Blessing Bag To Go


I used to carry bags of goodies around in my car to give to those folks I might happen upon who were standing at intersections asking for help.  I kind of got out of the habit and the other day I saw a woman with a cardboard sign and I had nothing.  I resolved then and there to rectify that problem and always have something in my car to hand out the window to anyone I passed that might be a little bit down on their luck.

I know that not everyone who has a cardboard sign has the story that the sign might state but you know what?  I would rather err on the side of being kind than to ignore .  I have run across a couple of places with suggestions on what to put in these bags and below is a sample idea of what I included in mine.

  • Hotel sized shampoo/conditioner
  • small soap
  • bath / shower gel
  • package of tissues
  • chapstick
  • travel size toothbrushes and toothpaste (I included Wisps that need no water)
  • granola bars
  • gum
  • bandaids
  • small first aid kit
  • hand sanitizer
  • antibacterial wipes
  • small juice box
  • box of raisins
  • coins, bus tokens or small amount of money
  • comb
  • breakfast bars
  • crackers
  • encouraging note or in my case I included a Seed of Happiness

No, it isn’t much and if bought at a dollar store the cost is minimal but to someone who has not had access to some of the basic necessities it might bring a smile to their face.  All contained in a gallon ziplock bag so it is easy to just keep on the floor of the front seat of your car for when that moment arises.

Any other ideas of items that can be put in bags?? Please leave in the comment section and share with everyone!!!



  1. what a great idea. things to include? Deodorant. Socks or gloves, especially at this time of year.

  2. LOVE this idea, Beth Ann. You are so, so thoughtful. You might include some of those individual serving size packets of powder like Crystral Lite. They come in a number of flavors and can be poured into a bottle of water to turn it into lemon aide or iced tea, etc.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday, Beth Ann.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. Pamela Christy says:

    Maggie made these with the $10 she got after a lesson on the Parable of the Talents when we were at Epworth. We put the small size beanie weenies with the pop top lid and one of those fork/napkin packets. We didn’t have much of a need for them in Canton, but now that we’re in Gastonia I’ve been thinking I need to make some again. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Great idea, Pam!!! That brings back great memories and I forgot about the beanie weenies!!! My bags were pretty filled after I put all the stuff I had in them but I am getting more great ideas for the next batch. Now to find those folks who could use them!!!

  4. Beth Ann,
    You are a true blessing to this world!

  5. cynthia warner says:

    Love These. You Can Also Include Gift Cards For Fast Food And/ Or Coffee Joints.

  6. You are by far the kindest person I know, Beth Ann and this is such a sweet idea! Such simple things can make a huge difference in a person who is down on their luck, knowing that someone cares enough…

    • Sometimes it is just the smallest gesture that makes a huge difference. I think most people really want to just know that someone cares and that they are not invisible.

  7. What a great idea – your kindness is moving. 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I can’t take credit for an original idea but to me it is wall about sharing the love and doing what you can in your little corner of the world!

  8. Wouldn’t this be a great idea for a Scout or Church Group? I know money isn’t the point but I might add a 2 dollar bill to the bags. I also love the idea of a pair of socks. Very kind of you.

    • It would be a great project for a group like that. I can see kids getting into it. The two dollar bill idea is a great addition. I put $5 in mine but also want to get some bus tokens for the bus that goes around our town as those would be easy to stick in also.

  9. Wonderful and thoughtful gesture, especially during the holidays!

  10. Beth Ann, your kindness just continues to impress me. What an absolute blessing you are to those of us who know you and even those who don’t.

    I’m going to be not so practical here and suggest adding something chocolate, just because we all should enjoy a treat sometimes, something extra besides the basic necessities.

  11. Beth Ann, you are such a kind, caring soul — thank you! I’ve never thought of doing something like this. Sure, I give to charity and such, but to actually put together a “goodie bag” for those less fortunate, well, that’s taking charity one step farther. And isn’t that what our religion teaches us to do?!

    • Debbie, Yes–this is exactly what we are taught to do but it is so easy to not do the simple things at times. I have no excuse now because I have a couple of bags all ready to go in my car. Of course now I have them I have not seen anyone to hand them to! 🙂

  12. What a lovely idea. I’ve often given a dollar or two when I had it,. But that’s such a better idea. Yes, I think you started something here Beth; just think, if we all hand one out to one individual, we’ve truly made a difference in someone’s life. Thanks again for shaing.

