Wordless Wednesday

frog leg


  1. Oh my! Is that something peeking out from under a toilet seat?!

  2. cynthia warner says:


  3. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    I don’t think I want to know

  4. A snail?

  5. Oh, my, I have NO idea–maybe a photo for “down under?”

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  6. It would really freak me out to see that after opening the toilet. Or worse not seeing it until after I went.

  7. I cheated and read the “filed under.” Yikes.

  8. Do you name him or her?

  9. Frogger!!!!! LOL
    better than the water snakes that appeared in the toilets at one of my old work places.

  10. Speechless.. 😯

  11. Wordless I mean!

  12. Is this YOUR commode with a frog in it? Where, oh, where, did the little froggie come from?

    • Yep—we had a couple. There are vent pipes up through the roof of the house and they get in there and then just spend all their live long days in that environment. Unless they hop out into your bathroom. The vents are screened off BUT they find their way in and as Chris said they “were a pre existing condition” when we rented the place. We had two that we could identify …..there could have been more.

  13. Yikes, a FROG?? And here I am, worrying about the woodchuck hiding beneath our storage shelter! Considering how often one has to use a toilet — compared to how seldom one needs the storage — you’re much worse off!!

    • Fortunately we left those behind when we left Australia. Those I do not miss one bit. Not one bit.

      • Are you sure? I could find someone to trap “Woody” and ship him to you. Maybe before Spring (and mating season!)

        • Hey we have our own Woody. He lives under the neighbor’s deck but judging from the nibbles on the posts of ours I think he might have moved during the year. WE also have Phil the Pheasant, Doe Re Mi, Bubba Buck, Henry and Maude Mallard and assorted others that join in the backyard fun. And we live in a subdivision. Go figure!

  14. Ewwww! How in the world did you get a frog in your toilet?

  15. I think if I saw that… I’d croak..

  16. I tree frog.

  17. Did you save him?

  18. Cross stitch begun, and given up on rather quickly.

  19. Saundra Shultz says:

    Looks like the legs of a tree frog.

  20. Froggie! But I don’t know that I could get used to finding it on the toilet!

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