70’s Flashback


I have spent a lot of time on the road lately going to and fro to the Minneapolis Airport and using Chris’s new car to transport myself.  I have driven it more than he has in the past 3 weeks since he got it and it makes me a little sad but it is just the way it is since my car has been in the “shop”.  (More on that on another day!)

The one saving grace of driving the 2+ hours north (not including construction delays which have been massive lately) is that the car has Sirius Radio.  My favorite station is 70’s on 7.   All 70’s music all the time.  I love it.  I find myself singing along.  Usually loudly.  I had my teen years during the 70’s and music was a huge part of my life.  I always had the radio on, had records on the turntable when my dad would share it and was in the premiere group at my high school—The GlennTones.  My claim to fame—-as far as I know it is still going strong some almost 36 years later.   Oh that was my hey day.   I LOVED being in that group.  Not quite like Glee but one of the forerunners.

I was always surrounded by music in my younger years.  My dad and mom were huge music fans. When they took their much needed get away trips to NYC they would take in as many broadway musicals and plays as they could.  The record player was always belting out the latest Herb Albert, Dione Warwick, Arthur Fiedler, soundtracks from plays and movies and of course—The Messiah.  I remember waking up many Saturday mornings to The Hallelujah Chorus  blaring in an effort to roust sleepy teenagers who had slept too late.  It is amazing that I still love that music.

What further amazes me is that I can remember all the words to those songs from the 70’s.  I can sing and sing and sing some more.  I know the words.  I know the dips and the highs and the lows.  I know the instrumental parts that bridge the lyrics.  I can definitely rock the 70’s.

But the lingering question is this?  If I can remember all those lyrics from decades ago why can’t I remember where I left that important paper yesterday?  Or where I was last week?   Or the name for that thingamabobby?   Can you identify?




  1. Oh, Beth Ann, we are kindred spirits. When I’m in my husband’s vehicle, he knows where to set Sirius. And I still have all of my records, and a turntable. Yes, I still listen to them.

  2. Happens to the best/all of us!! LOL! Glad you have such a car to do your running! I grew up with music, also, but my faves remain the classical genre (not what I was brought up with……”Big Band”, show tunes, etc). Music= the international language with no barriers!!!! Hugs…….

  3. I’ve got the same “thingamagig” issue. It is amazing the way music stays with us. I recently saw a segment on CNN about patients with dementia who can not speak at all, but are still able to sing lyrics. Music stays with them. Pretty fascinating stuff.

    Singing from Ecuador,

    • One of the ladies I had in hospice could sing all the words to every song we tried together but could not put a sentence together that made any sense. Maybe I just need to put all my words to music so that I can remember!

  4. Oh, yes, I can identify with that occasional short term memory loss.

    Love the 70s songs, too, of course from my era. The Eagles, Bread, Chicago, The Carpenters, Elton John, Moody Blues…

    Bring on those tunes, sister.

  5. I love music except when it is too loud.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how those songs that soundtracked younger days still sit in the recesses of our minds waiting for a cue? Enjoyed your ‘connection’ especially because my post today wanders in similar territory. All the best and keep that turntable spinning!

  7. I was once told that to memorize something easily, make it into a song. I don’t know how you sing to the paper so you can find it again, though.

  8. Joanna Graham says:

    Oh Beth, I so remember those great days of the 70’s. And yes I still remember the lyrics as well, maybe not as good as you but I still remember. Music from ‘back in the day’ always brings up wonderful memories of the ‘sock hops’ or the football games and of course great music in the choir. Yes I wish I had been apart of Glentones but that’s ok because I also loved watching the concerts too. Thanks for the memories and I hope you find that paper you are looking for….

    • You and I share the same wonderful memories of high school. Well–maybe not all of them were wonderful but most were!!! Sock hops and football games, Mrs. Ward and her great way with the students in the choirs, the list goes on. It just struck me as funny that I can sing to every song but am so forgetful about other things. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  9. I just watched a video the other day from one of the boy bands I liked — it was the 20th anniversary of the video release! That kinda made me stop short. But I turn it on and still know every line and sing along… I kinda hope that I always will. 🙂

  10. Short term memory goes out the window during menopause, while long term memory (the ability to remember song lyrics from forever ago) remains stubbornly intact. I was a teenager & young adult in the 70’s & I can sing every song from this era as well!


  1. […] it came from.  I know that I bought it but remember that whole post about being able to remember the lyrics to all the 70′s songs?   Well, perhaps I should have sung where I got it so that it would stick in my mind.  But […]

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