Randomness Reigns


It’s going around Facebook these days to post random facts about yourself.  Here it goes.

  1. I am a list maker.  But they have to be neat lists–even numbered lists are best.
  2. I played only one role in my short lived theatrical career.  Sister Sophia in the John Glenn High School musical production.  I was told by one person that “nuns don’t wear glasses” but I am fairly blind. The glasses stayed.
  3. My guilty pleasure is binge watching television shows.  Recent ones under my belt include The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, and The Wire.  All violent but wonderfully written and presented.
  4. My choices in music are varied —my iPod has a range from Bach to Flo-rida to Broadway musicals to Chicago.
  5. I wrecked my brother’s Spyder bike with the cool banana seat when my friend Beth Bacon (yep!) came to visit me in New Concord one time.  The front wheel started wobbling like crazy and I knew it was going to happen.  I flew over the handle bars.  It was not pretty.  A nice guy in a pick up truck stopped, picked us up and took us back to my house.  I was a bloody mess and still have a scar on my knee.
  6. Speaking of scars—I was THAT mom that ran over her son’s foot with a vacuum cleaner.   It was horrible.  I would not recommend it.  Poor Aaron Chiles still has a scar on his little sweet foot 23 years later.
  7. My first paying job was delivering The Sandusky Register in North Fairfield, Ohio.  My brother, Mark, and I split the route.  He had to play the heavy a couple times when collection time came.
  8. We used to have a rabbit named Sniffy.  Sniffy would often crawl under the front porch when my sister cleaned her cage.  We used a stick called Stoney Stonewell to encourage Sniffy to come out from under the porch.
  9. I have a higher Klout score than both of my sons.   Micah used that as a random fact in one of his grad school applications.
  10. I have completed 152 cards in my yearlong commitment to making 650+ cards for Hospice of North Iowa.   By the time this post goes live I hope to have that number up to 200.
  11. I took Basic Computer for Beginners in college.  I went into the final with an A.  I got a C in the course.  What does that tell you?
  12. I won the Snacker Packer award in 4H and still have the little nameplate off of my trophy some 43 years later.

How about a random fact about you?  Leave one in the comments and let everyone know one random thing about you!!!Thanks for playing along.



  1. Fun post, Beth Ann! Random rocks. Hmmm–random facts about me–I was born a premature identical twin. My sister died two days later. My dad was a bookie for the mob–but then you knew that. Good for you with the card creation!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Oh wow—-did you know that yesterday was World Prematurity Day? I would have celebrated you!!!! Our Aaron was a preemie at 6 weeks early. You would never know it now!

  2. How did you run over your son’s foot? I wish there was video. Great job on the cards. That’s impressive! And did you study for your computer final?

    • My shameful vacuuming was because he was always so attached and following me—he appeared out of nowhere. I will never forget it. It was horrible. I was a horrible mom but thank goodness he has forgiven me. Computer test–most of the homework was writing programs and I had a helper (Chris). The final—I just gave up. It was gibberish to me. But it obviously has changed since I am fairly competent now with computer stuff. Thank goodness.

  3. Do you make handmade cards? I love sending cards and I try to send at least 4 a week!

  4. I love posts like this and I really love that you not only have a higher Klout score than your kids, but that one of them used that in his essay for grad school!! Excellent! Thanks for a fun read!!

  5. I love these random facts about the people I have met through blogging!

  6. Let’s see…I was the first girl to join the Future Farmers of America chapter at Wabasso High School in the early 1970s. Decades later, my niece Hillary became the local chapter president and then the Minnesota State FFA president. If not for her Aunt Audrey…

    So what is a “Snacker Packer?”

    I can’t imagine that you were anything but the best of moms.

    • Snacker Packer was preparing and presenting an attractive AND nutritious. I still remember my menu: Egg salad sandwich, carrot strips (without the blood that usually accompanied them as I cut my fingers –well before the time of baby carrots), a small bag of pretzels, a no bake chocolate cookie and a tiny tootsie roll for a little surprise for later—at least that is what I told the judge. 🙂

  7. I always love reading these lists…. here’s one of mine. I was in the top ten for batting average of all community colleges in the nation my Sophomore year.

  8. I love stuff like this. It’s a fun way to learn a little more about your favourite bloggers.
    I did 4H once too…..but I don’t think I won any ribbons. But I did at horseshoes.
    And I so get your binge TV!! I get caught up on 5 years of Breaking Bad just in time for the final. I came to Walking Dead late and got caught in time for this year’s premiere. Same story with Once Upon a Time. So naturally — on to Game of Thrones. (recommended by mom, who I never have to talk to about nudity in TV shows!!! LOL)

    • That is funny—we are birds of a feather when it comes to our binge tv viewing. Chris is into Game of Thrones but I have not gotten into it yet. Give me time!

  9. I am working on my own 11 🙂
    Very interesting random facts, this is fun..

    • It is a fun way to come up with a post, isn’t it? I didn’t do it on Facebook but thought I would do it again here. I have done it in the past. Thanks for stopping by!

