Wordless Wednesday

There is just something all wrong about this picture…..

deer rack


  1. There is so much wrong here it’s difficult to know where to begin.

  2. Yuck. I cannot stand these animal mounts and this one is doubly worse with the feet. I especially dislike “dead animals” on restaurant walls. I don’t know where you took this one, but…

    We once had an insurance agent whose tiny office was overrun with dead animal heads. He was not in business long. Not that it had anything to do with the animals…just saying.

  3. How sad. How tragic, really. I hate the thought of such a magnificent creature reduced to a wall mount. Goodness.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. I suppose growing up in the country where my family actually did hunt to fill their freezer, this has different meaning. still, even though I do love the taste of venison – I never did really get the need to mount a head on the wall.
    not as scary at the actual bear skin rug in my grandfather’s study though…..

  5. Um, I’m not a big fan of the head displayed on the wall, but the feet and guns–seriously, someone should talk to the owner … out of gunshot range.

  6. Oh no. No way. That’s not right. Eeek…

  7. Oh, dear (deer?)..

  8. I couldn’t hit Like for this. This is so wrong in so many ways! Ewwwwww. . .

  9. I do not like to see animal heads on walls, I enjoyed watching 4 deer in my back yard last night as they were busy eating in the woods.

  10. Poor Deer and his feet!

  11. I’ve seen a few similar to this down our way – to each his own I guess, but I love watching them walk on all four!

  12. Is he giving us the paw? Nice antlers. 😀

  13. Funny! Where did you find this?

  14. One of my uncles had a deer mounted on a wall in their house. I never figured out why people do that.

  15. I have never understood these.

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