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It is the beginning of the month and if you have followed me in the past 2 1/2 years you know that that is the day that I tally up the comments made on my blog during the past month and make a donation to the cause for that month.  It is also the day that I announce the new cause!!!   Woo hoo!   I get pretty excited about it —maybe not as excited as I do about Flavia machines but hey—-pretty excited none the less.

This past month comments were designated to go toward support of Second Life Bikes  I posted about this project here.  It is a pretty amazing project in New Jersey that allows young people the opportunity to be a part of something pretty wonderful and at the same time they develop some skills and build relationships that will carry them through a lifetime.   It is a win win—puts kids to work repairing and repurposing bikes that would have otherwise been discarded AND helps build their self esteem and confidence at the same time.  Thanks to the comments YOU made this month a donation of  $184 will be going to help support their efforts.

My cause for September needs a little background information as to why I chose it.   I have a friend.  Well, I actually have more than one friend but this friend is going through a tough time.   Her name is Betty and I first met her when I worked at Epworth UMC in Concord, NC.  When I think of a praying woman it is Betty.  She has faith that will move mountains.  Well, sweet Betty got a cancer diagnosis back in May—stage III ovarian cancer.  It stinks.  It rocked the world of all of us who call her friend because she is one of the healthiest and most active people that we all know.   She has a CaringBridge site (click here to go to her page)  and it has become her ministry to encourage others with her faith journey during this health crisis in her life.  She is blessing others continually.  Betty is continuing her treatment and has good days and bad days but has actually been able to go back to work part time  which has been a hugely positive thing in her journey through this illness.  She loves to walk and keep active and even when she feels weak and wimpy she manages to keep a smile on her face.

One of the things that I know about Betty is that she is generous.   Awhile back she  was convicted to make a very generous  donation through Samaritan’s Purse to held build wells in the Sudan to enable people in that area to have access to clean water.  This is something that we take for granted where we live.  It seems only appropriate to show my support of Betty during her journey through chemo to choose a water ministry as my “cause” for September.  There are many that are available but I am going to support the Sudan programs that have captured Betty’s heart.  If you click here it will take you to a short video about the program.

In September for each comment you make on any post that was made anytime I will donate 50 cents to Samaritan’s Purse to help with water programs in the Sudan in honor of a wonderful friend, Betty Barnhardt.   Thank you in advance for your support and always—for your comments.  They mean so much.

Betty Barnhardt (photo from CaringBridge website)

Betty Barnhardt (photo from CaringBridge website)

Another blogger, Rebecca, over at A Beautiful Ruckus has joined in on the Comments for a Cause bandwagon!   If you would like to see what she is up to please hop over to her blog and leave a comment.  She found my blog and liked the Comments for a Cause idea and wanted to join in on the love and I am thrilled to have another blogger highlight great charities.  She is the mom of quads and her  causes will mainly be child and family related with the first one being one that I have featured myself—Compassion International.

I also have a late addition to the Comments for a Cause crew!!!  Sarah who blogs over at OMG There’s Three is joining us and I cannot be happier!!! Her cause for the month is Charlie’s House which is a dedicated to child safety around the home.  Please go over to Sarah’s blog and check in with her, leave a comment and see what Charlie’s House is all about.

Welcome aboard to these two ladies who are doing great things!!!!  Thanks!



  1. Such a beautiful way to support your friend during a difficult time. Prayers and Blessings to Ms. Betty and you. xoxo Diane

  2. Prayers for Betty. You are a great friend, Beth Ann. Hugs.

  3. What a wonderful way to support Betty! She will love this!! Betty is a treasure here at Epworth. We all love her and are learning so much from her walk of faith.

    • I knew my Epworth friends would agree that this was a good thing to do to honor a sweet faith filled woman. I am excited and I hope she stops over to see this post—I need to send her a link!

