High Flying Gift Ideas


You know that I am here for you guys, right?  I am always on the lookout for things that I can pass along to my readers that will inspire and enrich your lives.  I want you to all live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment and today in an effort to help you on that journey I have found some items that might just have to be put on your Christmas wish lists.


On my flight home from Houston last Friday I decided to check out the SkyMall magazine.  That’s the one that is always stuffed down into the back of the seat pocket–dog-eared and ratty looking.  It hangs out with the “what to do in an emergency should this plane plummet to earth” card and the dainty little barf bag that would not hold a well digested snack let alone a meal.  But I digress.

I picked out a few items that I thought might just be on the top of wish lists everywhere and wanted to pass them along to those of you who have not had the joy of gandering at a SkyMall catalog as of late.  As alway—I am here to serve.

Idea number 1:  The Lip Enhancer  Who could resist having their lips puffed out without the annoying and costly botox treatments?  (I don’t even know if that is what is used—it doesn’t sound quite right.)   I think these would be a great gift for any man or woman and such a bargain at a 3 pack for only $48.99!   3 different sizes for 3 different types of lips?   I would have to figure out what type I have first but can’ t you just imagine all kinds of things going wrong with these?lips

Idea number 2: The One Handed Barber  I just see all kinds of bad happening with this one, folks.  It says it fits comfortably to the contours of your pate.  Obviously they have never encountered my bumpy pate!   The name itself just conjures up a horror movie for me.photo

Idea Number 3:  Bacon towel and pillow   Now I am a fan of bacon but really?   This idea just kind of reeks.  bacon pillow

Idea Number 4:  HoodiePillow    Nothing says “I look like a dork” any more than this item.  It supposedly provides privacy and comfort but in my humble opinion it might provide a lot of entertainment for those around you .  Pillowcase is extra, of course. hoodie

Idea Number 5: Human Sling Shot   This just looks like a huge accident waiting to happen.  Look at the gleeful looks on the faces of the participants as they anticipate the launch of their “friend”.  slingshot

Idea Number 6: Shoe Refresher    I guess this one could actually be a little helpful.   My TOMS might actually smell a tad fresher, right?

shoe refresher


Idea Number 7: Relaxing Magic Showerhead     This item claims to “enliven your daily shower experience by transforming your regular showerhead into a fountain of brilliant fun”.  I like my water clear, thank you very much.   Anything else might just freak me out in the morning.  Unless, of course, it was bacon scented……to go with my pillow and blanket.


Idea Number 8:  Abominable Snowman Yeti Statue    If there is anything on my list this year it is this wonderful yard art.  I can only hope that it would help keep the deer out of my bird-feeders—what do you think?  Life-size of course, please.  Taking donations now.


Which item is on your wishlist this year?  All of them?   Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. I could use one of those shoe refreshers–my hubby’s shoes smell so bad, we put an air freshener in his closet!

  2. Oh, where to begin? First, this is hilarious! Hate to say it but the lip thing confused me. Gotta wonder how it works. Right? And the “human sling shot”—you’re right, an accident waiting to happen.

    I just have to know however, if these were really advertised. You didn’t create this copy on your own did you? If so, you’re hilarious. Either way, thank God you thought to pass the hilarity on to us. So glad you have my back, Beth Ann!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • These are actual products in the SkyMall magazine, Kathy. Just some of the best ones. There are actually some fun and useful things in it but these were the over the top ones, IMHO. I will have to check the fine print and see if they deliver to Ecuador….

  3. Oh no! I already ordered your bacon blanket. Oh well, there goes the surprise…

  4. Thank you so much for these wonderful Christmas ideas. Shopping will be much easier this year thanks to you, dear friend. The son loves bacon, meaning the pillow will be perfect for him. I’ll also throw in the travel pillow since, you know, he flies more these days. Oh, and his feet sweat a lot. Throw in the odor eater.

    I’ll buy the husband the one-handed barber. Then I won’t need to buzz his hair anymore; he can.

    Now…I wonder which of the items my girls will like.

    Again, my deepest thanks for your shopping assistance.

  5. I need to go through the entire catalog with you–it cracks ME up, too. You picked some of the best!

  6. I think if you need a shoe refresher you should probably just get a new pair of shoes.

    Sky Mall is always an entertaining read!

