Teapot Tuesday

If this guy looks a little familiar it might be because he is very similar to one that I posted here.   I was surprised to get an email from a man named Stan who lives in Ohio .  He was doing a  little research on Occupied Japan teapots and found his way to my blog where I featured that last little guy.  Stan recently lost his wife and is in the process of downsizing in preparation for a move to a smaller place and is trying to get rid of a few items that he no longer needs.  One of those items is this fabulous teapot which belonged to his mother and father and he was looking to get rid of it.  About 15 emails went back and forth between us , a price was agreed upon and Stan sent this beauty on its way to me.  Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing???







  1. The internet is a wonderful thing and so is your tea pot! Love the detail on the handle and the spout.

    • Actually I am surprised I have not had more folks who have teapots to sell contact me. I loved that this one has a back story and even though I am not going to start collecting Occupied Japan items per se it is neat to have a couple that match. This guy is in better shape than the other one I have. This guy is a pretty neat find.

  2. Yes, familiar AND intimidating!!! A wonderful addition to your ever expanding collection. (Museum time????? LOL!) Will be in touch (in a couple weeks) for another Cresco meet-up!! Hugs…..

  3. How nice that he thought of you! I love those Toby Jugs – even the imitation ones! And it is a piece of history. My mom has a few of the imitation Toby mugs from that era.

  4. The internet can be a wonderful thing, as you and I know. How wonderful that this teapot transaction worked out for both of you.

  5. What a fun way to acquire a new pot, Beth Ann!

    And guess what? Our pots are on their way here to Ecuador. Sara has been in the US, supervising the loading of our container, and TODAY it leaves the port in Savannah–teapots and all!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  6. Another interesting teapot. Are you planning on buying the teapot museum you vivited?

  7. I’m so glad that teapot found it’s way to you. You will appreciate it the way it’s meant to. Love the way things work out sometimes… Enjoy!!!

  8. I love how you came by this wonderful teapot. I’m glad he found a good home for this fellow.

  9. Those tags we put on our posts come in handy! Now you have teapots hunting you down!

  10. I love it and how wonderful that he contacted you.

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