Who Doesn’t Love Children????

What a month it has been!!!!   I love the first day of the month because not only is it the start of yet another great month it means it is Comments for a Cause time!!!!   For those of you who may have just recently stumbled upon my blog (welcome!!!) I make a big announcement the first day of the month.  The first part of the announcement is the big reveal of exactly how much money will be donated to the “cause” of the month.   This past month I chose The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as the recipient and for each comment made on ANY post during the month I promised to donate 50 cents to that cause.  Well–the calculator was burning up when I tallied the comments and I am thrilled to report that I will be donating $236.50 to BCRF as a result of YOUR comments! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment so often.  It adds up!

I know I say it every month but it is true!!!   When I come towards the end of the month the “right” charity always presents itself to me.  This month is no different.  Facebook has been such a wonderful tool for me to connect with friends and keep in touch with those who I don’t have the chance to see every day.   One of my former co-workers at Epworth UMC in Concord posted a link on her page asking for support for her upcoming trip to Honduras through Carolina Cross Connection and I knew I had my November cause.  We have supported several other “causes” through Carolina Cross Connection on It’s Just Life before and I know that they do wonderful work both locally and abroad.

Allison Spruill

Allison Spruill

Allison Spruill is one of those people who gets it.  She understands that we are on this earth for a purpose and that purpose involves reaching out to others.   She lives her life with that goal in mind and I am thrilled that although our time of working together was brief we still maintain connections where we can support one another.   Please read what Allison’s Indiegogo page says:

Thank you for wanting to learn more about my fundraising campaign! I’m Allison Spruill, the Minister of Discipleship at Canton Central United Methodist Church. Last summer I visited Honduras with Carolina Cross Connection and two of our church youth members to serve in orphanages there for a week. I didn’t realize how much that trip would affect me. I fell in love with the children and the city that is considered “the most violent place in the world.”

We spent several days serving at the public orphanage where 100 children, from birth – 13 years old and some older special needs children, spend their lives behind high walls topped with barbed wire and bars on their windows like a prison. We simply played games, pushing them on swings, sliding down slides, rolling marbles, and holding babies. We learned their names and some of their stories. I befriended a 9-year old boy on our final day there, and we were both in tears when it was time to leave. I need to return to see him and the other children again, to let them know they are loved and not forgotten.

My goal is to raise $1200.00 in 45 days. Every dollar helps! All donations go towards the cost of the trip, whether or not the goal is met. Any money raised above the requested goal will be used to purchase needed supplies for these children: diapers, wipes, formula, shoes, clothing, etc. Your donations are tax-deductible. You’ll receive a statement from Central United Methodist Church in Canton, NC.

If you cannot donate at this time, please share with your friends so others may learn of this cause. I appreciate your generous support!



What a wonderful way to share with her by supporting her this month with Comments for a Cause.  Remember that for each legitimate comment on ANY post will net 50 cents to her fundraising efforts.  After all—it’s all about the kids!!!  If you would like to donate on your own please feel free to go to this link to make your donation.  

Allison with Friends!

Allison with Friends


  1. What a great cause!

  2. Congrats for last month and another great cause this month! Honduras is a beautiful country and I love the people there, so I plan on commenting a lot.

  3. That’s so awesome. Thanks for doing Comments For A Cause on your blog!

  4. Thanks Beth Ann for your help! Its an great cause.

  5. I hope you get a lot of comments as this is a great cause. A woman in our church just got back from there and I am sure she will be sharing her 2 weeks there with our congreation. May God bless these caring people.

  6. Congratulations to Allison and the Carolina Cross Connection for being chosen as this month’s “cause”. It sounds like a very worthy endeavor..

  7. This is such a sparkling idea for making the world a better place. Good for you!

    • Thanks, Carol. I have done it for almost 2 years and it is the best thing I have come up with to do on my blog! Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment.

  8. What a wonderful cause. It’s heart-breaking to know that there are so many children out there who do not feel that they are loved and may spend the rest of their lives in an orphanage. I often wish I could help at least one child in some small way. Lots of luck to Allison. And wow on the donation to BCRF! Have a great weekend.

    • I think you live your life in a way that reaches out to children, Susi! Especially in your new job. You have no idea what your influence can be on those little ones and you may never ever even know it but what you do and the love you show makes a huge difference in those lives! So excited for you!

  9. Wonderful choice Beth Ann and congrats on last month!

  10. I have the privilege of working with Allison! She is a true inspiration to our whole church. Thanks for your support.

