What’s Outside YOUR Window?

P1160127I have started following some great new blogs lately and one that has been a delight to follow is —Change is Hard—But Change is All We Can Count On.  Dawn has a great blog which features some lovely things including the post that sparked my interest in today’s post.   She offered up the question of what is outside your window in this post.  I loved her view and thought about my view and what I am seeing these days outside my window.   Most of these shots were taken in the last 2 weeks and a lot  were taken through the slits in the blinds looking into my back yard.  Enjoy. (Click on any image to start a slide show to see all the pictures)

What’s the view outside YOUR window???  Please share!



  1. You have WONDERFUL things outside your window! 🙂

  2. What a beautiful bird with the red markings!

    • We don’t have many cardinals but this guy and his “wife” are around quite a bit this year. I wished I could have gotten closer but for now this picture will have to do. Thanks!

  3. Beth I enjoyed this post.. 🙂 Is “What’s Outside Your Window” going to be a regular feature? I think that would be fun and interesting! I will check out your link to Dawn’s blog. I would love to have a reason to post a picture.. 🙂 So enjoyed your slideshow! How fun that you have quail/pheasant! When we first moved to The Tiny Ten we had a large group of quail but the neighbors, thank heavens they have left, their dogs running wild all over killed out all the quail. I miss them, they lived in the tall grasses in our west field. Remember “That Quail Robert”? I think you may have jumpstarted my picture taking again. Such a simple reason to get up a photo and post. Good Morning!

    • You were the one who told me about That Quail Robert. These are pheasants on our property—Phil and Phelena. 🙂 I have to name every thing. Bubba Buck, Carl Cardinal, you get the idea. 🙂 I would love to see your pics and to have this be a regular feature is a great idea—-I will spread the word to Dawn that she should do that also!!! Thanks for stopping by!

      • We do the same thing with the names! Susie Squirrel, Cubby the lawn tractor, our vehicles are Casper and Wendy(they are white), the girlie turkeys Sharon, Rhonda and Louise, Chip Chipmunk and more. We don’t stay with the same first letter but it does make things easier! Phil and Phelena.. dying.. 😆 Have a Terrific Thursday.. 😀

        • We are birds of a feather!!! Maybe a little wacky but of course they need names. We had Doe Re Mi for awhile and we could tell her apart from the other deer because she had a bum knee. EIther her knee is better or she is gone because I can’t tell her apart anymore!!! 🙂

  4. Love the pictures. Impressive Deer Antlers! Dawns post was inspiring and I might have to continue it too. My house is a window mecca and I love my Father-In-law for building it with light in mind over 60 years ago. My kitchen and office window look into the back yard where I can see campers romping, birds and squirrels. We are on a double lot with a 6 foot wooden fence surrounding it. Our front windows look out into the world. I stood at the front window for 8 plus years watching Joe and Cole head off to school…we waved furiously at each other ever morning. And here is where it is a bit erie….I was looking at my kitchen window when Joe called to tell me he was headed home after dropping Cole off at school because he didn’t feel well—Joe was never sick. Holding the phone, looking out over the yard, the sun went behind a cloud and I felt like something just awful was going to happen at the same time a red cardinal landed on the tree directly in front of me. Cardinals were Joe’s Mom’s favorite bird. After Joe died later that morning and we came home, I went to the kitchen, looked out the same window, and that same cardinal flew back into the same tree. Things were not all right, not even close, but I knew they might be someday. I’ve called that window my fortune window ever since.
    You have a lot of wildlife! And your cat seems to enjoy the view!

    • What an amazing story you shared. Thank YOU! I can not imagine how seeing a cardinal now must affect you. A lot has changed in your life to put it mildly. Even though we live in a neighborhood within the city limits we seem to still have a lot of wildlife that loves our yard–mainly my bird feeders. The deer seem to finally be leaving the ones in the back yard alone this year they are higher up but the ones in the front where Holly is looking out the window at Bubba Buck are routinely wiped clean. Thanks so much for sharing your window story—you must have a lovely view to the world.

  5. You have some amazing scenery at your place. We’ve got snow here & some terrific birds but zero deer!

    • Hey Jean–Thanks for stopping by! We do have some pretty neat wildlife for living in a subdivision, don’t we? I did not include a picture of the 8 + does that come through because they are usually there at dusk and it is hard to get a good pic of them. Right now I have a flock of HUGE crows. Those I could do without.

  6. I think you live in a nature preserve rather than a neighborhood. Those pheasant photos are particularly stunning.

  7. There’s nothing that lovely outside my window!

  8. You have a DEER outside your window?? Awesome! Right now, I’ve got sunshine glistening on peacefully moving water, immense live oak and magnolia trees (yes, still bearing their leaves!), and the occasional motor boat tooling by. Some would call that wrong at Christmastime; me? I call it practically perfect!

  9. I agree the view out your window is just lovely. I have been trying to get a picture of one of the deer that are outside our window, or in front of my car but they always run away to fast.

  10. Wow, this has turned into a fun time! Thanks for sharing!

  11. You lucky! The birds have abandoned me for the winter. I had food out but I don’t that they figured that out, somehow. I don’t want to encourage the pheasants to come, as we have outdoor cats. I do see them at a distance in the empty corn and bean fields. I’ll just enjoy your view, I guess!!

  12. Wow! It’s like Disney in your backyard! Love it.
    I’m surprised we haven’t see the wild turkeys this year. they must have found a new neighbourhood to roam. The kids love the kitty looking at the deer – ha. and now they want me to put seed in the bird feeder……so the deer will come. LOL
    But I wouldn’t mind a beautiful cardinal like you’ve got visiting.

    • The deer pretty much have free reign of those feeders in the front. We have taller ones in the back and they clean up under them. I do love to watch them but they eat us out of house and home!

  13. You have a menagerie outside! Love the pheasants.

  14. Sometimes I look out my window and see five deer but I can never get a good picture of them. They run away before I can take a picture. I also have seen some cardinals in the woods as I look out my back window.

  15. Wow, a real deer that big in your yard?! You have a lot of nature for which to be thankful!


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