  4. What an amazing way to support and honor Betty! Like you, when I think of a praying woman – it is Betty! She continues to teach me everyday through her Caring Bridge!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I knew I wanted to do something to honor her and I pulled up some old emails (thanks Gmail!) about the project she was so excited about and figured that would be a good place to start. Hope to get lots and lots of comments this month!

  5. Awesome cause and sweet lady! Blessings and prayers to you, Betty and the Samariton’s Purse project.

  6. Sounds like a great cause and a great way to honor your friend Betty. I love your “comments for cause” Beth, such a unique and giving way to express yourself in this virtual world.

  7. Good luck with your current cause Beth Ann, I’ll do my part to help. Your heart is always on the right track as well (no pun intended), God bless you, Betty and your causes.

  8. What a great cause in honor of a great person! I got to see Betty’s smiling face at church today. It is always uplifting to see her!

  9. Your Comments for a Cause is a fantastic idea. So glad I found your blog today. Sorry to hear about your friend Betty. Will keep both of you in my prayers. You made my day! I thought I had found your blog by accident, but now I know that He sent me here.

  10. Before I climbed out of bed this morning, I asked God to use me to bless someone today. WOW! Beth Ann, Jen told me about your blog this morning at church. I am honored and humbled the way God is using your blog to bring clean water to His children. In August of 2011, I read the feature story in National Geographic about clean water, or rather the lack of it to so many people in the world. I started praying everyday about it and in June of 2012, God told me to do something besides pray. I took out enough money from my 401-K account to build a well in Sudan. It has put a smile on my face everyday since. Not only are God’s children receiving clean water, they are also receiving God’s Word of love and Salvation through Jesus Christ. Living Water where they will never thirst again. My prayer is that each person who reads this blog will have a heart that beats for Jesus Christ. God bless each of you as only He can.

    • I am so glad that this made you smile! My goal was accomplished! I just kept thinking I wanted to honor you somehow and while I could have chosen a cancer related charity I knew that the water thing was what had captured your heart because of the significance of Living Water. You are amazing and I am proud to be your friend. Hugs.

  11. John W Kennedy says:

    Beth Ann, I know Betty and she is a dear lady but I’d put you right up there with her. Your blogs are rewarding to read and a blessing to many. What a great way to recognize Betty’s effort by offering your support in such a Godly manner. Thanks for sharing with your audience!

  12. Congratulations on a successful September “comments for a cause”. Sometimes when I think I don’t have time to make a comment, I stop and remind myself that it is for a good cause as well as communicating with someone I like. This month’s cause is very special and I hope we break last month’s record. Blessing to you and your friend Betty. XO

    • Thanks, Darlene! I know that everyone looks for different things when they go to visit various blogs. I don’t pretend to have it all figured out here or think that my blog is going to appeal to everyone but I do love that you take the time to comment!!! Thank you!

  13. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. Cancer stinks… She’s amazing for not letting it get to her and forging ahead and still helping other. Sending positive vibes her way!!!

  14. Beth Ann, Betty is a “solid rock”, just as you are. Her faith and winning smile are unbelievable.
    She is an inspiration to all of us at Epworth.

  15. Betty, my childhood friend or HARRIS Street friend, is a treasure. I am glad she has you as a techie friend who has a BLOG! Thanks for honoring her this way.

  16. betty is such a special lady. she was missed dearly when she was out of work. we love our betty and we are very glad she is back

  17. What a wonderful lady, praying all the best for her. I know her smile is contagious. That’s a great cause for your comments this month.

  18. Wonderful! Betty has a beautiful smile, and it’s so neat to see her heart multiplied through you! Blessings to her, and I pray that her cancer goes into remission.

    P.S. I’ve linked to this post from my own Comments for a Cause post to drive some extra donations your way! 🙂

  19. Supporting Betty through a cause that is near and dear to her heart is so thoughtful. Good Luck Smiley Betty, and much love and light on your journey to get get well speedy quick.

