Wordless Wednesday




  1. Very cheery!

  2. Butterflies are so pretty!

  3. How lovely, Beth Ann!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Amazing shot! Love it!

  5. One word: GORGEOUS!

  6. So pretty.

  7. Beautiful. I never tire of watching butterflies and occasionally photographing them. Lovely shot.

  8. beautiful. this would be just lovely framed.

  9. Simply beautiful Beth Ann!

  10. So pretty! I’d be speechless, too.

  11. A hint of fall. Very pretty!

  12. Two of God’s gifts, nature in colors and eyes to see!!

  13. What a wonderful shot. Love it!

  14. Great pic without any blurriness or anything. BTW, I sent you another Teapot puzzle challenge last night.

  15. This was such a great picture. I love yellow and the butterfly and the flower just are so beautiful.

  16. Hate to be a downer, but a downer I’ll be… Have any of you heard about the huge Monarch butterfly population crash, in North and Central America? It looks pretty grim, and I think butterflies are likely one of our “canaries in a coalmine.” Bees are crashing, bats are crashing (whitenose syndrome), frogs are crashing, etc… Humans may outlive the cockroaches, but what kind of a world will that be?

    • I am glad you are a downer today because it must mean you actually have fast internet now and can read my blog!!!! Yippee. But yes—- it is sad what is happening to the bees and butterflies and everything. 😦

I love your comments--each one makes me smile and makes a difference for Comments for a Cause! Thanks!

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