3 Words and a Song

P1000183I like the idea of not making New Year’s Resolutions that I won’t stick to.  They never seem to last and I just end up feeling like somewhat of a failure so when I read about selecting key words to focus on during the year a few years ago I was on board. The originator was blogger Chris Brogan who is somewhat of a legend in the blogger world.  When I read about his idea for the first time I loved it and jumped on the Chris Brogan bandwagon for choosing words for the upcoming year.  If you want to read what my previous words were you can click on the following years to see what I chose for each of those years.




2014 is just around the corner and I find myself thinking once again about choosing words that I can incorporate in my life on a daily basis.  I may not have it all figured out but then–does anyone?   I had a difficult time choosing my words and I have thought about it a lot the past couple of months. This is what I came up with.1388438845-63a839d3-a0a4

Consistency—Sometimes I find that I am very inconsistent and irregular in my actions.  I claim to be on track and disciplined but I fail miserably on a daily basis of being consistent in things that matter.  In 2014 I will strive to be more consistent in my spiritual and devotional life, my healthy and exercise life and in my personal relationships.

Compassion—While I am indeed a compassionate person this is an area that still needs to be honed and refined so that not only am I compassionate to those I know but to offer up that same compassion to those who may cross my path in my daily life.   I do not think one can ever possess too much compassion.

Simplify—I definitely see the need in my life to simplify and skinny things down a bit both in possessions and attitude.   It is a lofty goal for someone with “collections” and “stuff” but if I simply start taking steps towards simplifying that will make me very happy.

I also always pick a song for the year. This was one that I heard on an episode of NCIS and I immediately Googled it to find out what it was.  Seems I was not alone in wanting to find out more about this song.  Maybe it will inspire you to choose one or more words for 2014.

Song for the year—Nothing More by The Alternative Routes (Made specifically to raise money for Newtown Kindness


To be humble, to be kind.
It is the giving of the peace in your mind.
To a stranger, To a friend
To give in such a way that has no end.

We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More

To be bold, to be brave.
It is the thinking that the heart can still be saved
And the darkness can come quick
The Dangers in the Anger and the hanging on to it.

We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More

Tell me what it is that you see
A world that’s filled with endless possibilities?
Heroes don’t look they used to, they look like you do.

We are Love
We are One
We are how we treat each other when the day is done.
We are Peace
We are War
We are how we treat each other and Nothing More




  1. Love Joy Peace are the 3 words that come to mind. This is a great post! I really like your 3 words too! Happy New Year to you!

  2. Allison Spruill says:

    Great idea and wonderful words! I also love the song lyrics. Tucking away for youth group.

    • Aren’t the words simply wonderful? I fell in love with it when I heard it and immediately googled it. There is a really nice video the group did explaining what it was about and all which made it even sweeter!

  3. Colleen McRoberts says:

    Thank you. This is a beautiful post. I really like the song selection. In another dimension, I would have been planning music for worship and that would have been used along with Sean’s sermon the Sunday before Christmas.

  4. Your words are always just right, whether three selected for 2014 or those spoken to a friend in need of encouragement and more. You are the best, Beth Ann. One of my greatest blessings in 2013 was connecting with you.

    The song lyrics are great, too, BTW.

  5. This is a good way to start a new year after listening to the words in the song and making a goal for the new year.

  6. Perfect. Happy New Year’s Eve! ♥

  7. Love your 3 words and a song idea — never really thought to do something like that. Last year, I formulated 5 goals (remind me NOT to try that again, ha!). Happy New Year’s Eve to you and your family!

    • 5 goals seems too lofty for me!!! I am lucky to be able to remember the words. Katybeth suggested putting them on repeat on the Google calendar and that is a GREAT idea I am going to implement!!!

  8. I love this concept of choosing a word, or several for the year. I can never make up my mind – even though I always think everyone else comes up with the perfect word! ha
    But this year I have been thinking about Matter. In terms of focusing on the things that actually matter; but also, on a personal level: Just Trying to Matter. Or maybe I mean to reduce my matter — the ever going baby weight stuggle. 🙂
    I think that all needs more thought. LOL
    Beautiful song.
    Maybe ONE is a good word?

  9. I like this idea a lot. I’m not one for resolutions because like you I’d feel bad if I couldn’t see it through! I do think that I could pick a word, or three to live by and will give it some thought! Happy New Year to you and yours and all the best for the coming year!!!! xoxo

    • Start with one!!! Make it simple and easy to remember and go from there. I think it is a great idea and have loved doing it the past 3 years. Happy New Year to you!

  10. I’m still working on my three words. I didn’t do well last year, but I aim to change a few major things in my life this year, and my three words are a good start! Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year! “Focus” will be one of my words.

  12. Happy New Year Beth Ann!
    In 2014:
    May you be blessed with wisdom,
    be free from pain
    and on your parade,
    be there not, a drop of rain..

  13. I think you chose great New Year words. One of my friend’s New Year resolution is actually to simply, simplify. I think everyone could use some simplifying in life.

    • I know that I can definitely use some simplification. When we moved to Australia we cleansed a lot of “stuff” and it is time to redo that cleanse!

  14. Oh Beth Ann – I love your words and your song! I hadn’t heard that song before but I just love it. Gonna need to do something with that! Thanks and blessings for the New Year!

  15. Do you do something creative to keep these words foremost in your mind? Like create plaques or something? Paint them on a wall?

  16. Great words, great song.


  1. […] I love when inspiration bounces around from one person to the next. It’s how the world changes really. Today I got just that.  My fellow blogger, Beth Ann shared her 2014 theme song and 3 words for the year. You can see her blog here: Beth Ann Chiles […]

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