Teapot Tuesday—Music Box Style

Teapot Tuesday today features a lovely floral teapot that I have had for quite some time.  Unfortunately I honestly do not remember where it came from.  I know that I bought it but remember that whole post about being able to remember the lyrics to all the 70’s songs?   Well, perhaps I should have sung where I got it so that it would stick in my mind.  But never-mind—it is a pretty one and sings a pretty tune as well.  What tune does it play?   What would be the most appropriate tune?  P1150127


DThe song it plays??? No–not Tea for Two or anything remotely tea related.   It plays “Memory” from Cats.   Ah memories of a wonderful cup of tea?????


There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea.

—-Henry James, The Portrait of a Lady—-



  1. What a daintily pretty teapot. I swear I once had bed sheets with this exact same floral pattern imprinted upon them.

  2. LOVEEEEEEE that song. I had a friend in HS and she is an awesome singer – she could pelt out that number and it would make you cry!!! Love the teapot. This made me remember the radio teapot we have. I’ll have to snap a pic and send it to you. My FIL had a phase where he collected antique radios and this is one he got but ended up giving to us. 🙂

  3. A musical teapot! How wonderful. A perfect tune as well. Guests would be impressed should they be served tea from it.

  4. I LOVE that song. And that quote from James.
    So hands-down now: this is my fave teapot so far.

  5. I wasn’t expecting the song choice. But it is a good song.

  6. This is a beauty. The overall pattern reminds me of the ones they called “chintz” seen on antique dishes. Memory is a lovely melody, too.

  7. Perfect tea pot for a tea party–with a future grandaughter perhaps? I would say grandson but we all both know he will have you on the floor zooming matchbook cars and putting together legos. Love the song Memory.

    • Maybe some day I will have that granddaughter—but for now I have to spoil my great niece Harper which is pretty darn easy to do! And yes—-I agree—a grandson most likely would not do the tea party thing …..

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  9. Pretty little teapot, and cool that it’s musical! The pattern reminds me of a dress my daughter wore when she was just a wee one.

  10. I think this teapot is really special. I love that song and it is pefect with Barbra Streisand singing. She is one of my very favorite singers.

  11. Gosh, that pot is beautiful, Beth Ann!

    Sorry to have been away for several days. At least I made it in time for your teapot post. It’s been a CRAZY week!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  12. Love the lil teapot…oh and the song…one of my favorites. I do love my afternoon cup of tea.

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