Against All Odds

The best message for a Sunday morning can be seen right here.  This man continues to amaze me and I am certainly not alone.  Carve out a few minutes today to watch this—you won’t regret it.



  1. AMAZING!!! I’ve seen a video of him before (maybe from you). It is really life affirming to hear him speak and see him go through everyday life doing all that he does. Makes you realize that things are possible even if you don’t see it right then and there… Thanks for sharing!

    • I am always so inspired when I see him or read about him. Perfect example of what can be accomplished in life . Nothing stops him . Thanks for the comment, Susi!!!

  2. Yes. He is inspiring and amazing. People like him are gifts to all of us. Thanks for posting.

  3. Nick is such an inspiration, a great way to start my day. Thanks, Beth Ann.

  4. I’ve seen this guy before & I love his attitude. I didn’t know he had gotten married & was expecting. What a great gift for him with all the gifts he gives to others.

  5. I just cannot see how he does so many things without arms or legs. He makes you feel so thankful for what you have. What an wonderful example he is.

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