Thanksgiving IS the REAL DEAL!

the real deal

Seems there is a trend to skate through holidays like they don’t even exist anymore in our country and it makes my heart just a little bit sad.  Wait–more than a little bit sad.

I have always loved Thanksgiving.   Probably more than Christmas because it just seemed simpler.

Thanksgiving has always been family time for me.  Time spent with family watching the Macy’s Parade,  preparing a fabulous meal, eating maybe a bit too many mashed potatoes, watching football games, taking a tryptophan induced nap—you know what I am talking about.  It may not be the same for everyone but I am pretty sure that a lot of us share some of the same experiences.

This year because of the shortened time between Thanksgiving and Christmas many retailers are choosing to open their doors to the public on Thanksgiving Day.  A day that until now has basically been left alone by retailers.  Now I am not naive enough to think that every place is closed on Thanksgiving.  I know there are plenty of hard working folks who work that day and who are probably happy working those hours.  My sadness is not aimed at those establishments that have always been open for gas and services like medical, fire, and security that really need to be staffed.  What saddens me is that our retail giants are feeling that there need to be “deals” offered to folks that will lure them out of their cozy turkey scented homes into the mad chaos of frenzied shoppers looking for the best deal in the land.  Walmart posted an ad  in USA Today that shocked me.



Black Thursday?  Really, Walmart???

My sadness increases as I hear stories of employees who have no choice but to work the hours assigned to them by their bosses with no option of opting out.

My sadness increases as I witness consumerism pushing out the family celebrations.

Don’t get me wrong!  I love a great buy, a good deal, a wonderful sale as much as the next person but I want one day –just one day—-when it is not about that.

So will you join me?  Will you say NO to going out to those stores that are opening their doors on Thanksgiving ?   Will you take a stand?   If we don’t shop these stores they will not do this next year.

Thanksgiving should be just that—a day of thanksgiving.  Let’s take back the day.

Please join us on our Facebook page created to promote Thanksgiving the Real Deal by clicking on the link and liking it.

But don’t stop there.

Share  it with like minded friends.

Tweet it.

Post it on your Facebook page.

Write a blog post and share it on the page.

Have your kids draw pictures of Thanksgiving and post them on Thanksgiving  the Real Deal.

Use the graphics to spread the movement.


Much thanks to KatyBeth from Odd Loves Company for being the superwoman with the cape behind this crusade.  Check out her blog—she rocks!



  1. Gosh, this is a great cause. I’m with you on this. In fact, I’m rather appalled by the push to make even Thanksgiving Day about shopping. Sad. I’ll spread the news!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Thanks for sharing and spreading the word, Kathy. I really appreciate it. WE have been surprised that we have not gotten more “Likes” but I suspect it is because there are a lot of other groups like this promoting no shopping on Thanksgiving. Thanks for spreading the word!!!!

  2. Many Thanks back at you. Crusading with the right person (You) is so much FUN. You’ve brought a happy face and light touch to spreading the word that draws people in. I read this quote by Seth Godin today and it sums it up for me. ” No one can force you to stand up, speak up and make a difference. But if you back off and play along, please understand that whatever happens happened, at least in part, because you acquiesced.” I’m proud that we are a part of a movement to protect Thanksgiving as a day to be thankful and not shop-full! Thank you for the shout-out. ♥

  3. Well stated, Beth Ann.

    So…, I was listening to an area radio station which, each morning, gives away a prize in a trivia game. Today’s prize included 500 bucks to Casino Night at a nearby outlet center (yes, that outlet center). Casino Night is among the offerings at the center’s Pre Midnight Madness event which begins at 8 p.m. Thanksgiving evening. Really?

  4. elinwaldal says:

    Beth Ann, I could not agree more! Wishing you and yours a wonderful gathering.

  5. It’s just one more step toward destroying families.

  6. You know I’m in!

  7. I am for Thanksgiving day at home with family, not out trying to get a good bargain. I give thanks for my family and what they mean to me.

  8. I was shopping this weekend when I overhead the sales associates discussing their Thanksgiving Day work schedules. I was baffled – I didn’t realize this was a new thing.

    Ultimately, we (as a society) do this to ourselves. As long as there are shoppers, there will be sellers.

  9. Friday is time enough to shop, I agree! Those who are not hosting look for an activity like a movie so Maybe shopping falls under the same ‘activity’ category

  10. I work in retail…we opened on Thanksgiving for the first time 4 years ago. I knew then there would be no going back. We were swamped. I had to go in at 2 pm last year (to open at 4 pm), people were already lined up waiting to get inside when I pulled into the parking lot. Because my family lives out of town (or, more correctly, I live out of town…haha), I totally miss out on any get-togethers. I’ve heard other bloggers (who seem to be much less sympathetic) say “just schedule your family time another day.” Well, let’s see…I work every weekend from October through Christmas. I have to work Black Friday, of course. The rest of my family’s work schedules are different from mine (plus many family members live out of state, so can’t make the trip back whenever they feel like it and I wouldn’t expect them to change their plans just to accommodate me), so I’m not exactly sure when that other time might happen to be. And as far as people saying I knew what I was getting into when I started working in retail…well, that’s not exactly correct either. When I first started at my current job, we were closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Scratch Thanksgiving off that list now and I imagine the other two will fall by the wayside eventually. I’m really glad I’m getting closer to retirement age…

