It’s The Cat’s Meow!

I fully admit that my cats are spoiled but hey—-we are empty nesters and have to have some distraction in life.   Recently a certain commercial has been getting a lot of airplay.  The other day I was sitting in the chair when it came on the screen with Buddy on my lap.  He immediately got up, moved to the arm of the chair and actually watched the commercial.   I have never seen him watch the tv before.

buddy watching

I sent my friend, Ann, the picture because when she was here we talked about this product.  She said her husband wanted to get one for their two kitties but it was one of those deals of “Wait–there’s more!  For the price of one you get two!” and they weren’t sure they wanted two.  I told her if they ever ordered I would chip in.

This week a package came addressed to Buddy and Holly Chiles.   Maisy and PeeWee sent them a present.  Their very own Cat’s Meow toy.   Let’s just say it is a hit.  cats

The first night we put it out Buddy played with it non stop for over an hour.  I think we will have to ration his play time or else invest in a lot of C batteries.  Judging from all of the YouTube videos with cats playing with this toy our kitties are not alone in their love of it.  Wish I had been the one to think it up.

All this fun for only $19.99—for two!!!   Cat’s Meow.   I am not being paid for this post—just sharing what my kitties have decided is their favorite toy.   🙂



  1. Talk about clever marketing to cats! Our cat watches the TV when there are birds on it. My husband watches animal documentaries and we often see her staring at the TV when birds are featured. She hasn’t asked us to buy her one yet.

  2. 😀 I see those commercials (though luckily my kitties don’t)– and it seems like a great toy! I think I’ve just figured our their Christmas present. 😀

  3. Allison Spruill says:

    My dog watches this, but I think he’s watching the cats!

  4. Pamela Christy says:

    Wonder if they make a toy for dogs……

  5. So cute!

  6. I have been seeing lots of kitties on the blogs I follow loving this toy! Lucky Buddy and Holly Chiles!! CH and my first kitty as a married couple was a Holly! She was the bestest sweetest kitty.. ♥

  7. I envision they would pounce in the middle and break it. Not the case? Does the movement around the edge keep them off?

  8. what a cool idea – someone is a genius! my kids are laughing like crazy just watching the commercial. ha

  9. Lynn Tesh says:

    I loved this! We have a cat, Paxton, who would love to try this toy. Is it available in the Walgreens section for “As Seen On TV” items? How funny. Our cat is not interested in the TV as yet. Paxton was my birthday present last year and was adopted from Kitty City. My kids love to watch the kittens play in the front windows of the store. Have a super day!

  10. hilaryfeelingbeachie says:

    Lucy has one and she loves it! Marc had to crazy glue the mouse though – she figured out how to pull it off!

  11. Mere Frost says:

    I saw this in tv too! Good to know it was a huge hit! I wondered!!! 😀 Great Christmas presents!!! Kitty lovers and dog lovers in our family! My grandchildren! LOL

  12. What does the toy do? Spin around? I am clueless.

    Also, have you seen some YouTube video with a cat named George who says “Hello.” He is originally from Owatonna. Heard that on the radio station I listen to as the female DJ recently gave her cat to her brother and he placed this clip online.

  13. My dog used to watch certain things on TV too, and it was hilarious! Your cats are adorable.

  14. What does it do? Marketing directly to our pets, now that is clever.

  15. That is just so awesome! And your kitties are adorable! We have three over here (Melvin, Arlen, and Pip) who manage to keep themselves quite amused. Usually it’s Pip chasing Arlen around and causing trouble. He’s a 13 pound kitten I tell you!

    • Mere Frost says:

      I have Garfield, Zeus, Henry, Sam, Lilly, Sarah, and Star! 😀 Lilly is the smallest and she rules them all! Star is a cry baby. Sam is aloof. Henry is Henry. Sarah is my little old lady. Zeus is a sweetie and Garfield is my big loverboy! LOL

    • Don’t you just love kitties??? They definitely keep me entertained. This toy was a bit of a surprise to me that they love it so much.

  16. Mere Frost says:

    And Buddy is gorgeous! What a pretty color!

  17. I’ve been playing this game with cats for a long time. I used to play it with my dad’s cats and then with my own. All you need is a lightweight material and a stick. Push the stick under it and the cats will pounce on it and go under it after the moving stick. No batteries required and fun interactive play.

  18. Saundra Shultz says:

    It’s a cat’s world.

  19. I like cats also. My other daughter had a bunny and I remember how much fun we had . We would sit outside and watch the cat chase the bunny, then the bunny would turn around and chase the cat. We were entertained as they had their fun.

  20. Yes I’ve seen that commercial too. I have two inside cats and one has a very active and playful. I’ve purchased the round plastic doughnut type toy that has a small ball in center for them to batt around. I will watch for this to come to Wal-Mart or Walgreens. Thanks for the heads up as you never know by some commercials if cats are really going to like it. Love your cat pics.

    • Well anyone I have talked to that has this toy has cats that love it! I probably never would have bought it but now that I see how much fun they have with it I am glad that my friend got it. I bet it will be at Walgreens soon if it isn’t already!

  21. This cracks me up. Thanks for the smile 🙂

  22. I’ve seen this toy and know my cats would love it, but they’re destructive little jerks. I wonder if it would hold up to my three.

    • It is actually fairly sturdy but I could see them knocking the little arm out from underneath that moves around –might have to glue that puppy in place with them!

  23. considering how much they love this new toy, I think you should invest in rechargeable batteries!

  24. Lucky kitties!
    Reggie breaks all of his toys within 5 minutes. He keeps squeaking them over and over until the squeaker dies and then he can’t be bothered with the toy anymore. I should have bought stock in a squeaker company! 🙂

  25. What a great way to work out a deal to purchase–and the cats have never been happier.

  26. cynthia warner says:

    That’s So Cool!

  27. Love the toy, and your Calico looks remarkably like ours lol!!

    • The toy is a lot of fun for them but I have to keep changing the batteries!!! The calico is our Holly—she is a really sweet kitty but a bit of a licker.

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