Teapot Tuesday

Fall is here.  Officially.  I brought in all the garden decor, weeded flower beds, brought in all the outdoor stuff that does not need to sit in snow and have 3 bags of yard waste to go out in the garbage tomorrow.  I must admit that this always makes me a little bit sad every year but it is just a fact of life.  It was the last beautiful fall day we will have for awhile as rain and yes–snow—are in the prediction for the week.

As I put out some pumpkins and more “fallish” decor I decided that my Teapot Tuesday post would feature my sweet little scarecrows out front.  Enjoy yet another teapot—this one with a floral motif.

photo 3

photo 4




  1. I like the scarecrows better than the teapot. They’re cute!

  2. Randy and I worked all Saturday afternoon (after I’d labored for several hours on Friday) to load and haul plant debris and leaves to the city compost pile.

    We still have more work to do as all the leaves have yet to fall from the single maple in our yard, plus all the neighbor’s leaves which blow into our yard. He should be required to rake those.

    No snow here. Yet. Although it was predicted here for this a.m.

    • I slept really well last night—let’s just put it that way. It is all done except for a few plants that I can’t bear to cut back yet. Still have the furniture on the deck but I will tackle that when Chris is home. It just reeks of sadness though. Fortunately I have several “warm weather” trips coming up to tide me over.

  3. Hope they are enjoying their tea. Cute – the teapot and the scarecrows. 🙂

  4. Now I never knew they liked tea. Cute display.

  5. I like not just the beautiful teapot but also the scaregrows. Well done.

  6. Mere Frost says:

    Love teapots! Warmth on a chilly day! Scarecrows and a cuppa! All I need is a delicious gingerbread scone! 😉

  7. Love the little purple flowers! Hope the scarecrows enjoyed their tea!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  8. the teapot is very pretty purple! but I LOVE your scarecrows. so cute. I have smaller ones that stick in my potted mums, but I’d love to get big ones like this.

    • I have had these guys for several years. My husband always puts them in “disgusting positions” when we store them in the garage so I wonder how they still look good enough to put out after all these years. 🙂

  9. Love the purple blended in with the scarecrows…very fall festive.

  10. A cute fall theme. Love the scarecrows and the teapot. I always feel sad when I put the yard away for the fall too. We had a rainy day too, the first one in a long while. Sigh, it is now the rainy season.

  11. I like your un-scary scarecrows. And it looks like they like tea, too! Snow?!

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