Wordless Wednesday—My Favorite View

saunders beach


  1. Chris Chiles says:

    Mine too.

  2. Perfectly lovely! The beach, the water and a sweet little veranda.. 😎 I don’t know about the frogs in the toilets though! I see a teapot!!!!!

  3. Your “other than” list up there is frightening, Beth Ann!

    • Haha! Yea–there are a lot of things in Australia that did not make the “favorite” list. Including the goannas that lived under the veranda….I forgot them.

  4. I could get a lot of nothing done there! Beautiful!

  5. Gosh, I LOVE that view. I suppose that was taken from your veranda–as I see a teapot. Goodness, how wonderful. Nothing beats a view of the sea–at least for me!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  6. aaahhh…looks so relaxing….sit there with a cup of coffee

  7. An ideal writer’s retreat or spot to read a book. I’d take any place warm about right now.

  8. cynthia warner says:

    Nice View! We Have A Snow View Today!

  9. Peaceful, thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh yes. I can see why this is your favorite view!!! I love a good ocean view any day. Hope you are enjoying the ones you are getting right now. 🙂

  11. How simply lovely! What an awesome place to jot down a few thoughts, enjoy a cup of tea and some amenable company, and REST! Hard to recapture its essence in the heartland, huh?!

  12. Your picture looks so peaceful. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone whether you are enjoying nice warm weather or are in the snow and cold.

  13. So pretty. Looks like Meyrl Streep will walk in any minute.

  14. Yep – can definitely see why!
    I do love my gorgeous red maple tree in my front yard — even if I can see the house across the street too. except my maple tree is buried in snow right now!
    I would most certainly choose your view today!

  15. How picturesque. Nothing like a pot of tea, a good book and a view of the ocean. Isn’t it wonderful to say you’ve lived this scene.

  16. Ah, can I come next time. I’ll be really quiet, will do my best not to slurp my tea, and will keep my room tidy.

  17. Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours!

  18. Can’t beat that view.

  19. Did you put your shoes on the ledge to keep from getting deadly spiders, etc. in them?

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