  20. This is a wonderful choice! Thanks for letting me know about the other blog joining in comments for a cause. I linked it up.

  21. Beth Ann, what a blessing you have been to so many (me included), and now to Betty and some folks in Sudan. My church supported a water well project in Sudan also and we’ve had members go there on mission trips. One of our Sudanese members is now beginning studies to enter the ministry.

    Prayers and hugs for Betty as she continues her courageous journey toward healing.

    • Audrey–how wonderful that your church helped with those wells also!! And to actually have one of those people go into ministry? Amazing! And wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I am putting Betty on my prayer list as I know she is going through a lot with cancer. Also, your comments for a cause have been given to places that it will really help, I am so proud of you as you have grown up to love and have the desire to help others.

    • Thanks for keeping Betty in your prayers. She appreciates them all! And as for my ability to be loving and helping others—I can thank my parents for that gift. 🙂

  23. irene russell says:

    Thank you for honoring my sweet childhood friend Betty. She has truly touched so many lives while on this journey..GOD BLESS HER ! AND THANKS AGAIN..

  24. Thank you for honoring Betty! Your comments about her are true to the core! She has more faith than anyone else I know! Thank you for donating to the cause closest to her heart!

    • Angel–thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! Betty has truly taken this journey with grace and dignity and I am so glad to be a teeny part of putting a smile on her face. Please come back anytime and comment—-I usually have 5 posts a week so there is always something to comment on! Thanks again!

  25. Lancel King says:

    I just wanted to say that I love Betty Barnhardt and she is very dear to my heart. She is one of the reason why I joined Epworth church. If anyone out there is going to heaven, I feel in my heart that Betty will be there. I pray to the Lord and Jesus Christ that I will see her there in heaven. Thank you Beth Ann for this wonderful ministry that you are doing. God Bless you and Betty. Love, Lancel King

    • Lancel–thank you so very much for taking the time to stop by and comment!!! I agree–Betty is a pretty wonderful lady and this was a simple way that I could tell her how much she means to me. You must have come to Epworth after I left—-it is a truly wonderful place with caring people that I miss a lot!!! Thanks again so much for stopping by. Please come back anytime and comment so that we can make this the best month ever and have a great donation ! 🙂

  26. Paula Stimson Franklin says:

    It has been amazing to see Betty go through this journey. Her faith has been so strong and we all have been praying and cheering her on. I thank her for directing me to you blog and I will definitely enjoy reading about you. Your generous project is heart warming.

    • Oh Paula—it was so nice of you to stop by and comment! Betty is amazing and I know she has so many people praying for her and cheering her on!!! I usually do about 5 posts a week—-they all are very varied but Tuesday is always Teapot Tuesday where I feature a teapot from my collection! Please come back often!!!! Miss you!!!

  27. Wow, Beth Ann, you are hearing from many “Epworthians!” Hugs.

  28. Nancy Kluttz says:

    Betty has been a true friend for more that 55 years. I don’t know of anyone who has more faith and trust in God than Betty Barnhardt. Thanks, Nancy

    • Nancy, there seems to be a comment thread here, doesn’t there? All the people who know and love Betty say the same thing. It is consistently that she is a wonderful woman of faith who sets the example for others with her positive attitude and strong belief. Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Please come back anytime!!!

  29. Cancer totally sucks… lost my dad to it and … you just never know who it is going to hit. I am admiring people like Betty with such a spirit. And I love your ‘comments for a cause’ -keep up the good work!

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. It is people like you that “get it” and understand how something like cancer can affect so many. I am so thrilled to be highlighting one of Betty’s favorite causes this month and hope to make a record donation. Thank you so much for stopping by!

