To Market We Go!

Did you ever find a business that drew you in and invited you to become part of their family?   I feel that way about Market 124 located at 124 North Delaware in Mason City, Iowa.   Katie Wold and her husband, Dave, bought the former Olde Central Antique Mall and renovated the space to highlight the original space that boasts exposed concrete columns and the original concrete and tile floor. Those coupled with the  high ceilings and blocked glass windows lend to a welcoming area for local artists to feature their creative  and quality works for sale.  If you want to see more about the original building click here to view pictures. While I was never in the former business I am a frequent visitor to Market 124 and love just browsing the wares of the more than 50 vendors that have their varied and quality products.

My photos will not do it justice but trust me—this is a fabulous place with something for everyone.  Jennifer was in the store the day I stopped in to take a few photos and I appreciated her (and Katie’s ) willingness to let me take some snappies to make my blog all pretty!

First stop—Soyphisticated Candles has a fabulous selection right when you enter the store.  If you can’t find it here you can definitely find it either at Camille Lee’s physical store located at 932 East State Street in Mason City or order online at

Soyphisticated Candles

Soyphisticated Candles display at Market 124

The following 3 pictures were taken at Camille’s store on East State Street.   She features soy melts, soaps, lotions, deodorant, lip balm and more along with her fabulous candles.   I am hooked on these and they are my go to gift (don’t you want to be on MY gift list???).




One of my favorite things to do at Market 124 is paint pottery.  They have a marvelous corner in the front of the store which features a wide variety of things that you can paint and then they do all the work from there and return a beautifully finished product in a couple of weeks or less.  I have taken my brother in law, Carlton, twice when he has come to visit us in the summer and he loves being able to create something here and asked me this year if we could do “that painting thing” again.  And yes—-I have done a teapot.



There is so much to look at !  Market 124 boasts a variety of vendors each with their unique niche and product line.  Home decor, holiday decorations, greeting cards, gourmet food items, jewelry and clothing are just a few things that you can find as you wander through the store.



Another fabulous bonus is the wonderful cupcakes that can be purchased from Grandma Sugar’s Cupcakery.  You can not leave the store without at least one!



How about some Iowa wine???  You can get it here as Market 124 features a wonderful selection and you can even have a glass while you paint your pottery! What a perfect evening!


Need an Iowa themed gift?  Check out the fun canoe filled with T-shirts and postcards with an Iowa sense of humor.



Have a young one to buy for??? You might find the best gifts here as adorable sets of clothing geared for the younger set are featured by one vendor. P1150988

Need some Christmas decor for your own home or to gift to someone else?? It’s all here!



And if that is not enough Market 124 offers great classes at different times with the opportunity to  learn how to make fused glass ornaments and canvas mixed media pieces among other offerings.   Check out their website here to see what is coming up that might be of interest if you are a local looking for something fun to do.


The fun thing about Market 124 is that their inventory is always changing.  You can go in once a week and find new things to enjoy.  Each time I go I find yet another thing that draws me in.  I forgot to photograph the area close to the pottery painting spot where local artists are featured with smaller items that make great gifts.  I have used them several times to include in “Welcome to Mason City” baskets or gifts that just need a little something extra tucked in.

I always like to pass along great finds when I discover them and this store is my favorite Mason City place to shop. The atmosphere is friendly, helpful and fun.   Market 124 has regular business hours of Mon-Fri: 10 am – 7 pm and Sat 10 am – 5 pm.  Many thanks to Sara Broers from All In An Iowa Mom’s Day for urging some of the North Iowa bloggers to write a blog post about our favorite places.  I am happy to join in and share my favorite place.   If you are even in Mason City don’t miss the opportunity to make a stop in at Market 124.P1150982


  1. What fun! And local! And I would eat more than one of those cupcakes!

    • They are sooooo good. When I stopped there to take pics I did really well. I did not buy a thing and if you notice I did not photograph the cupcakes too closely ….that was intentional. So I would not come out of the store with a dozen. 🙂

  2. I can just picture you in Market 124, finding all kinds of gifts for your friends. It looks like a great place to spend visit.

  3. Looks like a place I could spend a lot of time in if it was closer to where I live. Thank you Beth Ann, for promoting small business and beautiful and colorful art!

    • Small business is where it is at, in my humble opinion. Camille’s products are all on line so I hoped that maybe some traffic would go her way even if folks aren’t local! Thanks for the nice comment!

  4. This is a great post, Beth Ann. I don’t particularly like shopping, but I just know I would enjoy perusing this massive shop. I spotted numerous items that would interest me, even if they are from Iowa. 🙂

  5. Oh, how I wish I was a local … Arizona is a little out of the way tho. Thanks for giving me pictures, but now I need to clean up the drool on the screen.

    • Well you can shop Camille’s store on line but not Market 124. I just love that store!!! There are so many great vendors there. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I don’t guess I’ve ever been to Mason City, but it’s probably not too far to drive from Central Illinois. Thanks for such an interesting post — and you’re right, the pictures really help tell the story!

    • Well come on when the weather is good!!! I will show you a good time!!!! I think we are about 5 hours from Chicago the last time I drove it. Not too bad.

  7. I cannot say that I have ever been to Iowa, but the Market 124 sounds like a lot of fun!

  8. Hey I love the idea of painting pottery and a glass of wine!

  9. Market 124 looks like a great place to stop and shop.

  10. What a great shop, something for everyone!

  11. I love places like this. Could spend hours there.

  12. Our town is a small quaint town and has alot of Texas history. In the earlier years, It used to be a stagecoach stop; one that was frequented by many famous outlaws and indians. We have several shops (similar to yours) that I like to frequent when I need a gift. Love the small town atmosphere .

  13. I have never been there before! It sounds like a fun place to shop with a lot of variety. I’ll have to check it out when I’m in town later this week!

  14. Looks like a great place to shop! Thanks for showing us one of your favorite spots!

  15. This place looks awesome! I want to check it out! Next time I’m in Iowa and all…


  1. […] Next stop —Market 124.  The beauty of Market 124 is that it that their inventory is always changing.  I always find new and different things by different vendors each and every time I visit which makes it so appealing.  I have painted pottery in their pottery area, sampled cupcakes from Grandma Sugar’s Cupcakery, purchased wine and yes–even purchased my share of gifts and items for myself.  I did an entire blog post on this wonderful place not too long ago.  You can view that post by clicking here. […]

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