Wordless Wednesday Back to School Style




My guess is that the kids today have no clue about making book covers out of grocery bags but who remembers doing this??? Β Thanks, HyVee , for bringing back some memories!!!!




  1. Yes! I remember doing this!

  2. I remember! Those were the good old days, weren’t they?

  3. I have some of the book covers that Joe decorated in high school. Awesome art. Mine were always a mess (but my grades were better πŸ™‚ Cole will never know the joy or angst since he has never had a text book. At Waldorf schools they make all their own books.

    • That is amazing you have some of Joe’s!!!! Mine were never works of art but they depicted what was going on in my life at that particular moment. Cole has other fabulous experiences so I doubt he missed all that much. πŸ™‚

  4. Yes, yes, yes. I remember the grocery bag book covers. No markers decorating mine, though. That’s some marketing genius on HyVee’s part.

  5. I don’t remember this, but I think it’s a genius idea. I know my kids would have the Sharpies out in seconds to decorate theirs.

  6. That’s an awesome idea. Wonder if our Publix stores do the same thing. If my kids’ books ever get here I will have to put covers on all of them – they are so expensive and I’d like them to be in decent shape for the book buy back at the end of year.

  7. I agree with you on this. I remember though spending many hours with my kids covering their books. The fun part was watching them color them and make the covers beautiful.

  8. Cool Bag!! We never have such a thing here, well not in my time
    ~Novroz (too lazy to sign out)

  9. I use to make book covers for all of my books in school. In fact, I even had some teachers that had a special time on the first day of school to create a cover for their classroom’s textbook! How fun that Hy-Vee put something on their bags about it!

    • Val, I think that is really neat that teachers took time for book cover making!!! I think it could be made into a contest, too–most colorful, best use of incorporating the subject into the artwork, etc. The ideas are limitless! I love that HyVee did that this year.

  10. I remember making our own book covers out of grocery sacks. Love that HyVee gives directions on their bag.

  11. We used to do that too, but never saw a bag like this!

  12. Making the covers is a very good idea and helps kids to be creative and helps the books as well.

  13. We did this all the time! Then you could color all over your book cover so people know it’s your book from a distance!

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