Teapot Tuesday

How about a beautifully blue patterned teapot by Duchess of England?  I absolutely love this pretty delicate pot and plan to make many pots of tea in it this winter.  Which may be next week.  Bundle up!





“We had a kettle; we let it leak:
Our not repairing made it worse.
We haven’t had any tea for a week…
The bottom is out of the Universe.”
― Rudyard KiplingThe Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling


  1. I’d rather have hot chocolate with marshmallows than tea myself. Very attractive teapot though!

  2. I love this teapot. That pattern would make a pretty cake too 🙂

  3. This one seems very elegant for some reason. Maybe the word Duchess is playing with my subconscious…

  4. What a sweet teapot. For whatever reason, all I am thinking is yellow, how well the black and white would pair with yellow. I know. I know. Sometimes my mind wanders.

    • Well it is actually a dark blue—the photos were taken in not so great lighting so it looks darker than it actually is. But I love navy and yellow—someday I am going to have a beach house with lovely yellows and blues …..someday. 🙂

  5. I love this one. I think, I mentioned before that I love the blue on white. Enjoy your tea!!!

  6. Love the colors and classic feel. Winter next week? What’s going on?

  7. Lovely and functional, too! What a deal.

  8. Very pretty. Usually you only see blue in the Delph.

  9. I adore this one, Beth Ann. I think I have teapot envy. Hope your week is going well.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  10. Love the blue and white. gorgeous pattern.
    I should take a pic of my Robin Hood teapot for you one day. It’s really fun – I have a tea canister in the same theme too. Would love to find more in the series.

  11. This is a very elegant teapot. Perfect for tea parties with girlfriends. Love the Rudyard Kipling poem. Mr. Kipling visited my home town, Medicine Hat, and mentioned how much he liked it. He put our small town on the map.There is even a Kipling Street.

  12. what can I say but that it is a very pretty teapot.

  13. Is it odd that on Tuesdays I wake up singing I’m a little tea pot?

  14. Nice teapot … it’s black and white motif gives a sense of classic

  15. Another pretty teapot! Hope you aren’t snowed in already!

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