    • Sharon, I agree!!! If you have to use it on a regular basis I would say you have a problem!!! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! It means a lot and it is another 50 cents for BCRF this month!!! 🙂

  7. I think I have my Christmas gifts planned. I think the Lip Enhancer would be just what my two daughters would love. As for the brothers they may like the Shoe Refresher or maybe the Bacon Towell and Pillow. I would get the Obominable Yeti Statue for myself but they do not allow us to put anything in our yard. Maybe I could put it on my sidewalk in front of my house. I will let you know how this works out after the new year.

  8. Let me see.. A “life size” Abominable Snowman statue is 6 ft tall and weighs 145 lbs and is only $2,350.00 + $225.00 for curbside delivery? Such a deal!! Still, I’ll bet there are dopes out there with money to waste who will buy it! After all nothing says Christmas like a Yeti on your lawn..

  9. Hilarious. The lip things? No way I’d do anything that involved applying suction! Geez…Fun romp. Thanks

  10. I think Brain Rants & Mark My Words would love, love, love the bacon pillow & throw!

  11. Too funny. I wonder if anyone ever really buys any of these “inventions”.

  12. Yeti will probably keep the birds out of your feeders, too! You can buy it with all the money you save on seed. I think ‘collagen injection’ was what you were thinking of for lips. A bee sting will give the same result. For free. I can just see the human slingshot in use now. It would be a hit at frat parties. Thank you for your service, Beth Ann. You never fail us!

    • OH yea==collagen!!! That is it. I knew botox wasn’t right but I was too lazy to look it up! Thank you thank you thank you! And yes—the slingshot + frat party would be a huge hit!

  13. I already have the “Jolie pucker” so the lip things are required….but I gotta say, kinda dying to try that slingshot. LOL

  14. Umm, what? Do people actually buy this crap? Are they that gullible and, dare I say it, stupid? That slingshot looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen, not just an accident (I’m picturing a group of drunk early 20 something college students here). Yikes!

  15. Dear Beth Ann, It looks like we made your high flying gift idea list…eesshh! Judging by your pics and those of your readers you all still have great lips, but if you ever lose them, at least you know where to find me 😉 Fun blog..even if my company made the list..lol and I love your comments for a cause!!! All the best, Linda.. http://www.fullips.com

    • Thanks for stopping by, Linda!!! I am thrilled to meet you and your company obviously has a demographic to sell to since you are in SkyMall!!! I hope you realize it was all in good fun on a long flight looking for a blog post! I am amazed at some of the ideas that people come up with (like yours!) that I would never ever dream of! Just goes to show that there is a niche for everyone in this world. Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment. You obviously have a very kind heart since you like my comments for a cause!!! Come back anytime!!! I mean it!!! You are definitely welcome here!

  16. Thanks Beth Ann nice to meet you too!!! And yes,of course it was in great fun and I loved every bit of it…you know what they say..if you can’t laugh at yourself..I’ve been able to do that forever and never run out of things for new material 😉
    Having a kind heart is far more important to me than my lips :)…I’m a mother of 5 amazing kids and 2 Grand daughters..family is what really matters.
    We have been able to sponsor several wonderful charity giftbags with fullips which has been a nice way to be able to use a vanity product to help others and I do love your Comments for a Cause, I had never heard of doing that but it’s a great idea!!!
    Thanks again for the welcome and if you ever lose those beautiful lips, I’ll send you a whole set of enhancers..on the house 🙂 xoxo

    • Linda—-I am soooo glad to have “met” you this way. It is such a wonderful world where we can connect with people in ways that we never thought we would! I love your attitude of being able to laugh at life and also that you believe having a kind heart is very important. As you have figured out that is kind of my motto!!! 5 kids? Wow!!! That is amazing. Family is exactly what matters most to me, also.

      How cool is it that you are able to use your talents and your product to brighten up some days. In my humble opinion that is what it is all about—being able to give of yourself to others.

      The Comments for a Cause is the absolute best thing that I have done on my blog. I think this month may prove to be the best month ever judging from how Allison is recruiting folks to comment!!! It makes me smile.

      Thanks again===great to meet you!

  17. I’ve always wondered how many people actually order from Sky Mall but somebody has to, otherwise they wouldn’t keep publishing them. I bet the bacon throw and pillow are actual top sellers – a good bachelor or gag gift.


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