  13. Thanks for caring, and sharing how easily it can be done. Great ideas.

  14. Saundra Shultz says:

    Love this idea. My daughter used to keep peanutbutter crackers in her glove compartment in the car and hand out to people on the corners. Also, when she lived in NYC, she used to take leftovers in a cardboard container and leave it under a bench where a homeless person was sleeping. I am going to start making-up some gallon bags now. Thanks for the idea.

    • It really is not that big of a deal, is it? It really isn’t but it takes a bit of thought ahead of time to actually have them with you when you see someone who could use it. That is always my problem. But it is such a simple idea and easy to do. Loved what your daughter did! Love it!

  15. What a wonderful to give!! You truly are an example of the scripture “the least you have done for one of mine…” Love this idea. I may do a blog post about this idea myself — and I will most certainly mention you and link back to this post.
    Since this is winter up here now, I would definitely have socks, gloves, hat, and we have these hand/foot warmer packets that are really great too. A local group I know of around here turns this thermal blanket into the gift bag that holds the items. And I think I would definitely include a “female” blessing bag: I am sure sanitary napkins etc. might be hard to come by for some. Maybe some hair pins or elastics. an emery board. little “girlie” things that are actually often useful.

    • You have a great idea there—-I did not make “girl” and “boy” bags because I honestly figured I would give the wrong ones out to the wrong people but I had thought about the girl products, too. Definitely a must and expensive items that may be hard to get if you are living in less than ideal circumstances. I love the hand warmer idea—those would be REALLY wonderful to put in! I am getting so many more great ideas of what to include that next time I make some I will need larger than gallon bags!!!

  16. stunning idea, i usually wander about giving out pizza, this is a much more lasting thing.. I am going load up on these before my next trip to Chicago.. if I ever get off this .. Couch! c

  17. Oh Cecilia—you poor dear. Yes—-I think that pizza would be wonderful too but these are easy to just keep with you at all times in your car or wherever as long as you stuff them with things that are non perishable. Not a big deal for most things. Take care of yourself and thanks so much for stopping by!!!

  18. What a beautiful idea. What a blessing you are.

  19. Love this Beth Ann! Tried to comment early this morning, but my internet was having issues. I too thought adding socks would be helpful. When I met my friend Keith two summers ago, socks were greatly needed due to rain. These items are appreciated by those who receive them.

    • The idea of socks, gloves and hand warmers at this time of year in the cold climates is a great idea. Even just those little stretchy inexpensive kind are better than nothing at this time. I know you have a heart for this type of ministry so I would not be surprised to see you take on this type of project.

  20. You have some very good ideas. I was wondering how you can stop your car in the traffic and do this. I would not dare stop when I am driving through town as the traffic is fast and not very patient.

  21. What an awesome idea! The world needs more people like this…

  22. What a great idea. There used to be a homeless man who sat on my corner in Boston. I would pick up a sandwich and coffee for him. Not sure you should put coffee in the bag though 🙂 You are always so thoughtful.

    • Coffee might be a little bit tricky but I love that you gave him sandwich and coffee!! That is way more than most people do and I am sure you made a huge difference in his life!!!

  23. This is a very nice idea–I’m sure the recipient would be very happy to get a bag like this!

  24. I see you there alongside the streets in your tiny ashrams. I don’t know your name- nothing about you. I look around me, within, and I know how very blessed I am. But I cannot contain it all inside and so… off I go handing out sandwiches and soups made with love, blankets and sleeping bags from above. As God has blessed me… He blesses you. * heart* * heart* * heart*

  25. This is such a sweet, kind thing to do! I’d never thought of it. Maybe include a small flashlight w extra batteries.

  26. What an amazing idea Beth Ann! I used to carry a strip of bus tickets when I used to work downtown. I used to take the bus to work. This way if someone approached me for money to get on the bus I could give them a bus ticket. I had one guy set me all up by regaling me with his tale of woe & when I offered the bus ticket, he refused & was quite offended I would not give him money.

    • Bus tickets are a great idea!!! Our local town uses tokens and I have gotten them a time or two to donate to the women’s shelter. And yes—-the real character of the man came out when he refused the ticket, right???

  27. I have never heard of this idea and I love it – how awesome! I always feel bad when I see people with signs and I don’t have cash or feel weird about giving money and then just closing the window. Your idea has items that are really needed and could help them more than a dollar or two. Thanks so much for the great post and inspiration!

    • You are so welcome!! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!!! That makes me smile even more. It is a great way to offer something tangible—isn’t it? And other folks left some other great ideas in the comments of what else to add to the bags. Of course since I have made them up I have seen no one to give them to……but I have them when I do!

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