Oh The Places I Go and The Things I Don’t See

Chris and I had a great vacation in Wyoming in July.  Hard to believe I have not even posted any pictures of it because trust me, I took a lot of pictures.  The beauty of blogging is that I usually have posts scheduled to go ahead of time so I don’t have to worry about no content going “live” when I travel.  That way I can focus on the moment and not stress about losing my valued readers by not having something posted on a regular basis.

There are so many things to see in Wyoming and I tried to document them all.  When we got to our lovely condo outside of Jackson I found this in the drawer. bear spray

I looked at Chris and asked “What did you get me into?”   He just shrugged and said it was all hoopla about nothing.

Then we saw this sign the next day.

P1140214And then this sign…..


A couple of days later we saw this:P1060235

Granted I was closer to a bear when we were in Canada last year and one ambled down the driveway of the house next door but still…….I was warned.

You can tell he is Canadian because he said "eh" when he walked by.....

You can tell he is Canadian because he said “eh” when he walked by…..

Of course the bison were always supposed to be around and we were actually not disappointed in that area.  It was not quite like when we were in Yellowstone years ago when we got caught in several bison jams but but we did get to see these beauties up close and personal.



Not sure who this belonged to but I suspect a bison.  There seemed to be a great deal of evidence in Yellowstone particularly.


There was a lot of promise of seeing moose and that was what I was most excited about.  After all the road our condo was off of was named Moose Wilson Road.   There was a promise there.



Oh the promise was there but there was no delivery.   I figured this was about as close as I was going to get to a moose sighting.


And then–magically on our last full day in Wyoming we saw cars pulled off the road and as many of you know–where there are cars there MUST be wildlife.

P1060334Daddy Moose



(Pictures thanks to the hubby with the better zoom on these 3 pictures.)



Mommy Moose!

P1060354Baby Moose!

So finally–I could go home.  I had seen the elusive moose family and was able to complete my mission.   Don’t you just love a happy ending?



  1. Love seeing your wildlife pictures! What a fun trip you had!!

  2. I hear ya on not getting pix up right away. I still have all those photos from our Iowa trip, except Decorah, to post.

    Of course, you know I love this whole post about your wildlife encounters. As always, it’s entertaining, humorous and informative. So happy you got to see papa, mama and baby moose, especially.

    • Thanks, Audrey. I have so many pics to put up but you know how long it takes to just organize them and get them in order to post. I always just have to block out time and get it in my head to do it. Thank you—-it was a fun trip indeed.

  3. I totally love happy endings. And I especially love the title of your post. The moose family was cute–daddy HUGE but mama looked a little skinny.

    You’re right about not wanting to lose readers. I’m afraid that’s happening to me. I have got to get back to regular posting. I used to be so good about it. Now I’m working hard on my memoir and living in a new country–find it hard to find the time. And I’m such a SLOW writer. I saw yesterday where you had finished a number of posts ahead. I admire that. It takes me days of writing and revision to do a single one.

    Take care, my friend. Enjoyed the images.


    • But you forget that “my posts” are much more frivolous compared to yours! There is almost never (is that right?) any real research that goes into them unless it is a roque article that I read and it spurred a thought or an idea. Yours are much meatier than mine so it takes longer. No worries—we will all still be here waiting for you! Glad to hear your memoir is coming along—-any word on that the tv coverage/show????

  4. What fun! Is there anything cuter than a moose family? I don’ think so! Sounds like a wonderful trip and your post was bery interesting (lame, it’s early.)

  5. Thank you so much for the close up of the Bison “pie” pic. In that pic of you (no offense) but I think you had too much “moose” in your hair that day..

  6. Lucky you! I have yet to spot my MOOSE!!

  7. So cool!! An entire moose family. Despite all our trips up to northern Ontario and all the moose warnings: never saw one in 5 years of trips. We did however have a bear visit our campfire one night. that was fun. sorta.

    • I can’t believe you have never had a moose sighing in all that time but I guess they really are elusive at times The bear visit I probably could have done without.

  8. Any trip that ends with moose has to be perfect.

  9. Glad you eventually got to see a moose family. Great photos of the bison too. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Moose are my favorite. Love them. a park ranger once told me a joke. If you see cars slowing down on the road that means there are bison. If you see a ton of cars pulled over, that means moose. If all the cars are stopped on the road without pulling over and all the doors are open that means bear.

    • That is pretty much true I think, although, with the bear sighting with us there were a ton of cars of Japanese folks who were out of their cars taking pictures. 🙂 Not me!!! 🙂

  11. I enjoyed your pictures. It sounds like your vacation was really a vacation from your every day routine.

  12. In the bush, you see way too many moose, especially as you’re driving down the highway late at night & you come around the corner to get a close up of one of their butts (long legs put their body on level with the windshield of your vehicle).


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