Teapot Tuesday

Yesterday I promoted a couple of new authors on It’s ย Just Life and it seems fitting that I should feature a book related teapot today from my collection. ย Enjoy!!!







tea leaves

tea loves

loves tea

lives tea

leaves tea?


Uniek Swain



  1. Oh my! I want that one. When I move into a bigger place I need to track one down. This is perfect!

  2. I am a tea drinker! (I have had a cup of blackberry tea already this morning.) Thanks go to my maternal grandmother with whom I would share a cup of tea when I would visit. She lived in the country in central Illinois only about a mile from my house which was in town, so I visited often. Grandma liked Constant Comment tea, and my favorite was Lemon Lift. We always plunked an ice cube in our cups to cool off the tea before we headed into the living room to start our visit. We began when I was young having “tea parties” which really meant a lunch of Kraft macaroni and cheese with English- style tea (milk in our tea). We would “gossip about the neighbors” which launched a conversation prompted by, “So how are Marge’s cats?” Our eccentric neighbor, who was a former classmate of my grandmother’s, had lots of cats and left her Christmas lights on year- round. She was the scandal of our street! My favorite tea now is Earl Grey, and today I enjoy drinking a cup with my elderly neighbor. There is something about sharing a cup of tea with someone that deepens friendship and keeps us connected with the good things in life. I want to pass on the gift of time as my grandmother gave me- isn’t quality time one of the love languages? I guess it’s mine.

    • I love that you drink tea and that you have those memories of your sweet grandmother! That, to me, is what having tea is all about. Making memories with those you love and sometimes a cup of coffee just does not carry the same feeling does it? There is something in the ritual of making tea, warming the pot, measuring the leaves, giving it time to steep that just screams slow down! That is what we all need to do a bit more of. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me! I love that!!! Maybe the next time I come to Concord we can share a cup. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. “Once Upon a Tea Time.” Too cute!

  4. Awesome. I thought about you last week at the B&B we were at. They had an antique decorative shelf piece that held a collection dof mostly small tea pots for our use if we wanted tea. I meant to take a photo for you, but never got around to it.

    • Aw—thanks for thinking of me!!!! Sounds like a neat place and what a great idea to offer those for the guests!!! I would definitely be a fan of that B & B!

  5. By far one of my favorite in your teapot collection. Are you surprised?

  6. That would be a perfect teapot to use at a book club meeting. Maybe you should start one up!

  7. That is a great teapot. Love a cup of tea!

  8. What a neat teapot. It is small but full of history.

  9. I love this one. What a great teapot to brew a cup and the curl up with a good read.

  10. That is a super adorable teapot. It always amazes me how many different ones you have. Love it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. certainly the most unique teapot I’ve ever seen! I especially like “once upon a tea time” on the lid ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. That is really cute. I liked the book “knob” on the lid, too.

  13. As an avid reader and a writer of course I love this teapot! That lid is just perfect!! Ok now this one is my favourite. (of course you keep coming up with new ones that replace my previous favourite.) I don’t know how you can beat this one though.

  14. Since I love to read, I love this unique teapot. Never seen one like it.

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