Fabulous Friday

facebookCheck it out!!!  I have a new “button” on the top of the page for Facebook! (The little red F button in the row of 4 clickable buttons for Twitter, Pinterest and RSS feeds.)   I finally bit the bullet and created a Facebook page just for my blog so go ahead—you know you want to—click on it and “like” on Facebook!

It’s Friday so that means time to join Hilary at Feeling Beachie for her weekly blog hop.  Feel free to stop over and join in the fun or let me know in the comments what your answers are.  Today’s co host is Susi from Boca Frau!!!!

Don’t forget to stop back Sunday for a new Comments for a Cause for September!!!!

This week’s statements

:1) I love to ____
2) When I ____ I am _____
3) I love to listen to ______ because it makes me feel _____
4) I never thought I would ____ after ____

My Answers:

1) I love to enjoy life —however I can.
2) When I wake up in the morning  I am a sight for sore eyes.
3) I love to listen to the ocean  because it makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.
4) I never thought I would live as many places as I have  after I got married.



  1. How fun that you’ve set up a Facebook page! Can’t wait to “like” it! Hope you have a lovely Labor Day weekend. I suspect you are still in Texas.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. Okay, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t find the link to your Facebook page. Am I missing something obvious? That would be SOOOOOOOO like me. LOL

  3. Number one answer on number one for me: I love to write.

    I’ve only seen the ocean once, the Atlantic, but I do like to listen to any type of rushing water. I also find it quite calming.

  4. I like your #1 – that’s definitely something to strive for – enjoying life in any way! Love the sound of the ocean too. And, yay, to the FB page!!! 🙂

  5. I never thought you would live in so many places either!!

  6. I am seriously jealous of all these ladies that live so close to the ocean!

  7. Admire your ability to pack up and go and find the best in the places you visit.

  8. I just got on Facebook too, but don’t know what I’m doing yet 😦

  9. “liked” 🙂
    The morning thing…..yeah. that.
    my friends used to tease me about my bed head…..because it’s long and wavy in the morning and totally looks like this artfully tossed supermodel goddess hair —- while I, do not look remotely supermodel or goddess.
    I just got the hair, that’s it. LOL

  10. Your facebook page is awesome! I love to read. When I am bored I am grouchy. I love to listen to rock and roll music because it makes me feel happy and energized. I never thought I would get published after sending out my book so many times.

  11. We must be twins in the morning! LOL I don’t imagine you would have thought you’d travel so much and live so many places–especially Australia.

  12. I strongly doubt you are a sight for sore eyes!

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