Yarn Bombing in North Iowa

A couple years ago I posted a post about Yarn Bombing—I was taken in by the great concept of “decorating” outside spaces with colorful yarn.  I even saw some on a trip to Napa and posted a picture there.  What fun it is to see creative people use their craft to beautify spaces.   Last weekend Chris and I took a side trip to Clear Lake to see the Classic Car Show (that is a post for another day) and I asked him to stop at Central Gardens of North Iowa on the way out of town.  I always like to stop there and see what they have growing and have done a couple of other posts on the beautiful displays that are often part of this ever changing garden.  Many volunteers with busy hands make it a place for the rest of us to enjoy.

Imagine my surprise when I saw yarn bombing on the front gates!   Enjoy all of the beauty that the gardens have to offer.













P1140723I follow Lunar Ephoria over at My Little Spacebook and guess what?  She commented below that she has participated in Yarn Bombing!!!  Check out her post by clicking here.  Beautiful work!


  1. I had no idea about yarn bombing. Very FUN. The garden and flower pictures were so pretty, what a lovely place.

  2. I first saw this yarn bombing in Northfield, MN., a few years ago and had no idea what I was viewing, but found it interesting. Thank you for showing us this yarn bombing and these beautiful gardens. Another place that I would really enjoy visiting. Iowa road trip next summer, I think. No time this summer…

  3. Don’t you just love people with passion in a good way.

  4. Beautiful gardens!!! Love, love, love the water lilies/water displays!! Serenity and peace personified!! Hugs….

  5. So pretty. I would love to take a walk around there sometime and the yarn bombing is certainly a colorful and unique way to decorate something. Love it. 🙂

  6. What beautiful flowers but I had never heard of yarn bombing which is also pretty.

    • It is a really neat thing to see and I was surprised to find some in little old Clear Lake. We saw the Napa one when we were out there for the day with Rebekah.

  7. What fun to find another yarn-bombing. That’s good use for all those long knitting-practice pieces.

  8. Great pictures. This looks like my kind of place. The keyhole made with stones is gorgeous.

    I had the pleasure of participating in a yarn bombing earlier this year at our local museum. It was a blast. Here’s a link to the pictures if you want to check them out:


  9. I love the colourfull flowers and the yarn bombing is fun!

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