Torrid Love Affair

mugToday I was reminded, once again, of a brief but torrid love affair that I had about 7 years ago.  Even though time has passed I still remember it as if it were yesterday and long for the happiness that that love affair brought to my life at a time when I was lonely and feeling vulnerable.  Today that love affair might be rekindled.

To make this story even more interesting let me just tell you that it occurred in a church. Yep—a United Methodist Church to be exact.  Epworth United Methodist Church to be precise.  At the time I had an amazing job.  Possibly it was the job with the longest job title in the world—Director of Small Groups and Servant Ministries.  What did that mean?  Well—it meant I got to do what I had done for years for free but now I got paid for it. It was perhaps THE perfect job for me and I was so blessed to have had the fabulous Rev. Dr. Mark Ralls as my boss, mentor and friend during my tenure in this position.

One of the areas that we were trying to expand was our outreach into the community by offering a new worship experience that might attract those who had not visited our church before.  Before long  a fabulously gifted music leader was hired, a new name of Jacob’s Well was chosen,  Fellowship Hall was repainted and a new worship experience was born.  It was a more casual service and coffee and snacks were a part of the package that we were offering.

Enter the object of my affection.  The Flavia Coffee Brewing System.  Oh—the memories almost make me quiver.   It was funded by an angel investor who wanted to support our efforts to provide a great experience to all who entered those doors and I will be forever grateful to this angel because those funds allowed us to obtain a rental machine that produced possibly the most wonderful combination of brews for our folks. Coffees, lattes, tea, hot chocolate—-it was all there.  Oh—it was heaven ….while it lasted.

One day I had a guest come to visit me in the church office.  It was the Repo Man.  Did you know that there are Repo Men for coffee machines?  Well—trust me—there are.   Seems we were not ordering enough of the wonderful flavor filled pouches to stimulate the economy  and they were sent to take away my beloved Flavia machine.   It took me a long time to recover from the sadness that enveloped me after the Repo Man left.  I was a mess.  How could this be happening?  I even bought a small personal one to have in my office at home.  (Cat was NOT included. She was so little then!)holly on flavia

Today my love affair might just be rekindled.  My husband is doing some work away from home and the corporate complex that he is staying in offers some fabulous views of the city and other wonderful amenities.  As I visited him in his current home away from home he gave me the nickel tour of the place so that I can get around while he slaves away.  In the lobby area is a little snack nook complete with—you guessed it—–a FLAVIA machine!!!  My eyes bugged out!


Oh it may not look like much to the untrained eye but to those who have loved and lost it is enough to put said person over the edge.   I am pacing myself.  I don’t want to appear too needy or demanding in case the Repo Man is around…..stay tuned .flavia 1

What a great selection of drinks!

What a great selection of drinks!

A lovely cup of tea awaits!!!!!

A lovely cup of tea awaits!!!!!

Have you ever had a torrid love affair that you are willing to confess ?  Tell me all about it in your comments!

If you want to see a fun YouTube video that someone made to show the magical Flavia machine click on the video below.



  1. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    Holly was so little….

    I can understand your love affair. I have a crush on my viking coffee machine. This baby brews the best pot!

    • Holly was a baby then—that was right after we moved to Iowa and had gotten the kitties—-she was probably 3-4 months old in that pic. I forgot how little she was.

  2. Those are nice–we have those where I work too–I think each floor has one. That job really does sound perfect for you!

    • Your work place must rock!!! And obviously you have more users than we had! 🙂 Yep—it really was the perfect job for me—-I miss it ..somedays!

  3. You are funny. It is destiny that you meet again!

  4. How cool is this!!!!!!! Gotta love that perk. However, I must say, I LOVED the kitty atop the coffee maker photo. What a cutie! If I buy one of those machines, will I get the kitten as an added bonus? That would make it really purrrrrrfect! Coffee–purrfectly purrked! LOL

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • It was funny when I was trying to find a picture of my old Flavia machine and found that one. I knew I had taken one and there it was—with baby Holly atop it. She was so tiny!!! I do love that machine, though!

  5. I read your header and thought I was on the wrong blog. (I expect you may get lots of unwanted comments today.)

    Fantastic humorous storytelling, Beth Ann. You should contact the communications people at Flavia and direct them to this post. I am serious. This is one fine fine piece of writing.

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with my Keurig. When it works…I am head over heels giddy riding a caffeine induced love wave. When it doesn’t work….. I have to stay indoors so I don’t hurt people. LOL
    This machine looks amazing. But I’d LOVE the model that comes with adorable kitten! haha

    • I love my Keurig too but they sometimes have their issues. Customer service there is pretty good usually, though. And the kitty is nowhere near that size. She has morphed into a larger version——-she has hit the menopausal weight gain like her owner.

  7. You crack me up! But I get what you are saying. We had a coffee machine in the little lounge area in the basement of our high school in Germany. It had the best French Vanilla coffee and no where else have I been able to get that perfect cup!!! Sigh! 🙂

  8. I am not sure I have had any love affair but my husband. Card making may be the closest I have come to a love affair.

  9. Steamy affair..Fabulous Pot and a sleek machine pouring out hot rich dark caffeine into your favorite mug. MMMM. I’m so sorry your love was so rudely torn from your lips; you have been so brave to perk up and move forward. When your eyes met a second time in the hotel lobby did you still feel the same lust, and did he light up in excitement? Or were you all the wiser and more nonchalant this time, planning to enjoy a couple quickies without real attachment?

    • It is a very steamy affair—let me tell you. I was pretty darn excited when I spied the machine in the apt lobby but I had to try to contain myself because after all my husband was with me and I did not want him to feel slighted. And yes—it has been quickies here and there—–it is blazing hot here so I have limited my intake and visits to the office but I am feeling that there is a cup saved for me there this morning……

  10. I want one, this machine looks amazing. I have never even heard of the Flavia, do they still make them? My torrid love affair happens to be with coffee as well. I drink one hot steamy cup a day form Caribou Coffee…cant do without it, it’s my one splurge in life and I believe it’s rather healthy…. Skim milk and sugar-free syrups, so I get two mild servings (I’m really trying to justify this) My drink is called a “chocolate/raspberry Northern lite Latte”

    • It is a pretty neat machine—let me tell you. The “personal” one I had at home was pretty good but did not quite measure up to the one in the offices. I love anything chocolate-raspberry so I think your daily splurge would be a favorite for me, too!!! Yum.

  11. Wow, that video! OMG! Really amateur hour. The machine reminds me of my Keurig coffee machine which I cannot do without at all. I think I would go through withdrawal without my Keurig coffee in the morning. This morning I’m having Vanilla Biscotti coffee!


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