To iPad or Not

It’s sweeping the country.  Taking pictures with an iPad.   You see folks everywhere with their iPads poised and ready to take a snappy.  To me it seems a bit cumbersome even with the iPad mini.

On a recent overseas trip our son, Micah, shared that one of his friends lost his phone.  From the sounds of it there were a lot of phones lost during the CBS trip that spanned more countries than I can count.   His friend, George, had an iPad mini and began using that as his camera since his phone was gone.   I think it was one of the many jokes of the trip and folks starting taking pictures of George taking pictures with his iPad.

george taras

When we were in NYC acting like tourists we noticed that it is a trend that is gaining popularity.   Micah documented several times during our trip to see The Statue of Liberty and allowed me to have the pictures to share.


photo 2

My all-time favorite--the double iPad in one family shot!

My all-time favorite–the double iPad in one family shot!


I found an article in 9-5 Mac that talks about the popularity of iPad photography.  You can read it by clicking here.  I also found a BuzzFeed article that highlighted 21 Reasons You Should Never Take Pictures with an iPad. All in pictures.  Click on over there—a new window will open up so you won’t lose your place here.

So there you have it—-the reviews are mixed but for me—I will stick to my Lumix or in a pinch my iPhone.   What about you?


  1. I prefer a camera. But admit my phone is usually the go to now, because I always have my phone, not necessarily my camera.

  2. I used to use my camera all the time, but now I just whip out my phone.

  3. Love it, Beth Ann. I have to agree. I think people taking photos with iPads look a little ridiculous. I always have to pause for a fraction of second and thin–what the heck are they doing?! But then you know me–I’m not too sharp! LOL (Gotta get a little razor humor in there!)

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Haha! I can not tell you how many people we saw doing it and ALL ages!! And not just with the mini but with the regular iPad which is BIG to be using as a camera!!! Thanks for the affirmation !

  4. I often use my iPad–I almost always have it with me, and it actually takes better quality photos than my phone or my camera either one. Plus, it’s easier to organize the pictures and I’m basically lazy. I would prefer a camera–less clunky–but, as I said, it isn’t as good quality as the iPad and I don’t carry it with me.

    • Your nephew would make fun of you! 🙂 My phone takes great pics and you can edit them and do different filters and things right on the phone so it works just as well for me as an iPad. Thanks for the comment!!! You rarely comment here and I really appreciate it!

  5. Thanks for sharing. I don’t have an ipad, so I am not tempted, but if the quality were better than my camera… I did look at the 21 Reasons You Should never take pictures with an ipad, and I love the reason, “Because you’re on the front row”! Too funny!! Have a blessed day.

  6. Since I don’t own an iPAD and can never remember how to shoot pix with my simple phone, I’ll just stick to my Canon DSLR.

    Those photos of the iPAD shoots are actually quite hilarious, especially, as you note, that duo family one.

  7. I bought an iPad when they first came out and used it so little that I gave it to my husband. An iPhone is so much easier to transport. I hated carrying around the iPad, but I can see how it could be useful if a phone was missing. Personally, I found having both too clunky, but that’s just me:)

    • I think you are like a lot of people. I have Chris’s hand me down iPad and I use it but not like I use my MacBook Air or phone. I think if I had a larger laptop I would use it more but with the Air it is so easy to pull out to use that the iPad isn’t as necessary. Plus I always seem to miss things on the iPad…..hmm.

  8. Allison Spruill says:

    They are so big and block others behind you from seeing! I have been in places where my picture had numerous screen glows in it. Not a fan. I also thinks it separates you from what you are viewing instead of experiencing it.

  9. I can understand people taking pictures on their iPad if that’s the only thing they’ve got available, but it absolutely slays me when people take mirror selfies with their iPads. Mirror selfies are an unfortunately bad phenomenon as it is. Why make it worse with an iPad?

  10. HA – very timely!
    There were quite a few iPad snapping pics parents at the Remembrance Day ceremonies at my children’s school. Including their Principal! It looks like a very cumbersome way to take a photo – but since my iPhone 3 has a crappy fickle camera; I did experience a brief moment of coveting. But then I looked a small purse and was happy again. 🙂

  11. My husband and I were just talking about this last night. And we both think it’s weird!

  12. I feel a little “out there” and funny taking pictures with our iPad. I am not crazy about taking pictures with my iPhone but I just upgraded to a 5s so maybe I will do it justice and take better pictures. We have a pocket shooter and I am not comfortable with it because it doesn’t have a viewfinder. I think I just love using my Nikon for pictures. We have a good relationship.. 🙂

    • Oh I think the iPhone takes great pics in a pinch and you can apply all those cool filters! I use my Lumix (either the small one or the larger more complicated one) for most of my photography but sometimes you can take a decent snappie on the phone in a pinch!

  13. cynthia warner says:

    I Use My Phone All The Time! It’s Just So Convenient!

  14. I love my iPad and am using it to write this comment. I don’t think I’ve ever taken a still photo with it, but I did take a video of my baby granddaughter sitting on my lap. That worked out pretty well.

  15. Saundra Shultz says:

    I say use whatever you have to capture the moment.

  16. threadcrazy says:

    Ha…I just laughed when I read your article as I’ve just been saying about the same thing to some sewing buddies! Taking a pic with the IPad!! I have an “android” mini that takes great pics but I love my cameras. The SLR camera just provides you with more options than a phone can. I do sometimes take pics with my phone but only when I don’t have my camera along!. Loved the pics…

    • Thanks!! i think the majority of folks weighing in are like minded. I can see maybe a quick shot inside your house of a baby or a pet or something you want to put on a post but not outside when you are sightseeing!

  17. …. or a 1990s-era Canon Sure Shot with (gasp) 35mm film. Point-n-click.

  18. Definitely do not use an iPad to take pictures. This is going to sound SO middle school, but I always kind of laugh at people when I see them doing this. Only because there’s no reason that somebody should be using their iPad to take said picture. I live in NYC, so I see it ALLLLL the time. And I can’t tell you how many people have dropped their iPad after trying to use it to take a picture.

    • Well Jake –I am right there with you in middle school because I was laughing the whole time when I saw them so prominently featured as the sole means of photography while in the city. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  19. I still prefer my Canon, but my phone is always with me so it’s my camera more often than not. Personally, whereas I would love being able to see a preview of the photo on a larger screen, I don’t see an iPad replacing either of my cameras.

    • I totally agree!!!! I love my cameras and use my iPhone if I don’t have them with me but an iPad just isn’t something I tote around with the purpose of picture taking! Thanks for stopping by!

  20. I always thought it was kind of annoying when people take pictures with their iPads, especially at school functions – all you see are iPad screens and not the kids on stage!!!

  21. Nope. I love my DSLR and when I too lazy to lug it around I use my I-Phone. I just find the I-pad too awkward. And then there are those pictures your son took and to me that kind of says it all 😀

  22. I use my iPad to take pics all the time!

  23. I’ve seen this a lot too! I ve used it when I didn’t have my camera!

  24. Since I don’t own an i-pad this will never become a problem for me. Just looking at the pictures though, I can see some of the appeal – you would have a large view of what you are attempting to memorialize, so you’d know if it was crap before you left the location.

  25. I noticed this on our recent vacation to Hawaii. I don’t get it. iPads are larger than any phone or point-and-shoot. I used my iPhone and got some pretty good shots.

  26. It’s always nice to have that option! I snapped a couple of my granddaughter who shouts, “No!” when she sees a camera. 🙂

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