Rekindled Passion


Our recent trip to Wyoming in July has rekindled a passion in my husband.  Of course it is passion for me!   But the other passion is fly fishing—something that both his grandfather and father loved.  Both of them tied flies and made rods and had a passion for the sport.   When we cleaned out his dad’s house Chris brought home boxes and boxes of fly fishing  paraphernalia.   Bit by bit he has gone through those boxes and containers and has sorted and saved.  The once pristine guest bedroom in the basement has been overrun with “fishing stuff” and I finally gave in and said he might as well use it for that since we never use it for company.  (Seems Iowa is not a destination spot  to most of our family and friends–imagine that.)




The trip to Wyoming was full of fishing.  I had my license but never fished.  Two whole days with a guide on the Snake and Green Rivers did just not sound like my dream so I enjoyed the solitude of the condo and kept myself busy reading.  On shorter trips where Chris went out alone I accompanied him –usually with my Kindle and camera.   I can be very content just watching and enjoying seeing him do something that he loves.   Enjoying being  together does not mean we have to always be doing the exact same thing.

One fun thing was going to various sports stores to look at supplies.  The flies are wonderful and one of these days maybe I will try my hand at tying  a few of my own.




chris picking flies

There are many things to remember when fishing and as some of you might remember my own foray into the world of fly fishing back in April was pretty successful.  (Trout Don’t Live in Ugly Places)    The Orvis Store in Jackson posts the fishing conditions daily for all the different areas which probably would have been helpful to check prior to going out.


At Yellowstone there are a lot of rules—mostly to protect the fishing conditions for future fishermen and women which I understand.  One such rule  is the use of barbless hooks to reduce handling time and injury to the fishies.  Cutthroat trout are also protected in Yellowstone at this point so fisherman are warned to release any that they catch.

know your fish

I love being outdoors and even if I am not quite as passionate about fly fishing as my husband is I can enjoy all that comes with being with him when he tosses that nymph into the water.  Or in the tree.


The following picture was  taken by his guide on those two days—-they had a great time and Chris was happy to have found Nate at Teton Fly Fishing.   If you are ever in the Jackson area and need a fishing guide Nate is the guy for you.  He also does painting  and artwork which you can view here.  In my mind he is living his dream life—what do you think?


Are you a fisherman or fisherwoman?   What is your preferred method?  Casting or fly fishing?  What’s your best fish story?   I would love to hear all about it.


  1. Bill & I love to fish. We have both always loved it. I can understand Chris having this passion. It is healthy on so many levels, too!

    • You are so right!!! My brother is an avid fisherman and I used to tag along with him sometimes . Even if I don’t fit I simply love to be outdoors when someone else is!!!

  2. I love that Chris is following this tradition of his father and grandfather. How wonderful is that as a way to honor them.

    Now, as for fishing…Redwood County in southwestern Minnesota where I grew up has zero lakes. So we fished a lake, if you could call it that, in the neighboring county. On an occasional Sunday afternoon. Only fish to be caught there were bullheads. Other than those ugly fish, I remember the day my brother was hooked in the face and our parents left us at the lake with some stranger to take him to the ER. Yes, you could trust strangers back in the day.

  3. My girls and I enjoy fishing at one of our lakes every once in a while. It can be so relaxing and exciting when something big bites – I’ve been lucky enough to catch a few nice big catfish and large mouth bass in my time. It all started when the boy was 4 and he was desperate to go fishing… now he prefers video games and it’s just me and the girls.
    We’ve also fished off of a pier in the Atlantic and caught something or other – basically bait fish.
    Not sure if I could handle fly fishing because of the way you have to cast out. But it sure looks like beautiful country! 🙂

  4. I don’t fish, but I’m told there is GREAT fly fishing up here in the Andes. There’s a fly fishing club here in Cuenca. I suspect, Chris, would love it!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. What a beautiful trip. Love that he’s continuing that family tradition. My grandfather was a big fisherman. When I was very young I would go with him. Some of the best memories were built during those times of solitude. Thanks for sharing this great story.

    • Nicki, Thanks so much for the sweet comment and for stopping by! I think those who fish are very special people who have a true connection with the world and nature. I love that you have those memories with your grandfather—-those are very special memories indeed. Thanks again!

  6. What a great post. It’s so rewarding to rekindle a passion in midlife, and although I am not a fisherwoman at all, I can appreciate his love for it. Glad you’re still his number one passion!

