Guest Post by T. B. Markinson

Today I am thrilled to have T. B. Markinson do a guest post about her newly released second novel–-Marionette.  This blogging world is a big and wonderful place and I found T. B. awhile ago and started following her personal blog at 50 Year Project and have totally loved it. When she broke the news that her first book, A Woman Lost, was coming out I jumped on the bandwagon and cheered her on.  Now she shares a bit about her latest novel and I could not be happier to share my blog with her today!!! Enjoy!

mar-kindleWhen Beth Ann invited me to guest post on her blog, I wanted to come up with the perfect topic. For three days I thought about it and every time I did one thing kept popping into my head: teapots. We all know Beth Ann’s teapot collection is vast, varied, and never-ending. At least I hope her collection will continue to grow since I now look forward to Tuesdays. I’m not sure I could say that before finding her blog.

Once I decided to write something about teapots I had to put my thinking cap on again. Should I dazzle her with my extensive knowledge of teapots? Big problem with this idea—I don’t know much about the topic. In fact, the one teapot I own is in storage. So that idea was out. Next I decided to photograph teapots I spied in London. The only problem with this idea is I spend more time in pubs than tea houses.

Then it hit me. Beth Ann is planning a visit to London and she asked me to arrange tea with the Queen. So I did. In fact, I couldn’t wait for her trip to London so I sent the Queen to her. Now Beth Ann can have tea with the Queen (who Beth Ann likes to call Queenie) every single day.


photo 5

Thanks Beth Ann for hosting me today and for all of your support with my novel. It’s wonderful to have a friend like you, cheering me on.

In case some of you are curious, here’s the synopsis of Marionette:

Paige Alexander is seventeen and has her whole life in front of her. One day her girlfriend comes home to discover that Paige has slit her wrists. Paige isn’t insane, but she acts like she is. Why?

After the incident, Paige agrees to go to therapy to appease her girlfriend, Jess. However, Paige doesn’t believe that therapy will help her. She believes she’s beyond help. Paige doesn’t want to find herself and she doesn’t want to relive her painful past in order to come to terms with it. What Paige wants is control over her life, which she hasn’t had since her birth.

During her childhood, Paige is blamed for a family tragedy, when in fact, her twin sister, Abbie was responsible. Abbie doesn’t come forward and Paige becomes the pariah of the family.

To add to Paige’s woes while attending a college in a small town in Colorado, the residents are in the midst of debating whether or not gays and lesbians should have equal rights. Tension is high and there’s a threat of violence. She isn’t out of the closet and pretends to be straight at school since she fears what will happen if her parents find out she’s a lesbian. Will she end up dead like her best friend, Alex?

About the Author:

T. B. Markinson is a 39-year old American writer, living in England, who pledged she would publish before she was 35. Better late than never. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling around the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in England, or taking the dog for a walk. Not necessarily in that order. Marionette is her second novel.  A Woman Lost was her debut novel. T B Markinson

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  1. I read this book and really enjoyed it!

  2. OMG! Queenie is just too much of a cutie 🙂
    But Beth Ann can you really drink tea with that face staring at you?

  3. Thanks so much for hosting today. And you two look great together. I think of both of you now whenever I make a cup of tea. I’ll be near Buckingham this weekend and I’ll give a shout out for you. Can you convince those guys in red, the ones with the funny hats, to open the gates for me?

    • Thanks for saying hi for me!!! I really appreciate it! I doubt I can get the guys in the red coats and funny hats to blink, let alone open the gates! Have fun! Happy to share my blog with one of my “besties” today!

  4. Congratulations on your new book. London,is one of my most favorite places in the whole world. Love the Royals, the commoners, the pubs, Harrods, the funny way the English speak, heck I even love the weather! Did I mention, I saw Phantom of the Opera in London? I never miss the opportunity to share that tidbit 😀 Queenie remains lovely.

    • When we moved to London we only agreed to two years. We are in our third year and I don’t see us leaving any time soon. I love it to! I love Phantom, but have only seen it in LA, Denver, and NY. would love to see it in London!

  5. Oh, yes, I remember when Beth Ann posted about tea with the Queen. Such a fitting gift for this teapot collector.

  6. I love “Queenie”! Your book sounds wonderful T.B. Isn’t it wonderful to have a blogging friend like Beth Ann. Bets of luck with the sales of your book.

    • Thanks Darlene. Beth Ann is so supportive and I’m so lucky to know her. And nice to meet you!

      • Hi Darlene, thanks for the goodreads friend request. I see you’re an author. Let me know if you are looking for reviewers for your books. I have about 15 books on my review list for 2014, but I’m always looking for more books to read and review, just as long as you aren’t expecting a fast turnaround. And for guest posts 😉

  7. Love your guest post TB, and also Beth Ann’s blog and for the record, I love teapots and teacups! I inherited all my grandmother’s china and every Christmas I use it in her honour.

    I would buy china every time I came back home to the UK from America so it has been back and forth across the Atlantic quite a few times and I’ve never lost a single thing!

    The funny thing though is that I had more tea parties in the States than I ever did here 🙂 Like you, think I must spend more time in the pub than in tea rooms these days but I still hold on to my dream to have tea at The Ritz 😉

    • Thanks so much Sherri! I am so excited to meet you!!! And a love of all things tea makes it even better!!! Isn’t TB the greatest??? I am so excited to have you join me over here and our connection with TB is awesome!

      • Hi Beth Ann, yes, it’s great isn’t it? TB is the greatest, I’m so grateful for her, she is so wonderfully encouraging and inspirational. I’m really excited too, it’s so lovely to meet you 🙂

    • Ha! I love it that we both love to hang out in pubs. Thanks for stopping by. I’m sure you’ll love Beth Ann’s blog–she’s a wonderful buddy to have!

      Thanks Beth Ann for your kind words. Say hi to Queenie for me

  8. I am so glad you and the Queen are together now. Enjoy your tea.

  9. How terribly kind of you to make it possible to enjoy teatime (every day, even!) with the queen. Love it! I’ll have to check my local Taste of Britain shop and see if they offer anything like that there.

    Ta ta!

  10. Okay, I’m late to this party, but I can assure any of Beth Ann’s reads who haven’t read Marionette, that they are missing out. I loved it. You rock TBM. And so do you, Beth Ann, for the introduction!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  11. The Queen looks very pleased to be having tea with a commoner, in fact it looks like she wants to hug someone! lol That was a great idea. Such a fun post – good luck with your book! 🙂

  12. I didn’t know you were on such good terms with the Queen! Fun post. 🙂

  13. Enjoy tea with the Queen!


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