Dogs of NYC

I wish I had thought to start taking pictures of the Dogs of NYC on the first day there!  There are TONS!  These were shots taken on my phone on a short walk from brunch to the apartment on Sunday.  I wish I had taken more the entire weekend. Next time!!!   It amazed me how many dogs we saw.  It also amazed me how they can get used to doing their business on non-grassy surfaces.   🙂   To give the owners credit I never saw anyone not cleaning up after their dogs so that is a good thing!!!  Enjoy!

photo 5 photo 4 photo 3 photo 2 photo 1 dogs



  1. This reminds me of Miranda’s three visits to Argentina. She says there are lots and lots and lots of dogs there. But…dog owners do not clean up after them.

  2. My neighbor’s son has to go back and forth between NY and Florida quite a bit to get their condo up there ready for sale and he always takes the dogs with him – it’s so funny how fast they get used to it. My neighbor has told me the funniest stories about the dogs she’s encountered!

  3. Now if we can get the humans of New York to clean up after themselves… I hate New York.

  4. New Yorkers love their dogs. So cute.

  5. hilaryfeelingbeachie says:

    what cuties!

  6. I wish I had taken photos of the dogs I encountered in Florence. The woman who showed me the apartment owned two Chihuahuas and the dogs ranged in size from these midget dogs to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog i saw in the market one afternoon.

    • Oh my goodness!! Those would have been great pictures!!! I would have loved to have seen them all! I know the next time I go to NYC I am going to be more vigilant in dog picture taking!

  7. You’re right, I don’t think one expects to see so many in such a busy city.

    • It just cracked me up to see all these doggies walking around with their very proud owners. Next time I will take more pics because they were everywhere!

  8. These are all small, where are the big ones?

    • I only took pictures when we walked from brunch back to the apt so I only saw little ones during that time. There were some larger ones but far more small ones. It would be hard to have a large dog in the city, i think.

  9. Even in a concrete jungle, people need the love of a wonderful dog!

  10. Your pictures of dogs makes me think of when you went to visit the cat museum. How many pictures did you take there of cats that were everywhere, and were not real but made by people?

  11. They are all very cute!!


  1. […] weekend visit and got to see a lot of the tourist places, eat a lot of great food, and see a lot of cute little dogs! It was an amazing weekend and I am already counting down the months till our next […]

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