It All Started With Breakfast


It all started with breakfast.  The hubby and I were enjoying a nice leisurely breakfast discussing the latest wrinkle in our lives.   We had received a letter from the bank that holds our mortgage informing us that they had somehow figured our payment out incorrectly and that for the past 3 years we had been paying well under the monthly amount that we were supposed to be paying.   The letter had informed us that we needed to come up with the shortfall (which amounted to tens of thousands of dollars) within a week .   Yes—a week.  To come up with a lot of money.  All before Christmas and travel and all that surrounds this time of year.

As we sat there a young woman approached us at the table and exclaimed that she was glad that she ran into us.  She was dressed professionally in a suit and had a briefcase and a letter in hand.  She pulled up a chair and sat down with us–uninvited, I might add.   She pulled a document out of the envelope and proceeded to tell us that she was from the bank and that we needed to give her a check right then and there for the shortfall!!!!

We tried to explain to her that it was the bank’s fault and that they were going to have to figure out a way to make it a little less of an issue to pay back.  We planned to make an appointment that day to meet with the bank president to figure out a way to get this whole issue addressed.  She frowned and proceeded to take her skirt off.  Her top followed.   She then pulled out a neon orange tube top and a short black leather skirt and wiggled into them all while sitting at our restaurant table with us!!!!!  Chris and I were appalled (well –maybe me a bit more than Chris–she was pretty nice looking after all) and told her that she couldn’t just change clothes in the middle of a restaurant!

She then pointed out to us that she had made a special trip there to find us and it was now “her time” and we had better just deal with it.

And then I woke up.



  1. what a strange dream! Glad it was a dream though, imagine getting a letter like that from your bank.

  2. Not sure how this dream should be interpreted! I was rereading the first bit trying to figure out where you were eating and how in the world the banker knew you in a restaurant! Once I got to the clothing part, I realized something was up.

    • You figured it out! Yea—I have really bizarre dreams all of the time!! I have to tell Chris when I wake up with one and he just shakes his head…..I am not right. 🙂

  3. I’m glad the story isn’t true ~ how bizarre though ~ did you look up to interpret your dream?

  4. hilaryfeelingbeachie says:

    OMG! I didn’t expect it to be a dream… I did expect your kids to have had a role in the visit!

  5. You had me worried for a paragraph there.

    This is like the strangest dream I’ve ever heard. It’s been a long time since I can recall a dream of mine. Apparently the creative part of my dream sleeps at night?

  6. Wow~ I was with you completely. Could the strip-change of clothing be revealing the seamy side of the lending world? They show you the respectable side and then when we let down our guard they change on us! Or maybe not. Anyway, the breakfast looks great!

  7. I am a big dreamer but you surpass me.

  8. Oh my goodness, you really had me going there!

  9. Nice! Great idea for a blog post.

  10. There’s nothing more weird than our dreams, is there? Sometimes I scare myself with the things that go through my mind while I sleep.

  11. That is a nightmare! I would have been dancing all day knowing that was just a dream!!!!!

  12. Why did you wake up so soon? Go back to sleep and I’ll check back in with you later! lol

  13. Very funny, I was thinking you were victims to one of the many scams that pop up during the holiday season! LOL

  14. That was awesome!! nice one.. you had me there until the end!

  15. I was reeling from your bank shortfall, so it was a pleasant realization that the whole thing was a dream. Er, nightmare! I imagine the dream interpreters would have a field day analyzing this one, Beth Ann! Glad it all turned out okay.

  16. Dreams are always odd!

  17. I never have great dreams like that… Sorry you were in a panic when you woke up, glad it was just a dream for your sake 🙂

  18. Feeling a little anxious? 😀 . Love dreams where I wake up and say Thank God that didn’t happen. The funny part is the “Don’t Blog.” I’ve often thought the words Blog and Blab were similar for a reason and I’ve had those words thrown at me many times–mostly I ignore. Like you did.

    • I don’t think I am feeling anxious but maybe subconsciously I am. I do ignore a lot although I did write one about the time he fired me and he asked me to not post it…..which I didn’t. 🙂

  19. So glad it was only a dream! How awful to find out you have to come up with a whole bunch of money in a hurry! But your mortgage must be on your mind if you’re dreaming about it. I hope you’re not worried about it.

    • Nope–not worried about it at all—who knows what I was thinking about. We have been talking a lot about wanting to get a beach place so maybe it was linked into that ?? Who knows??

  20. LOL I doubt you could (or would want to) go back to sleep after that one!

  21. You are too funny! You are as colourful in your dreams as in real time. Got me laughing! Thanks.

  22. janieemaus says:

    What a nightmare!

  23. Oh my….. you have me right there up until the end!! What a nightmare.
    Can you just imagine though? I wouldn’t put it past a heartless banking system to actually do this to someone. well, not the half naked girl part…..but they payback part for sure.

  24. So glad it was a dream. Before I found out I was trying to think of a way to help get you the money. Comments for a cause on my blog or something. What a scary dream.

    • You are so sweet!!! Can you imagine?? I was so calm in the dream, too. What was that about? Last night I dreamed I was packing and we didn’t have room to take all of our books……(not teapots!) and the vacuum blew up on me and we had an early flight and I had to get the house cleaned and didn’t know how to do it. I must be anxious about something????? The books I can understand since I moved a bunch to put up my nativities in the living room…..

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