much from my anymore with the new feeders I have. Love that your T-Bob still is on that old schedule. 🙂

  2. Oh, we are SOOOOOOOOO living La Vida Lamo!!!!!! If we are not in bed by 9, it’s HIGHLY unusual! Interestingly, our dogs know when it’s bedtime and start waiting outside the closed bedroom door for us to let them in. We keep the door closed during the day. Oh, the lame lives we lead!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I’m with you…if I could live La Vida Lamo with just me and my dog I would…almost there…but a few more years of crazy first.

    • It can be pretty nice to be honest with you. We mix it up sometimes but the days of craziness are behind us for the moment. 🙂 It could change in a minute, though, so I am enjoying it now!

  4. Maybe someday DH and I will be there (I doubt it) but for now each day is time filled with creative projects, time-out for reading and spending leisurely time over breakfast or lunch, meet-ups with friends (singly or as a couple), “cruising” the ‘net for that elusive “whatever”, and, yes, finally winding down to read (until 11:00 pm, or so), lights out for the night so that I’m/we are ready to “hit the pavement running” to repeat above. Losing track of days figures in there, also!!! We LOVE retirement!!!!!!!! Hugs………

  5. This cracked me up! It isn’t lame, though … it’s lovely!! Mine is still swinging between crazy (when the college kids return home) to extremely quiet … when hubby is gone on business travel.

    • It is lame. And I love lame! 🙂 I remember those “swinging” days, also. Now we just go to the kids and they don’t come to us. I think it might be something about where we live. They are not fans of snow and cold and wind.

  6. Ship me some lame. I’m watching for the UPS truck as I write.

  7. This is funny! We are living “la Vida Lamo” on The Tiny Ten minus cats and teapots and substitute Tractor Supply for Fleet Farm. I love it! Oh and I am zonked out by 8pm. I just can’t STAY asleep and find myself cruising the blog streets at 3am.. 😀

  8. Your life sounds like our life!!!! I think we’re living it too.

  9. We seem to have the same life! Gordon and I had a big outing last Friday to take the recycling that wouldn’t fit into the bin. We made a big day of it by having lunch at a new place in our never ending search for “real” Mexican food in Maryland. Then to top it all off we stopped at Costco, because they have the best price on sliced cheese. I rarely go anywhere after dark these days, and I seem to have the brights on most of the time if I do. The bedroom door is always closed, there has to be one room not covered in cats and dogs! I crocheted a blanket for the couch for the cats… My favorite time of day is when I climb into bed with my book. I think you’ve coined the perfect name – I love my Vida Lamo!

    • Oh my—I didn’t’ think there was anyone else out there like us!! I like our lamo life after all the years of craziness and non stop running around. We do sound like we are two peas in a pod. And there is NOTHING wrong with that!

  10. Your life seems really exciting compared to mine! I don’t even have to get out of my jammie’s for it. How lame is that/

    • Oh I think being in jammies is awesome!!!! I imagine I could include that in my lamo life also but for my own mental health I decided that I should really make an attempt to be productive in some way today —so off with the jammies and on with the jeans !!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  11. Well, Beth Ann, I’m not quite to living the lame life yet! Sure, I’m past the frantic activities of taxiing my son to various activities, past the hurrying to attend some meeting or other, but no cats here — Dallas would probably succeed in herding them all into a corner, ha! And you know, wintertime is a great time for cocooning!

  12. Your cats follow you to the bathroom too?! I was beginning to wonder if ours was the only one.

    As for La Vida Lamo, I think it sounds pretty good. In a quiet, lights-out-at-10 kind of way. 🙂

    • It is a great life. Don’t get me wrong! I love my life. And love anything that comes my way but it just struck me the other day when Mr. Diamond forgot the door barricade and Buddy flew in at 3 am what our lives had become. Hence–a blog post! 🙂

  13. I absolutely agree with you!! I will take the simple kind of Lamo life over the hustle and bustle Any Time! 3 kids are exhausting – and we only allow one activity night during the week for them. I find school and that one night alone tires them out enough. I suppose Left Brain and I might become more active once the high school years arrive and see us being a Taxi Service. Since we started our family in our 30’s, by the time mine all leave home: I’ll be well into Retirement! Maybe then we will get a 2nd wind and become social butterflies!