  30. HI, Beth Ann! I am new to this blogging/comment thing, so I hope it goes alright. (I guess it’s time to join Facebook so I can be part of the conversation.) I am glad to be a part of what you are doing- supporting Samaritan’s Purse in honor of Betty. What a wonderful tribute to a special lady! We pray for Betty and are so encouraged by her faith and by the way she shares it- all the time and in everything she does. She is truly a walking testimony not only to the goodness and faithfulness of our loving God but also to the way in which we are called to live out our faith in our daily lives. God bless you both. Love, Lynn

    • Hey Lynn—You did just great!!! I am so excited that so many Epworthians are joining in to support her in so many ways. Since I can’t be there in person this was something that I thought would be a great way to show my support from afar. She is an amazing woman and is setting the bar so high for everyone, isn’ t she? Someone must have given the word about my blog and what I am doing this month!!! I am so glad!!! 🙂 Please come back—I post something almost every day so there is always something to read and comment on. Now I will have to step up my game since you guys are all visiting my blog! 🙂 Miss you and your crew! Hope all is well. Hugs.

  31. Hi Beth Ann, What a wonderful thing you are doing for our Sister In Christ, Betty. I will have to put you up there with her – getting to know you at Epworth, it was evident of you faith and love of Christ. Betty is a walking, living testament to her faith and love and has changed lives with her post on Caringbridge. As our friend David Christy would say – she preaches – by the way she lives her life. She has been surrounded by prayer and we will all continue to pray for her and also for you, because of your wonderful works. This is the second time I typed this so I hope I did it correctly this time.

    • Oh Jonnie–what a sweet comment you made! I am so glad that Betty has you all to support her through this time and you are right—she is a living walking testament to her faith! I love that you took the time to stop by and comment!!! Miss you!

  32. Sandy Thompson says:

    Oh Beth Ann what a wonderful project you have created, and to shine on Betty B is super terrific! As you know she is a tiny woman with an enormous heart and compassion for others. We are so blessed to have her in our midst as she is truly a child of God. Blessings to you.

  33. April Whitlock says:

    Thank you so much for honoring my mother with this blog. God has given her an amazing opportunity to touch so many people with her faith. She is amazing!!

    • April, You are so very welcome! You, also, have been in my prayers all along. It can not be easy and you have been such a wonderful and supportive daughter. I can not tell you how many times your mom has sent me pictures and news of your darling girls over the years since I moved so I feel that I know you already. You continue to be in our prayers.

  34. I know Betty and I agree she is faithful, generous woman of God. Thank you for honoring her in this way and supporting such a wonderful cause!

    • Tamira—thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment! I love to hear of all the “Betty admirers” that are out there!!! Please come back and comment often on any post this month!!!

  35. Katy Bullock says:

    What an awesome way to make a difference. I am lucky to know Betty’s daughter April. Sending prayers and good mojo her way.

    • Katy, Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment. I know that April is an amazing woman, just like her mother, and I am thrilled that she is passing my blog along to her friends . Please stop by anytime. I post a lot of stuff and something may be to your liking!!! I am blessed by folks like you are care about others enough to click on a link. Have a blessed day.

  36. I am so glad you are able to support a cause close to Betty’s heart in support of her during this rough patch in her life! You are so generous Beth Ann!

  37. Thank you for supporting a cause so close to Ms. Betty. She is amazing, a true inspiration and an example for us all.

  38. kathy mills says:

    Thank you for the donations you are making for water wells and for showing your love for Betty this way great idea. I hope I am doing this right I have never done anything like this before

  39. I hope you get many, many responses. This is a wonderful way to honor our friend Betty. Just think of all the good that will come of this and it all started with the love of giving and caring from Betty.

    • Joni, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Yes—Betty has inspired many with her generosity and it is nice to honor her during her health struggle right now with this. Come back anytime!

  40. Sweet inspirations! My dear friend Betty (and that wonderful smile of hers) and this project. Clean water. Yes, I have taken it for granted daily, BUT I no longer will. Bless you both!

    • Thank you, Pat! So good of you to stop by and commenting on our sweet Betty’s behalf! I take clean water for granted also—we just take a lot for granted it seems. Thanks again for stopping by!


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