Wordless Wednesday—Happy Birthday, Mr. Diamond!


  1. Holy moly! That is a lot of Chris! WHat a beautiful collage you made! I hope Chris has a very happy birthday and an amazing year!

  2. Holy moly 2…love abounds here!

  3. Holy moly 3! Happy Birthday to Chris!! Fun collage!

  4. Love the photos! I hope he has a marvelous day! heck, I hope he has a wonderful year.

  5. Happy Birthday, Chris! What wonderful photos and memories!

  6. Happy Birthday Chris-from Beth’s non-imaginary Iowa friend:)

  7. Have a wonderful day celebrating your dear hubby’s birthday. He has a kind face. Sending Happy Birthday wishes!

  8. Happy birthday, Chris, from Beth Ann’s “real” Minnesota friend. The photos are so fun. What a sweet gift to your guy on his birthday. Many more birthdays, Chris!

  9. Happy Birthday to Chris — love the collage you made, too!

  10. Happy Birthday to Chris.. Praying for many, many more..

  11. What a great collage! I love it….especially the piano and the one with his hat on his face lying down on the ground. haha I’ve seen my hubby do that a time or two while the kids are running around the backyard.
    Happy Birthday Chris!! I wish I had a “chrisism” for him on his birthday, but I can’t think of one the spot. 🙂

  12. Great collage!!! Happy Birthday to your special guy!!! 🙂 xoxo

  13. Happy Birthday Chris. I haven’t forgotten your birthday, just very slow right now which I will give the excuses in a family letter. I loved seeing the pictures of you and thanks for being such a good husband for my daughter. Love you.

  14. Vicki Scott says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  15. What a great collage! BUT, I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t a picture of the Volvo commercial reenactment. Maybe next year. Hope you both enjoyed Chris’s birthday dinner and very warm birthday wishes from the windy city.

    • Hahah—yea, well some things i have to keep to myself for my own entertainment. 🙂 Very nice birthday dinner at the Frank Lloyd Wright hotel restaurant—our fav place to go in Mason City.

  16. Great collage! I laughed at him balancing on those yellow lines in the street–he looks so proud of himself! Happy birthday, Chris!

  17. I thought I had read this post & commented on it already, but just now remembered it was FB where I wished Chris a Happy Birthday! Sorry about that!

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