  14. My life isn’t quite as lame as yours, I have to admit! But now I know why you said you woke up from a sound sleep at 11 p.m.! Evening hours in our house usually consist of both Kelvin & I on our laptops while watching TV at the same time. Although I have noticed since COPD, I spend a bit more time watching TV than on my laptop – it’s the tiredness I guess. Kelvin is usually falling asleep by 11 p.m. while we’re watching a TV program & I used to head to bed about 3 a.m. It’s become a little earlier since I’m tired so much & last night I was in bed by 12:30 a.m.!

    • Well you have a lot going on in your life—goodness! But I have always been more of an early to bed early to rise type of gal so I guess it is just part of me. Plus it is cold here and I like to snuggle under the covers!!!! 🙂

  15. I suspected I’d entered the Vida Lamo years when my 21 year old daughter came last came home from college for the holidays. When she started getting ready to go out to meet friends at 9pm, instead of saying “drive safely” or “do you have a designated driver just in case someone drinks,” I simply looked at her half asleep and asked “why bother?” Yes, I have entered the “snuggly slippers over fashionable shoes” years. And happy about that.

    • It is a good place to be…..I think the snuggly slipper stage is a very good look. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! I really appreciate it!

  16. I like it Vida Lamo! Of-course I would add an exclamation mark after it and I think that misses the point but even living lamo can happen with enthusiasm as you have just narrated. Me I think I am still living Alamo a little over the top. I look forward to a life that included languishing at Cosco over the samples
    Great post. Remember The Lamo! So many possibilities. .

  17. *sigh* We’re also living la Vida Lamo over here. Date night is sitting in Chipotle for dinner or ordering pizza. Cats? Yup. We have to deal with them in the bathroom as well.

    The thing that makes all of this even more sad is that we’re only 33 and 46 respectively. And we are boring with a capital B. LOL

    • No, no! Lamo is the new thing! Everyone wants to be like us ( well minus the cat hair) but can’t be! Welcome to the life. Everyone envies us! :-). Thanks for stopping by!

  18. I am not far behind you in living la vida lamo – granted, with three kids still under our roof things get exciting from time to time but we are definitely not party people and I would love to be in bed by nine… I’m lucky if I make it at 11! 🙂

  19. Oh my gosh! I’m laughing so hard right now 🙂 I love this post! I’d take the “Lamo” life any day. If it were up to me, I’d be in my pajamas at home at all times, except for when I can be on the golf course 🙂 And I’m perfectly fine with that fact that at 34, I’m usually in bed by 9pm, even on the weekends!

    • Glad it made you laugh. My life is laughable at times. But it is a good thing to be able to laugh at things, right? I can’t believe you are in bed early! But then you have a little one to chase around, right? I don’t have that excuse.

  20. I caught onto Lamo rather quickly. I must be a lost cause! Great pictures of the furry fellas in your life.

  21. You know, calling it “La Vida Lamo” makes it sound more interesting.

  22. Yep I’m a member. Our highlight this week was the TV show The Following started again. And Miles and Att love the bathroom trick. Att wants me to rub his belly and Miles wants me to play fetch since I’m just sitting there.

    • It’s not just MY pets??? Seriously—if Buddy hears me going into the guest bathroom he comes running from wherever he is—how do they know where I am going??? I don’t get it. Supersonic ears or something. It makes me laugh because the rug in there is covered in cat hair from his love of rolling around. 🙂

  23. Funny post Beth Ann! We keep pretty busy so we aren’t “living la vida lamo” but we can’t go to Mason City without stopping at Fleet Farm!

  24. LOL! What a funny post. Living the Vida Lamo isn’t so bad! I’ve worked hard to simplify my life over the past few years and it makes all other experiences far more richer. I think you’ve got the right idea. I am so guilty of not going to bed early enough—I NEED more lamo in my life, lol.

    • Renae, Thanks for the comment! I think that I allow my life to get way too complicated at times and if I can keep this at the forefront maybe it will be less complicated???? I hope!!!! I will happily share some of my lamo with “youo”,


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