Teapot Tuesday

Teapot Tuesday this week features a new acquisition from our Thanksgiving trip to Cocoa Beach.  I always like to find a teapot from places we visit if possible and on our last full day in Cocoa Beach we decided to go to Cocoa Village and stroll around and see what it had to offer.   It was the Saturday after Thanksgiving so there was a lot going on—a little festival and celebration with shops putting out their finest and musicians and entertainment in the street.  It was raining a bit but that did not deter us.  We visited a couple antique shops where I spied quite a few teapots but none of them spoke to me.  I was glad I waited until we visited Sand and Sea Gifts and Gallery.  Located at 304 Brevard Ave in Cocoa Village this shop is a really great place to shop for all things nautical, beach, and all things tropical.   The owners are very kind and accommodating and I am sure if you want something they will do their best to find it for you.  Make sure you check out their website here.

As I walked in the door I spied the perfect teapot—possibly the only one in the store!   I don’t have any quite like it and some day it will reside in our beach house.  Some day.  As the snow is on the ground in Iowa I am dreaming of that day!





“Her tea basket was still lost, but that didn’t seem to matter now. People used to eat loose tea on long journeys. They’d pack it into hard little cakes they’d pull out later, to gnaw on while they warmed their hands by a fire. The tea provided physical sustenance, but it was also considered good for the soul.”
― L.L. BarkatThe Novelist




  1. What a pretty teapot!

  2. Cocoa Beach? I went to high school there and we lived on one of the canals off of Minuteman Causeway! Yes, the teapot is very unusual, beachy with its blue and white and pretty.

  3. well now I want to sip tea on the beach.

  4. Love the blue and white nautical theme. Perfect to sip a cuppa from and dream of warmer days as the North wind doth howl.

  5. Rebecca Miracle says:

    OH I love it!!! We are beach girls at heart! I can’t wait to see that beach house someday. I’d just settle for someplace it doesn’t snow ! Thanks for sharing a taste of warmer memories.

  6. I’m with the other commenters. I appreciate the tropical warmth here this a.m. as I hear the tires crunching on snowy pavement and see that, once again, I’ll need to shovel snow from the sidewalk.

  7. What a cute teapot…ive never seen one like that . Glad you got away for a brief rest. Cold winter days are perfect for tea.

  8. What a perfect find. These teapots just wait for you I think. They know they will be going to a good home (and someday a beach house)

  9. If I was at your house, I think I’d just drink tea all of the time and choose a new tea pot every hour.

  10. Tea IS good for the soul! What a lovely find, Beth Ann. Yes, it does look “beachy,” with its seashell shape (try saying that three times!) and climbing coral. And I’ll bet the tea brewed in this pot would taste simply grand!

  11. Ok…I know I have said this before, but this – THIS is my favourite now. love the design. and gorgeous detail and colour. it will be perfect in a beach house.

  12. Love your new teapot!!! The blue color is so beautiful! 😉

  13. Totally dig that one! Going to make tea right now!

  14. Very pretty and very beachie! Makes me want to hop in the car and drive to Venice, Florida.. 😀 I dream of Florida too but only in the winter!

  15. Really pretty pot, Beth Ann. I love it on the shelf with the starfish and shell.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  16. Love it. It really does look so beachy!!! I ike that shade of blue used for the accents.

  17. That is a very different and creative teapot and I like the way you presented the shells with it.

  18. I totally didn’t see the teapot upon first glance! It blended nicely with the shells.

  19. that pot makes me feel beachie!

  20. Love the colors on your latest acquisition!

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