I Fell for the Infomercial

photo 3I didn’t turn the television off soon enough.   I left it on after the show I was watching was over and even though I was in and out of the room I saw it.  I got sucked into it.   I sat down.  I oohed and aahhed.   I sat with rapt attention.

I went to their website.   I looked at all the options.   I checked the payment plans.  I got out my credit card.

I filled in the info.  I clicked.

I fell for it.

You see—I dream of beautiful hair.   That perfect cut that I came out of Kush Salon with just a few weeks ago did not last until the next day.  Well, the cut did but not the style.  You see—I do not have

a) eyes in the back of my head or

b) arms in the back of my body.

So that perfect cut and style that I had the day before fell by the wayside.  I just can not achieve it.

So I fell for the infomercial for The Perfecter Fusion Styler.   Yes, yes I did.   That marvelous hair styler that promises volume where volume did not exist. Curls where straight was the norm.  Smooth where frizzy was the look. How can one styler do all of this?  I don’t know but I was willing to give it a go.

My Perfecter arrived yesterday and I was all atingle.  Seriously.  This is going to radically change my life.  I just know it.

This morning I dried my hair and heated up the wonderful new addition to my bathroom.  And guess what?   I know you are all waiting with baited breath…..photo 1 photo 2

It worked!   Today is  a good hair day.   I could get a driver’s license photo taken today and be totally happy with it.  With just one day of use under my belt I can predict that this might just be a winner.   Maybe.   (Obviously as always—I did not get paid for writing about this find.  Just trying to share the love a bit.)

Have you ever bought an infomercial product that pleased you or do you think they are all usually more hype than performance?



  1. Oh, no, Beth Ann. How funny. You hair DOES look nice, but it does in EVERY picture I’ve ever seen of you. I have to admit, however, that I have thin, fine hair–and I’m always hoping for a fix.

    Having a not-so-great hair day in Ecuador,

    • Haha–Kathy you totally understand what my hair is like, too!!! It is so frustrating to walk outside and have it just wilt or blow away into no style whatsoever. I really do like this new tool though. I wrote this post a week ago and I am STILL happy with the new staying tool. It was pricey but seems to work! 🙂

  2. It looks great! I have fine hair with multiple cowlicks. I keep my hair really short. I am still going to check it out.. 🙂 I have bought an infomercial product, Bare Minerals makeup waaaay back when they started out and I am still using it and love it! Enjoy your Saturday Beth!!

    • Thanks !!! It made me laugh that I fell for it. My father in law bought every infomercial thing that he could find so it made me think of him when I bought it. I seriously am in love with it and keep finding new ways it works better with my hair. I never jumped on the Bare Minerals bandwagon—what do you love about them??? Let me know!!!

      • I don’t like to mess with liquid makeup. Bare Minerals just brushes on with a couple of floofy brushes and leaves no makeup line. I don’t like to play with makeup, I just want to get it done and be done for the day. It looks natural. You have a base powder, a blush and mineral veil that you brush on last that smooths out all the imperfections and no pores. I also love their combination moisturizing cream. I started up with rosacea in my thirties and I bought it to hide the redness but when I started using it my rosacea cleared up almost totally. I bought the starter kit way back and now I just buy it at Penny’s at the Sephora counter. I think it is marketed as Bare Escentuals now. I got my Sis-in-law and Mom-in-law hooked on it.. 🙂 Washes off easily with their exfoliating cleanser. At first it seems pricey but it goes a long way! I really love it, can you tell? Give it a google!

        • I’ve been curious how mineral make-up works/looks on “older” skin. I tried L’Oreal’s a few years ago and liked the ease of application.

          • Patti I am 62 and started using it 13 years ago. I think the only thing bad I have heard is that if you have an oily face Bare Minerals isn’t the best choice. My best girl pal from kindergarten has very oily skin and it just looked cakey on her. I think as I have gotten more wrinkly the Bare Minerals has done a great job. L’Oreal makes a mineral make-up? Ease of application was a big plus for me and the fact that it improved my rosacea. I never was good at putting on liquid make-up. Bare Minerals, the original mineral make-up changed my life! Seriously.. 😀

  3. I see me visiting the link in the future! I always need hair help!

  4. So I clicked and checked it out! I love the idea of the ceramic heater but it is way too big in diameter. My hair is too short. Dang! I like the whole idea!!!

    • It works on my hair and mine is fairly short—you just kind of roll it in one continuous rolling motion. If you lived close I would happily let you try it out!!!! 🙂

      • Thanks Beth! I am going to check out the video again. I may just give it a whirl.. 🙂

      • Oh, yes, bring it with you the next time you come to my house. I live close, don’t I?

        I always wonder who falls for those infomercials. Now I know. They remind me of product pitches at the Minnesota State Fair (as I recall from my childhood). My dad would always leave with some new kitchen tool that would slice and dice and whatever. Funny thing, though, he didn’t spend time in the kitchen.

        Your hair looks great, but I never thought it didn’t look good before.

  5. I cant believe it actually worked!! Lol!! for $19.99, right?

  6. Glad your informercial experience worked out better than mine did. I was promised silky smooth legs but what I got was a toxic smelling cream that gave me a rash.

  7. cynthia warner says:


  8. I’m glad it worked and you are happy with it. I never personally ordered anything from an infomercial and probably never will – I’ve heard about too many negative experiences… Great hair!!! 🙂

  9. You look fabulous!

    Wouldn’t it be great if we had arms at the back of our bodies? That would solve most of my bad hair days.

  10. I’m so glad your story had a happy ending!

  11. I have one like this too and I swear by it!! In fact, I will be using it tonight before my husband’s Christmas work party. And my hair will still look good tomorrow for church. win!

  12. I’ve never bought through an informmercial but I’ll have to check this out…..similar hair and all!! Hugs……

  13. I want one. I am ordering. Thank you. Goodbye.

  14. Saundra Shultz says:

    Happy that it worked and was not money wasted.

  15. Your hair looks awesome!!! So, is it basically a curling iron with bristles? Do you think it would work on long hair? I haven’t seen the infomercial for this one. xoxo

    • It claims to work on ALL hair!! Long and short. 🙂 I do really love it and it hardly took me any time at all to figure out how to use it to get the look I wanted. I am a pro at it now. 🙂

  16. Well, Beth Ann, I’d say that was money well spent — you look great with volumized hair!

  17. I’m glad you’re pleased with your purchase. I’ve not heard very many positive stories, so don’t pay them much attention.

  18. You’re having a string of good luck with infomercials lately! First the cat toy & now the hair “miracle!” If I still cared enough to style my hair, I would have been all over this wonderful little gadget!

  19. This post made me laugh! I have personally never bought anything from an infomercial but I have been sucked into different salesmen buys – most of which I’ve had buyer’s regret from. I’m glad your purchase was all it was suppose to be!

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