  10. lindamariagomez says:

    Number 10 is awesome..you must be so proud of yourself–that’s a great idea! 🙂
    My guilty pleasure random fact–I love old school dime store candy and eat a lot of it.. 😦
    My good random fact–instead of having my kids take cans of food to school for the food drive, we started a food drive ( http://www.gomezfamilyfooddrive.com/ ) and in 2 years collected over 132,000 pounds of food… 🙂

  11. If I “like” your post, do I have to create a list too? I like reading these things, but it’s been such a hectic day, I don’t have time to do one myself!

  12. cynthia warner says:

    I’m A List Person Too!

  13. I completed my first beaded bug today!

  14. This is a great list of randomness! I know you much better now.
    I used to be a dog person but I am a cat person now. I still like dogs but now cats rock my world.

    • I love dogs but have never had one. My husband keeps saying we need one but we travel so much it would be hard to take care of one I think. Cats are easier to leave. Needy but not as needy! 🙂

  15. Whaaat? I’m pretty sure that one of the nuns in “Sound of Music” wore glasses and that movie is like the be all and end all of nunnery. Also: My Mom is in that same club– she totally ran over my sad little baby hand with a vacuum cleaner. How does this happen?! Is this some maternal blindness that kicks in after a few kids? 😉 I’ll just use this as a good excuse not to ever vacuum after having babies.

    And, um, my random fact? Hmmm… My degree is in African-American Studies. Judging by people’s reactions when I tell them this, I’m guessing that’s pretty random.

    • Wow—I am in good company with your mom. I didn’t think there was a meaner mom out there in the whole wide world. I will have to tell my son he got off easy. Do you still bear a scar???? He has a tiny one next to the scar from where he had an IV in neonatal. 🙂 Love your random fact.

  16. Learning random facts is always fun. My MUCH OLDER brother had me trained to come when he whistled.

  17. I can not think of very much to share. My husband and I started on our first Christmas to send a handmade card and I have continued to do so. I am working on one for this year but am still far from them being ready to send. Our children helped also. A person from a local newspaper came and told what we did and even showed pictires of some of them in the paper.\.

  18. I never knew the vacuum cleaner was a risk and now that my kid wears a size 13 shoe I would worry more about the vacuum. If your son is like mine he got plenty of milage out the “vacuum cleaner incident.”
    Counting. I can almost always tells you how many people are in the crowd, how many rows of chairs, squares on the ceiling and I am vexed when it’s not an even number –I like even numbers too.

  19. A couple of unasked for comments, from Beth’s brother…
    The “Stoney Stonewell” (I think the origin of the name may be lost in the insane vagaries of our childhood, but I think Allan Sherman may have played an inspiring role…) was usually a long sunflower stalk. It was pretty effective in poking “Sniffy” out from under the porch. I’m here to verify that story!
    “Breaking Bad” is my all-time favorite show!
    And, what Beth Ann was too modest to divulge, was that as a result of her “snacker-packer” success, she met John Glenn, Ohio senator and famous astronaut! I’ve always been a little jealous of that, as he is one of my heros…
    Beth was a GREAT “paperboy.” I think I only had to collect for her one time, from a particularly unsavory family (the “Rendlins”). Their dog bit me, another time, and I had to go to court about it. It bit me on the butt. Mrs. Rendlin demanded to see the bite, and I vehemently demurred! Our mayor (“Zippy” Zeider) really came to my defense, and said that was not necessary…

    • So glad my brother finally got out of the dial up world so he can actually comment on my fascniating and captivating blog again.
      I thought Stoney Stonewell was actually a person—–a missionary or something???? But the stick/sunflower stalk, whatever–always worked.
      I did meet John Glenn…….but it was at the Ohio State Fair and not the Huron County Fair. My snacking packing fame did not carry me quite that far.
      Oh those Rendlins……unsavory is right.
      Thanks for validating my random facts, my famous Bighorn Sheep Wrangling brother!!!

  20. I’m a list maker too. If I do something that is not on my list, I add it on so I can make a tick beside it. My hubby thinks I’m strange. A random thing about me: I won best supporting actress in Grade 10 at the drama festival. I still have the trophy!

  21. I love lists and random facts. 🙂 I also had a rabbit, and he was the most stressful pet ever– always eating my computer cables! 😀

  22. Love your random list Beth Ann. My favorite is the Klout score random fact – very funny! A random fact about me: my parents said that I really hadn’t chosen to write with my left or right hand before I went to school but when I went to school they had me write with my right, and because of that I hold my pencil differently. And now, fun thing, my 2 1/2 year old son, favors his left hand for eating, writing, etc.

    • Thanks, Val! The Klout thing was one of the best random facts he wrote, in my humble opinion. I am not sure if it means I overshare or what. 🙂 The lefty/righty thing is still an issue, isn’t it? My mother in law was a lefty and no one tried to change her to a righty which was a good thing most likely!

  23. heykristimiller says:

    Number 11…you and me both! I thought I was the only one!
    And we binge watch TV shows on Netflix too. Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I’m running out of series I want to watch.

  24. I am one of those dummies who has no idea what a Klout score is – a little help Beth Ann? Like learning new things about you!

    • Klout is a social media measuring tool based on interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It really means nothing to me but it makes me laugh that mine is higher than both of the boys!

  25. That’s a list of randomness if I ever saw one!!


  1. […] each order.  A flavored tootsie roll.  Reflecting back on my highly coveted role as winner of the 1970 Huron County Snacking and Packing award  I believe that my addition of a small tootsie roll was what clinched the title for […]

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