Friday Blog Hop Time

followfriday_edited-2-1Hilary from Feeling Beachie hosts a blog hop every Friday where we get to fill in answers to statements on our own blogs and share. This week I am the co host which sounds really important, doesn’t it?   Just means I came up with a couple of statements to help her out.  If you have any good ones let her know by emailing her at She would love to hear from you!
The statements are::
  1.  I am so___________for my ________________.
  2. ______________me, I _____________________.
  3. I am _________________at keeping secrets.
  4. I _________that ____________was here already.
My answers:
  1.  I am so grateful for my family—–all of them!  Inlaws, outlaws, close and far!
  2. For the life of me, I can not figure people out 80% of the time.  Sometimes their actions baffle me!
  3. I am very good at keeping secrets. I think part of it is due to my background in social work and part due to how I was raised.  If it is confidential it needs to stay confidential.
  4. I am thrilled that wonderful weather  was here already on my trip to Ohio

I also wanted to share my most popular Pinterest pin with you today.   It has been repinned a zillion times.  Well maybe not a zillion times but a lot.  It is a great little easy Halloween idea—isn’t it???  Simple sucker, black pipecleaners and some googly eyes and you have a spider!   Not sure where I saw the original idea but isn’t it cute???  spiders


  1. Like this spider craft!

  2. Here goes..
    I am so sorry for my continual procrastination- just can’t seem to finish things at home or at work.
    Celebrate me, I am having a birthday on Monday!
    I am good at keeping secrets.
    I am grateful that salvation was here already- by the providence of God, I didn’t have to earn it.

    Have a wonderful day!
    Lynn Tesh

  3. I miss this, and need to get over there to join in!

  4. Cute spiders! I may have to make some of those and decorate my office!

  5. OK, now I just learned something new. What is your background in social work? The ability to keep a secret is a rarity, I think. That ability makes for ideal friendships and strong relationships.

    • Undergrad degree in social work with field experience in a mental health care setting. Never actually worked in that field for pay again but some may believe I am in need of the services!!!! :-). Did a lot of SW for free over the years..

  6. I could never be a social worker because I am not good at keeping secrets – good for you and I love the spiders.

  7. I have always kept secrets and it is a good thing since I was a t eacher and a minister’s wife,

  8. I love the spider pops. I’m going to repin this and make it for the girls classes for Halloween. Think they’ll love it! 🙂

  9. I live in Ohio. 🙂 We’ve had beautiful weather this week! The spider pops are too cute!!

  10. Congrats on co-hosting – it was great statements this week so thank you.
    And I used to keeping secrets too because my former employment actually required security clearance at Top Secret level. just is 2nd nature now.
    Love the sucker spider — I pinned it to my craft board. zillion and one now 🙂

  11. Those spiders are adorable!

  12. can you please share your secret for keeping secrets – I am not too good at that!

  13. Is there anyone who can figure out people? All the time? I definitely can’t do that either – seriously. I like the ‘… outlaws…’ part – hadn’t heard that before 😉

  14. The weather has been nice. Cute spiders!

  15. Love the spider!

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