I <3 NYC


Getting ready to hit the subway

Getting ready to hit the subway

Our weekend in NYC started off with a bang! Right after we settled into our apartment we headed to meet Micah and then a quick jaunt to Jacob’s Pickles for a  nice lunch before we started our fun tourist life.   We grabbed the subway to head down to the site of the 9/11 Memorial.  I was thrilled to ride the subway and had visions of seeing all kinds of great people on our trips since I had read Jackie Cangro’s book The Subway Chronicles: More Scenes from Life in New York.  Much to my sadness I did not encounter the Chinese Curses Lady or Pickles the dachshund but I did see some pretty savvy young pole dancers (young males who had a great style of dance using the subway car poles to show off their skills–not the female stripper pole dancers although if we had been later in the night that might have been a possibility!), a Hispanic middle aged guitarist who sang the Frito Bandito song without the reference to Fritos, and an old Vietnam Vet who literally shoved a young dude out of this seat so he could have it.   I tried to avoid eye contact as suggested but that didn’t work for me either.  All in all–the subway rides were great and yes—there are a million stories.

Once we got to the site of the former twin towers we decided that we would just walk around all the construction zones and see what we could see.  Tickets are required to go to the actual memorial site/museum area and since we really had not planned ahead to do this we did not get the full experience but when the museum is officially opened (right now it is just the “preview”) we will definitely make the trip to see it all.  It is sobering and all I could do was try to envision how those images that I still have of that day fit into that landscape that I was seeing at that moment.  Sobering to say the least.  The following pictures are of One World Trade Center  which is American’s tallest building at 1,176 feet. (Please excuse the dirty camera lens which I just now noticed as I posted these pictures!)







A small wall pays tribute to those who were a significant part of the rescue and recovery efforts—a small but significant statement of those brave men and women who fought through the danger to do rescues that I can not begin to imagine.







From there we decided to go to Wall Street to see the “bull” and the financial district.  It was very crowded and hard to take pictures without a billion other people in them but we made it! Micah posed for me like the good son that he is.



Then it was on to the New York Stock Exchange to take a few shots of the beautiful building where all the action happens.




A few more random pictures of things we saw along the way to round out today’s post.  What a great city. What great people.  What a privilege it is to be able to explore our country and be a part of so much cultural diversity .   It truly is a wonderful place.












  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures from your NYC trip! I’ve never been there, but if I did go I’d like to visit Covenant House.

  2. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Great pictures! It is amazing – being a NY’r and living only 30 minute train ride away my whole life, I have never seen some of these places in real life 🙂

    • Man–we did a lot in a very short time! The subway is awesome for getting around and even if we didn’t spend a lot of time in any one place we got the overview which was great!

  3. We went two weeks ago to see Jersey Boys. We agreed that it is often the things you don’t expect to see that are really eye-opening and make NYC stay with you, I’m fascinated and intimidated both by that city.

    • Susan—I bet Jersey Boys was amazing!! We did not do any shows this trip but we will definitely be doing more trips while Micah is at Columbia so there will be plenty of time! I totally get your phrase of being fascinated and intimidated!!!! Totally! thanks for stopping by!

  4. I loved taking this trip with you through your pictures. It’s been so long since I’ve been up there and as much as I want to go back, I’m dreading doing so with the hubby. Since he grew up there, he really doesn’t like going anymore and he just rushes around. No time to look and take pretty pictures – and you know me, I can’t not take a few pictures! 🙂

    • You and me both! We did everything pretty fast this trip but I did manage to get some shots. I even started taking pictures of the “dogs of NYC” the last morning. I wished I had done that the whole weekend because there were some really cute ones!

  5. susanintheboonies says:

    I hope to visit NYC again and go to the memorial site and museum.
    Looks like you had beautiful weather for your lovely trip.

    • We had fabulous weather!!!! I think the memorial site and museum will be very emotional when we actually tour it. It was pretty emotional standing in the area . thanks for stopping by, Susan! I appreciate it!

  6. Wow, you saw a lot in a short period of time. As impressive as the monument and bull and other sites are, the photo which most impresses me is the last one.

    • And that was just part of Friday afternoon! 🙂 The last photo was awesome, wasn’t it? That shoeshine guy’s chair is what impressed me—a rolling office chair is an awesome idea!

