Smokey Eyes


Image from Google Search

Image from Google Search

The other day I was going to go meet a friend at a local coffee shop by the name of Coffee Cat.  I have been there several times and the owner, Cat, is a really friendly and nice lady.  The place features local musicians and although I always say that I am going to go listen to some of them I have yet to do that.  One day.

On this particular day when I met my friend I breezed in.    She was already seated and I greeted her before going to the counter to order my tea.  To give her credit she barely had a chance to look at me before I left to go order my tea.  When I went to order, Cat, waited on me and immediately I picked up on a vibe from her.  A vibe that she was intensely concerned about me.

She gently took my order and told me that she needed to tell me something and she did not want to offend me.  Yikes!!!!

Then she gently and quietly told me that I had a black smudge under my eye.  I laughed it off and wiped at it with my finger.  The look on her face told me that it was not going to work quite that easily so I told her I would just go use the restroom mirror to take care of it.

When I looked in the mirror what I found was about a 4 inch streak of black under my eye and going down my cheek!!!!  Oh my goodness.   It took some doing but by the time I got it off my tea was ready and at our table.  Sigh.  I went and told Cat thank you very much for telling me and she said that she feels in her business that she has a duty to tell people things like that before they leave to go out into the world.  🙂   Well, yea.   That is a good thing.  Because I am pretty sure small children would go running and screaming from me if they had seen me.

I narrowed it down to the fact that I had snuffed a candle out before I left the house to meet my friend.  In the snuffing I must have transferred some of said snuff residue to my skin.  Fortunately that is the only place I had gone so no one else was harmed by my smokiness.  And yes—I have one of those little snuffers but it was not where my candle was.  Perhaps I need to invest in a few more.

The next night I saw my friend again and I went up to her, got in her face , and asked her if I looked okay.  I guess I just need to have people check me before I go out in public anymore.  Rest assured—that night I was okay—the smokey eye was gone and I was back to normal.

Have you ever had an experience like this where no one told you that you had spinach in your teeth or toilet paper hanging off your shoe ?   Do you take the initiative and tell someone, even a stranger, if there is something “off”.   Leave me a comment and let me know your stories.


  1. Good thing she mentioned it to you. I do usually let people know if something is off, but the one day I noticed my boss’s zipper unzipped just shortly after I began working for him, I chickened out and did not tell him. Just hoped someone else would–they must have because it was closed the next time I saw him.

  2. I can rock a good smoky eye myself……but it’s little more like your picture and less candle snuff!! LOL
    Good on the lady Cat for telling you. I find it very surprising in this world that can be so cruel and critical that people have a hard time telling others about things like spinach in teeth or a booger hanging off their nose. THAT’s what you are supposed to politely inform people about, and I always do.

    • Yes –there is a polite way of doing it and I try to tuck in tags, etc. on folks myself. It is simple enough to do if you do it quietly and respectfully….

  3. Maybe we should ask Chris if you have smokey eyes.

    I typically would not say anything unless I knew the person.

    Last night Randy told me, after I got out of the tub, that I had raccoon eyes. Sure enough, I looked in the mirror to see rims of mascara below my eyes. Yup, forgot I was wearing it.

    • Chris loves my eyes because they have so many different colors in them but smokey–maybe not so much. 🙂 Raccoon eyes—oh yes—I have had those often myself.

  4. My kids will tell you straight out if something is “off” about our appearance, especially the little one. She has no filter whatsoever and I worry sometimes that she comes on a little strong. 🙂

  5. I would want someone to tell me if I had spinach in my teeth, so I always try to reciprocate for a friend. No one wants to go around with a sales tag hanging off their clothes or toilet paper stuck to the bottom of their shoes. 🙂

    • I did the toilet paper trailing from my shoe in a Chinese restaurant once. Walked ALL THE WAY through the restaurant to our table in the back and I found out because my sister was laughing hysterically by the time I reached the table. Yes, she told me, but after the fact. Sigh. I am such a dork.

  6. Back in grad school I was a bit rushed and frazzled one morning when getting ready for school. I slipped two sandals on and ran out the door. I didn’t realize until late that afternoon I was wearing two different shoes. Nobody told me! Of course, there wouldn’t have been much I could have done if they had.

  7. I had on black shoes but the problem was, they weren’t the same. I had them on all day and I don’t think enyone even noticed it, not even me until I took them off that night.

  8. I was once going for an interview and when I anounced myself to the receptionist she quietly mentioned I had red lipstick on my front teeth. That was so kind of her. Then there was the time I came out of the restroom with my skirt tucked up into my underwear. Horrors. Someone kindly mentioned it to me before anyone else noticed. Yes, it is an act of kindness to let someone know if something is amiss.

  9. Oh this made me laugh. I once taught a class with spinach in my teeth. My colleagues waited until after my class to tell me. They thought it was hilarious. It is now, but then, I was a tad bit annoyed with them.

    • Uh yea…I would have been annoyed, too! Coworkers are sometimes the worst at being helpful…that’s why I don’t have any now. 🙂

      • I probably should mention that all of us were grad students and that, well, I wasn’t completely innocent when it came to teasing others. had to let off steam somehow. Paybacks are never easy 🙂 All in good fun–no one was overtly mean.

        My coworkers are Miles and Att. Att can get mean sometimes

  10. I always need a good looking at before I go out in public–at least sometimes Sara thinks so. She’s subtle, “Are you really going to wear that?” Now I know this is the same as being seen in public with potential face paint, but Sara seems to think so. Imagine what she’d do if I went out with lipstick smeared on my chin. Yikes!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  11. Gah! Thank goodness she told you. I am that person…the one who will tell you if you have “something amiss.” And I love it when someone lets me know if I look a little “messed up.”

  12. My mother used to say that you should tell a person if it’s something they can fix–like a smoky eye issue or spinach in the teeth–but not if it’s something they can’t (like a run in their stocking). That’s always made sense to me!

    • I love that advice!!!! It is perfect!!! I am going to try to remember that! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. That means a lot!

  13. Have I done anything like this? Me? Never. Only yesterday when I went to put my phone in pocket and cursed the fact that I had worn a pair of pants without pockets. Later in the day my kid pointed out I was wearing my pants inside out—you may know the pants—Chico’s, cropped pants, elastic waist band–tons of colors two years ago. Elastic did not hold up great. Anyway, how i put them on, and buttoned them inside out without noticing is a mystery. You might have looked at your friend, teared up and said, “It only happens when he is drinking.” Ha.

  14. I am the person who will approach a stranger to tell them they have toilet paper stuck to their shoe, etc. I know I would want someone to tell me. If they don’t take my comment nicely, then it’s their tough luck, but usually people are so grateful to escape further embarrassment.

  15. It seems like everything sticks in my front teeth these days. I’m very self-conscious about it. I would hope someone would tell me. I applaud Cat for her efforts in helping people put their best face forward.

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