    • Lois, Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!!! I love meeting new folks and have found a lot of great friends lately through this blog! It is a wonderful thing to find that you love something just as much as you did earlier in your life. And yes—-I am still his number one passion after 31 years of marriage and he is mine!! 🙂 Thanks again so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  7. I grew up fishing (with my dad) for pan fish (crappies/sunfish) and an occasional walleye. Tom and I have done some fishing years ago but these days he’s the only one with the license and tries his hand at it at the campground on the weekends. The Mississippi doesn’t yield much. The up side is no fish to clean!! Hugs…….

  8. The first time I tried fishing I found I was a natural “caster” but it’s not something I enjoy. I don’t like the smell or feel of real fish, I don’t like the accompanying bugs & I hate the sitting for long periods of time. Of course this was before e-books.

  9. I don’t do fish, but I give you a standing ovation for trying. The condo is more my cup of tea, though with camera and something to read, I could venture outdoors.

  10. Looks like your hubby was in his element, how nice of you to be with him (just to be with him). Rick and I do that to only it’s golf, sometimes I will just go along to be with him, and watch. I fished up north when I was a kid…favorite was fishing for Bass with live frogs that I baited
    myself. We even went out and caught our own frogs to fish with. Not so sure I would be able to hook a frog any more, kinda creeps me out now!

    • That is awesome that you used to bait with frogs. Well…not awesome for the frogs but you know what I mean! Sounds as if we are alike in just being content being with the guys sometimes without doing what they are doing. 🙂

  11. I did a little fishing as our farm was next to the river. I only went because a neighbor wanted me to go with him. I like being out in that kind of area but am not really one to go fishing for fun. It is great that you support his fishing and go with him.

  12. I’ve been fishin since I was knee high to grasshopper as my grandpa would say. At first it was the creek on the farm, then off the dock at the cottage, until finally graduating to going out in the old aluminum boat with my step dad. We’d get up very early in the morning – grab out cigars and whiskey flask (one to keep away the flies, the other to keep away the cold of course. ahem.) Course that was many years ago – we’d never take booze on a boat now. But those were great times. Now its my children that accompany either of their grandpas, and usually their dad while I stay back with other woman doing all the prep work for the coming fish fry. We may have had to order pizza once or twice. LOL
    I love the movie A River Runs Through It just for the fly fishing alone. beautiful scenery.

    • Oh I love that movie, too! Chris and I rewatched it recently. Sounds like fishing is an important part of your family heritage and what great memories your kids are making ! I love that you are passing that love on to them.

  13. Have you seen the movie, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen?” It was one of the most delightful movies I’ve seen in a long while.

  14. My husband enjoys fishing too and here on the west coast it usually involves going out on a boat. I love to go along and read while he fishes.It is so good to be out on the water, relaxing and enjoying the fresh air. I don’t fish but I am happy to cook up what he catches.

  15. You know what they say, give up your guest room, and they will come! Sounds like a fun way to spend time together fishing or snapping pictures and at the end the day sharing your days adventure.

  16. I don’t fish but the better half loves it. I’m with you, I’ll sit by and read and enjoy the outdoors.

    • I liked my experience with fly fishing but I would rather do it without a guide now. I felt like I was taking time away from Chris and his fishing fun. There will be more fishing times ahead–that is for sure.

  17. Amy Prentice says:

    Kudos to you being with Chris even if you aren’t crazy about fishing! Dave and his dad were true sportsmen….loved to hunt and fish so naturally when I met Dave, they introduced me to both…..I hunted for deer when I was 3 months pregnant with Seth! Over the years, we have enjoyed so many fishing adventures and stories! We have tried to introduce both Seth and Tara to hunting and fishing and neither have caught the bug like Dave has! I truly enjoy going fishing with him and we have found the new love of saltwater fishing! My brother at age 70 has recently taken up fly fishing…..I don’t know how he is because is so impatient and to me fly fishing takes a LOT of patience (even Dave doesn’t fly fish!) Dave ventured into making a few flies…..I love all the marabou and cutesy crafty looking things you buy to make them…..I even bought him a kit to make flies……lol but he got so frustrated as it is very tedious…..I haven’t seen the kit/supplies since let alone an actual completed fly!!!! Beth Ann maybe you will have better luck:)

    • I LOVE that you and Dave enjoy the saltwalter fishing so much! I know you are making a lot of great memories together on the water. Your latest catch was amazing!!! I am very impressed. The flies are so neat looking—-there is a definite skill to making them and I am not sure the eyes are what they need to be do do them now but we will see if Chris ever gets his “space” organized enough to do them!

  18. My nephew is an avid fisherman and wraps his own rods. They are especially beautiful and until he started on it, I hadn’t realized that it was an art form. I don’t want to fish, but I’d definitely be into hanging out while someone fishes if it was in places as nice as the ones in your pictures. Your honey looks like he’s at peace! 🙂

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