Teapot Tuesday—Seaside Style

Doesn’t it amaze you at how many different variations of teapots there are?  I am sure if you never really looked for teapots you would have no idea but for me it is like a treasure hunt every time I am in a store with options. This cutie by one of my new favorites (Cardew Designs) reminds me of warmer days and sunny beaches.  Not a bad image to have when the winter chill is starting to blow in.  P1150742




“What part of confidante has that poor teapot played ever since the kindly plant was introduced among us! Why myriads of women have cried over it, to be sure! […] Nature meant very kindly by women when she made the tea plant; and with a little thought, what series of pictures and groups of the fancy may conjure up and assemble round the teapot and cup.”
― William Makepeace ThackerayThe History of Pendennis: His Fortunes & Misfortunes, His Friends & His Greatest Enemy


  1. Yes, who knew there could be so many different kinds. I love the colors on this one, especially. And who doesn’t love the beach? Hope it’s not too cold today in your neck of Iowa.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. I am always beyond amazed how many there are!

  3. I am always amazed at how many there are…

  4. Such a beautiful teapot!

  5. This would be great for a tea party with my girls.

  6. Aww… teapots are such fun! I absolutely love the quote at the end of your piece; how fitting and true to the last word!

  7. A perfect bold visual for this chilly time of year when we all need jolts of color to brighten our days. Or at least those of us who live in a climate like Minnesota and Iowa.

  8. That is darling! She sells sea shells………
    The little under the sea characters are too cute!

  9. Your blog has taught me one thing, I know nothing about teapots and how the possibilities are endless. Look forward to Tuesdays to see a new one.

  10. oh!!! I love this!! This is sooo cute.

  11. Hello, I just recently signed up with your blog. I found you through your coaster post. I have to say that I really like teapot Tuesday. I love teapots and cups and saucers. I only have one teapot due to storage issues, but love to look and admire. So Thank You! However, I would like to know how you store or show yours off? Enjoying your writings!

    • Kim–thank you so much for the follow!!! And for the nice comment!!! That means a lot to me! I have a couple of hutches and china cabinets where they are stored but they have grown beyond those now. I have some on bookcases and even some in the bathrooms. 🙂 Theme ones, of course. I keep adding to the collection and I am going to have to start getting creative on where to put them. Just last night my husband made a comment that they were everywhere so I may need to look at some more options. Thanks again.!

  12. Those are amazing works of art, and functional!

  13. that would have been lovely to have while I was resting my sore back by the fireplace and having my tea today.
    And you are right! Ever since I started reading your teapot posts, I really notice them everywhere now. Our local antique stores have some great ones.

    • Oh I bet your antique store has some fabulous ones!!! I get a lot of folks who send me pics of ones they spy in their travels which makes me smile every single time!

  14. Saundra Shultz says:

    We are all called to be fishers of men. Love the teapots!

  15. It makes me feel like I’m back in Spain. It is so warm, colouful and cheerful. Love the Thackery quote too.

  16. Sitting on a deck at Cape Cod in my beach wood chair, my legs covered in grandma’s afgan, I pour myself a cuppa from my whimsical nautical tea pot and smile as I watch the dolphins frolic in the ocean….(she wishes….)

  17. You find the most interesting teapots! Surely you can’t own them all?

  18. I would love to see them. Maybe you can buy the teapot museum you visited. It is just a suggestion.

  19. Cute! I was redecorating today – reorganizing, I guess – and SO DID NOT want to put my red w/white polka dots tea pot up too high so that I’ll actually USE it…but I had to and the truth is, I can always reach it down if I have to! 🙂

  20. Wow – looks like something to be found in an upscale Japanese restaurant.

  21. This is one of my favorite shapes. Nice beach theme on this one.

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