Wordless Wednesday

buddy and holly


  1. Amy Prentice says:

    What an adoreable pic of Buddy and Holly!!! Love it!

  2. Purrrr.

  3. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Hi Buddy & Holly! HI!

  4. Aren’t they purr-fect!

    Meows from Ecuador,

  5. So cute and such great models for the camera, as if they’ve maybe had their photos taken a few times.

    • Oh yes—they are my “babies” when it comes to pictures but they are so photogenic at times it is hard to not snap them.

      • When my sister recently got a new kitten, she sent out birth announcements about her new boy. Shortly thereafter, upon a visit to the vet, she learned that “he” was a “she.” Oh, how we laughed about that one. Her kitty is so cute, too.

        Glad you have Buddy and Holly to keep you company when Chris is gone.

        Have a fun trip to Sioux Falls today. Don’t let a storm stop you.

  6. Ah, I love their collars. Att refuses to wear one. Such a pill!

    • I never had collars on them when they were little since they are inside cats but when I had to take them to live with my father in law I made sure they wore them in case they got out. It has never happened and they got used to the collars after a few days. They never “pose” so it reads Buddy Holly, though. I just can’t get them in the right order!

      • At least you can get them together. Miles and Att will not take a photo together. I tried once for Christmas cards. After a few fights and some blood I gave up the dream.

  7. Hug them for me!

  8. awwww, I miss them too!

  9. Cute kitties. Do you have a vet recommendation?

    • There are several in town but I take them to Pioneer Animal Hospital on 6th Street (across the street from Culvers). That is where I adopted them so I have always just taken them there when we have lived here. Dr. Cornick has taken good care of them. Buddy swallowed a string when he was about 5 months old and they operated on him and it was obviously successful. Buddy has already been through 2 of his 9 lives…..I like Dr. Cornick—it isn’t the fanciest place but they really love the animals there!

  10. they look ssoooo cute and cozy! must be nice to snuggle up together 🙂

  11. They are so adorable. Looks like they graciously posed for you in this shot. 🙂

  12. Cats can make me feel content just by looking at them. Very pretty kitties!

  13. Looks like they’re keeping the bed warm for you.

  14. As a cat lover and owner, I love these two very much. So cute and such great companions. (Love their names!!)

  15. Every time I see Buddy and Holly or any other cat, I say I want one. I really don’t want to take care of one. Maybe I could borrow from a neighbor and then take it back when I get tired of it. Ha ha.

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