  11. Another great cause Beth Ann. I will be ahppy to comment away and help out. Isn’t it just amazing how these things come to you at the right tiime. So pleased with last month’s results. I’ll try to send more people to your site.

  12. What a wonderful cause! Bless her! I love your Comments for Cause because it always reminds that there still are many “helpers” out there spreading goodness and love.

  13. I love the idea behind Comments for a Cause! Every little comment on my blog gives me a little burst of happiness, but it’s so great that you’ve found a way to use that to help others.

    • Marcy!!! Thanks! It has absolutely been the best thing I have done on my blog. I have learned about a lot of new charities and helped others to find out about them, too! And if I can help someone out—I will –as in the case this month with Allison!

  14. Saundra Shultz says:

    Good luck Allison. I know how you feel about Honduran orphans. I left part of my heart there last weekend. Saundra

    • Saundra, Thanks so much for stopping by. I know that those babies just must tear at your heart. It is wonderful how many of you guys are out there that have gone!

  15. What a great cause. Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a fabulous cause.

  17. Another great cause Beth Ann! Even though I’m trying NaNoWriMo this month & may not follow too many blogs in a current timeline, I’m trying to stay up to date with you so my comments will count for the cause.

  18. Thanks Beth Ann for helping Allison. In addition to the children in Honduras she blesses the children of all ages in our congregation with an infectious spirit 🙂

  19. I’m so glad I stumbled across your blog. You are an inspiration!

  20. Debbie Bumgardner says:

    I work with Allison at Canton Central United Methodist Church. When she came back to work I saw first hand how the trip to Honduras effected her. It was amazing to listen to her talk about everything and everyone there. It brought tears to my eyes! Allison is a very special person in many ways and a great friend! She is great at what she does for children, youth and adults!

  21. Rebecca Caldwell says:

    As the choir director at Central United Methodist Church I feel very fortunate to work with Allison. She is an inspiration for everyone around her. If you have never seen her work with children you have missed something truly amazing. Allison has a calming effect, yet gentle and genuine. When she teaches the children at our church the Bible stories on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings the kids are fully engaged. The tone of her voice and her personality draw them in like no one I have ever seen teach. I feel blessed to work with her as a staff member at the church.

    • Rebecca, Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. I love Allison!!! We worked together a short time at Epworth in Concord and I know what a kind heart she has. She is definitely doing what she was born to do. Being a part of a church team can be such an amazing experience and I am thrilled to have been a part of one! Blessings to you as you bring God’s music to people!!!

    • Allison Spruill says:

      Rebecca, Thanks so much for your lovely comment! You are an amazing person and the kids love you too!

  22. I’m so proud of you Allison! What an amazing act of love. The greatest of these…

  23. Wow Allison this is great! Have a wonderful time I know you will make a difference.

  24. Amazing!!!!!

  25. Katie Brown says:

    What an amazing experience for Allison!

  26. Take Kevin with you and leave him!

  27. Allison – wonderful story, I wish you safe travels so you continue to be an inspiration to the children.

  28. A great way to give back!

  29. Susan Anderson - Children's Director - Newbridge Baptist Church says:

    I think this is an amazing cause and I feel like I know Allison personally after hearing all the wonderful things that her Music Director, Rebecca Caldwell, has to say about her and the Children’s ministry at their church. Best of luck to you Allison and I can’t wait to hear the stories from your return trip to Honduras!

  30. Jewell Lipham says:

    At Central we are always happy to support Allison`s inspirations. They seem to bubble up for good!

  31. Jen Dukelow says:

    Allison is amazing and her good works are an inspiration.

  32. Geneal Bates says:

    It’s so great to know Allison and of heart for missions, especially for children around the world. She is one of our true missionaries!

  33. Micky Cope says:

    Wow! This is such an uplifting blog. So good to see comments from the wonderful folks at CUMC in Canton. Allison is a treasure-she has meant so much to my son and to me!

  34. Another great cause!

  35. I love that you do this! Here’s to more comments!

  36. So much love for this ministry and for Allison! She is so wonderful!!

  37. This is Beautiful! Thank you Allison for coming back to love on the kids here in Honduras! Thank you Beth Ann for taking up her cause!

  38. This is a great!


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  2. […] the past month I have put that on the back burner and done more writing posts.  Add to it that our Comments for a Cause recipient for November was Allison whose trip to Honduras and an orphanage spurred a lot of comments and you have one tired blogger!!!!   In a good way.   Allison rallied […]

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