Wordless Wednesday—-A Little Milk With That Tea, Sir?

I can’t let this one be totally wordless.  It needs some explanation.   My friend, Katybeth, blogs over at Odd Loves Company.  She is quite a character and has quite an interesting story.  If you want to check out her blog I am sure you will be amazed .   Because that is Katybeth in one word—amazing.

She has a gift of helping others and recently she helped an older friend with an estate sale. To say that some of the things for sale were eclectic are to put it mildly.   You know everyone needs a cactus lamp or two for their southwestern themed motif.  I , however, did jump at the Wedgewood teapot!!!

The other day she posted a great list about Treasure or Trash—click here to read it.  It is well worth a click over there, believe me. 

On that post she had this picture.

Picture by Katybeth Jensen

Picture by Katybeth Jensen

Yes, it is a mug.  Of epic proportions.   Evidently there is another one floating around out there to complete the set but this one went for a mere $10.  I wanted it for my tea.   With extra milk, of course.



  1. Hahahaha! I just. I have never. There are no words!

  2. I have already been astounded by this mug! It gives me giggles again this morning.. 😆 I visited Katybeth’s blog last week and lately and had a wonderful time reading. And Beth I am so happy that you have issues with wordless on Wordless Wednesday too.. 😀

  3. Allison Spruill says:

    Oh my! (Semi-wordless response for this one!)

  4. Bbwwwwaahhhh! that is too funny. and you should really get another because they are essentially supposed to be a matched set. LOL

  5. Thanks so much for mentioning Katybeth. It has been fun getting to know TMB. I know you recommend blogs I will love. And the mug connection is perfect.

    Hope your week is going well. Heading over to Katybeth’s now.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  6. Well I thought my mom’s creamer that was a cow and the milk came from the mouth was funny. Well, you topped it. I don’t even know what to say. I think I’m stunned and LMAO. Has Queenie seen this one?

    • I know–this seems a bit over the top…doesn’t it??? Haha–when I typed doesn’t it the spacing was wrong the first time after the ‘. Seemed appropriate but I changed it!

  7. My mother would be so proud. Thanks ♥

  8. ROFL!!!! That’ll raise some eyebrows if you put it on a tray with your tea! Love it. 🙂

  9. I can honestly say I’ve never seen one of those!

  10. Cynthia Warner says:


  11. Oh my!

  12. I have never seen a mug like that. I don’t see how you could drink.

  13. Jewell Lipham says:

    Don`t think I need one of these. Thanks anyway!

  14. To go with your identically-themed cupcakes…

  15. I love cups with epic proportions but I’m not sure I would be able to keep a straight face to drink from this one!

  16. Gyahahahha I would never use this cup. Too embarrassed

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