    • I feel for you—I really do. And those who say “schedule around” certainly do not have the families that “we” have that live in different states and have similar work schedules that do not permit them the chance to travel when it is “convenient” for everyone else. Last year we spent thousands of dollars to travel to be with family for a total of 3 1/2 hours. Seriously. The weather was horrible—we all got stuck places not our of our choosing and it was just not a good thing. This year we opted out of the huge family thing and are hoping to do that in the summer when travel is a little more predictable. However—-it seems that the creeping in of the shopping earlier and earlier is ridiculous and in your case –totally ridiculous. I am so sorry. Please know that this blogger wishes it would be different for you. 😦

      • Aww… I do appreciate it…really. I have to kind of laugh now at what I was a tad angry about earlier…a particular blogger posted on facebook that people who are complaining about having to work on Thanksgiving, “just need to get the f out of here”…I took her seriously and unsubscribed to her blog and unliked her on facebook…I guess she forgot that the customer (or blog subscriber) is always right…

        • Oh I would have unsubscribed in a heartbeat! There is no sense in being rude about it!!! And it makes me crazy when people make blanket statements about things and they have absolutely no idea what the reality is for others!! Good for you for cleaning your inbox of her foul talk!

  11. I’m Canadian — but I will refuse to shop on Thursday just in solidarity!
    (well, unless I need milk — you have to allow me that one since I have 3 growing kids. ha)
    It’s shameful that some people will be forced to work when they could be with family or friends.
    honestly — do we need to shop that much?!

  12. I have to say that I don’t do a family thing on Thanksgiving anymore. The reason being my grandparents raised me, along with my aunt. My grandparents, aunt, mom, and biological father have all passed away. I have two children and their father lives in N.C. (I’mi in Va.), he just recently was married. He has a large family here in Va. as does his wife. So, when they arrive Wednesday night, they’ll take the girls to his grandparent’s farm and other houses. This isn’t to say I don’t have my best friend who is like family and I’m invited to places to share time and great food. I usually love the Black Friday deals. But this year, my emails are swamped by retailers and all I see is Pre-Black Friday Deals. It’s enough to turn anyone off. I’ve never liked the fact that before Easter is over, they are throwing out Memorial Day sales. Then summer is here, and no decent bathing suits are out, cause the racks are filled with Fall coats. Then before my kids can say “Trick or Treat”, Thanksgiving items. On and On. Honestly, I don’t like the hustle and the “fast paced, rush, be the first to know and own the greatest, newest technology.” I’ll be home cleaning or watching a great movie, or reading a book. I don’t see this trend coming to a halt, but I love a good cause.

    • I think there are probably a lot more folks out there like you who have a quiet non traditional Thanksgiving planned and that is fine and dandy!!! Lives change and circumstances change over the years and if we did not have our boys coming to the beach with us I imagine I would have said forget it all and done something very simple and easy. As it is our TDay meal will be simple and non chaotic—just the boys and Chris and I enjoying some time together. Perfect for me. I agree with you 100% about the rushing of every holiday. Enough already!

  13. I’d like to say this is unbelievable but I guess it’s actually rally believable. Big corporations run the show and run the country it seems, more and more. I’m happy to post about it on FB and certainly support anyone else who knows. May the madness end!

  14. Awesome post, Beth Ann — and Thank You for penning it! You know I’m not shopping on Thanksgiving Day. Any shopper worth his or her salt knows the stores advertise deals all the time — they simply move around what’s on “sale” from week to week. And this isn’t the 17th Century — most of us have cars and live close enough to stores to get our shopping done by Christmas WITHOUT having to be there on Thanksgiving Day. And if people really took to heart the meaning behind Christmas in the first place, rather than simply using that holiday as a gift-giving extravaganza, why, we wouldn’t even be tempted with bargain-hunting, would we??

  15. I will not be shopping any retail stores on Thanksgiving. I feel bad for employees who have to work on any holiday. You are right though, if people wouldn’t go and shop at their store, then they might not do it again. But unfortunately, I doubt if enough people will resist the call to shop for deals. We are just so materialistic, that’s a fact.

  16. Even though my Thanksgiving has passed, I am posting often about keeping the Thanks in Thanksgiving on FB to help your cause. One guy called me out for foisting my belief on others & I replied this has nothing to do with religion. Anyone can spend a day giving thanks regardless of their religion.

  17. THANK YOU so much for this! I have been reading articles suggesting those of us speaking out against shopping on Thursday are judgemental and rude. First of all, I think they’re too sensitive and easily offended. Secondly, we have just as much of a right to speak our minds as they do.

    Frankly, I think this whole Black Thursday business is BS. If people want to work, great. Good for them. But to be forced to work because of greedy shoppers who have to have a new camera on Thanksgiving and the greedy corporations who are capitalizing on this mindset? Ridiculous. There are far more important things than getting a new gadget or shopping for something that will likely be forgotten about in a short period of time.

    • Kim, I so agree. I am not sure that we are in the majority but it seems ridiculous to me that folks have to work on a day that they don’t want to work and usually don’t have to work. I saw an ad yesterday that some store was going to be open at 8 am on Thanksgiving. Sigh. It just makes me sad. We are such a go go go society and while I know not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving like “we” do it is still a nice day to not have to “do ” anything. Thanks for the comment.

  18. Thank you for your post. Sadly, as I thought about appropriate tags for my post, I had to include “holiday madness.” Who would have thought Thanksgiving would ever be in danger?
    Who would have thought that Norman Rockwell’s iconic image could be viewed in polite interest like a 17th century painting?


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