Wordless Wednesday—-Hide and Seek




  1. Too bad you aren’t doing a photo challenge today for the word “green”.

  2. so cute… you almost miss it!

  3. Frogs sure blend in well with their surroundings!

  4. How cool!!!!!! You know, red might be your favorite color, but green is mine! LOL No wonder Christmas colors are the best!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. When I was tending my flowers last week, I also happened upon something that hopped. But, unlike you, I never did see the camouflaged sneaky toad. Sweet shot.

    • He really was a sweet little guy—-not sure if he is still around since I changed up his environment but I think it would make a much better place for him with flowers and mulch to hide in!

  6. A leopard frog! He is so cute!

  7. Perfect picture! Sure hope he is still around.

    • I think he is but he is hard to find. I finally made a little flower bed in the back where he was hiding behind an old grill and I think it is a better place for him but maybe he liked old junk better than nice cushy mulch and flowers! 🙂

  8. This one looks a lot cuter than the ugly toads we have here in abundance!

  9. This one is definitely puzzle quality … about a thousand green pieces would do well for messing with the mind.

  10. What a cute little friend. I need to borrow it.

  11. Oh! It wasn’t scary at all! It was cute!!

  12. He must be a very brave frog to stay around while you are working, or was he hiding?

  13. So cute. He blends perfectly with his surroundings.

  14. my daughters love frogs. I seriously don’t know what it is, but I think they’ve got about 100 this summer. no kidding. they always let them go after a few minutes…..but pretty soon, they’ll find another. they’d never leave your yard if you have frogs!

  15. What a pretty little thing.

  16. He’s a cute little fella!

  17. Come on Beth Ann–are you telling me you didn’t give him a quick smooth–I know you have your handsome prince but you could have put him up for Auction or something. Sheesh.

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