  7. I have an amazing shot of the twin towers taking from the back of the ferry out on the harbour during a visit to NYC in my high school years. I framed that photo and have it on my living room wall as a reminder.
    I would so love to go back for another visit. Best trip ever. we saw baseball game at Yankee Stadium, a show on Broadway, a show at Radio City Music Hall, and a tour of Madison Square Gardens and Trump towers. And one unplanned trip down to the strip at midnight — until a watchful teacher not sleeping on guard duty came down and ushered us all back. LOL
    it was definitely a big adventure for some small town Canadians.
    Oh, and we hung out with the group that patrols the streets – The Guardian Angels – they were wearing red berets – are they still there?

    • Oh my goodness—that sounds like a fabulous trip! My niece is going with the band in April and I know she is going to have a bast. And hopefully supervised! 🙂

  8. And what handsome men you had to accompany you on your tour. Do you know, I have never seen any images from 911. We didn’t have a television back then and I have avoided them ever since—even so I remember every moment of that day and on days going forward when I would watch my family drive off every morning from the “big window” I would remember the the families that were not reunited after 911. . .
    Love New York!

    • They are pretty darn handsome, aren’t they? I think everyone remembers the exact moment when they heard the news and what they were doing. Micah and I talked about that. He had mono and was home from school and I was working in our warehouse and made him come over to be with me while we sat in our conversion van with the “guys” that worked for us and watched the tiny tv showing what was happening. I don’t think I will ever forget it.

  9. That’s a beautiful memorial, that has to be emotional to see. Thanks for the tour!

  10. Hi Beth Ann!

    Next time you go, you’ll have to watch for some of these memorable NYC images! 😉

    So glad you enjoyed your time in the Big Apple! It’s one of my favorite places to visit!

  11. Hi, Beth Ann,

    So glad you enjoyed your visit to The Big Apple! Next time you’re in the area, you’ll have to keep an eye out for some of these images! 😉


  12. Wonderful pictures. I won a trip to NYC a number of years ago and loved it. We did so much in 3 days. I woudl love to go back one day.

  13. You brought back some wonderful memories as my first two years of married life were in New Jersey and we took many trips to NYC to visit museums, watch radio shows, eat in some very good resturants, etc. We loved to go in and we were glad we did not live there. Glad you had the chance to go. Enjoy!

  14. So you are not moving to US? you are just having a holiday.

    Thank you for sharing the pics and the story. That pic of the new york city fire department is really sentimental, I really like it.

  15. Hi, I live in NYC &all the pictures you took,I’ve visited. Next time you come I encourage you to,visit Madame Tussaud’s wax Museum, Macy’ in Herald’s Square during Christmas season, and the Museum of Natural History.On behalf of all of NYC,welcome!!! #SITSsharefest

    • Jennice! Thanks so much for stopping by! It was a whirlwind tour, that is for sure. We plan another trip in the spring to see son number one who is in grad school at Columbia. Gotta time it right so we can actually spend time with him. 🙂 We tried to go to MOMA but the line was looped around the block! 🙂 We didn’t have enough time but next trip is going to be museum trip! Thanks again!

      • No problem. Since you’ll be coming backin the spring but you want to spend time with your son, why don’t you try either Central Park or the Bronx Zoo? I’m sure you’ll find something great to do as a family. Enjoy!

        • He lives on the upper west side and the place we stayed was right by Central Park so that is a great idea!!! We ate a lot of great food, too! I posted that earlier in the week and today was “Dogs of NYC”. 🙂 Can you tell I loved it?

  16. Really nice pics, but my favorite is the guy sitting in the executive office chair on the sidewalk. At first I thought he might be homeless, but then I looked more carefully & realized he had a shoe shine kit. Isn’t it nice, he wants his patrons to feel comfortable?

    • Yep—he was a shoeshine guy or else I probably would not have been bold enough to take his picture. I hate to “exploit” but I was taken by his chair!!!

  17. I just loved that you enjoyed riding the subway! How fun that you got to see some “characters” from underground. It’s an experience, isn’t it? I really get some of my best ideas while riding the subway. And thank you for getting a copy of my subway stories. I’m so glad that you found it useful for your trip. 🙂 Too bad that you didn’t get to see the Chinese Curses Lady.

    Now that your son is living here, hopefully you’ll have a lot more opportunities to visit soon.

    • Absolutely!!! It is an amazing city and your book helped me have a glimpse ahead of time! I loved the subway and everyone was nice to us! Amazing! And we will absolutely be back to visit–most likely in the spring for the next adventure! Thanks for taking the time to stop by!!!


  1. […] packed a lot into the weekend visit and got to see a lot of the tourist places, eat a lot of great food, and see a lot of cute little dogs! It was an amazing weekend and I am […]

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