Cats Just Need Some Lovin’


  1. I love that!! We have one cat who wants nothing more than for me to hold his whole head in my hand.

  2. That would drive me nuts! I admire a cats independence! Ok, its a little sweet but a little would go a long way.

    • Cats just don’t seem as needy to me as dogs, for some reason but I may be totally wrong about that. They usually get their attention and then go on their way. Usually. Unless you leave them for 2 weeks and then come home ……one of mine is a constant shadow for 2 days, the other one could care less. 🙂

  3. Too cute.. It has only been about 8 months since our cat has tolerated my existence and now she comes looking for me for attention.. I explain to her that we could have had this relationship 12 or so years ago if she wasn’t such a pain in the… well the rest is between

  4. This was really cute! My dog licks me to keep petting if I stop.

  5. awwww. these cats need to come to my house straight away. I have a 3 year old who will give them ALL the attention they could ever want. and then some.

  6. Cute video. Makes one want to help out with the attention.

  7. Our cat does all kinds of things to get our attention. These are so cute but I’ll not share them with my cat!

  8. Love the cat movies!! Thinking about getting a cat when I retire.

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