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There are just no words to tell how much  I love the first day of each month.  The night before I am busy tallying up blog comments—going through the comments and reliving what you guys have all contributed with your words.  It amazes me how many folks comment –still—after over 2 years into my decision to do Comments for a Cause.   If you are new here the concept is simple—make a comment on any post and it gets counted towards a 50 cent donation to the charity of the month.

A quick update and picture from our recipient for the month of June—Rachael and Nate Youmans (my niece and her hubby) who we helped with their Habitat trip to El Salvador.  They are there and working!!!  I hope to get more info when they return!!!  (Sorry it is small!)

raandnate-el salvador

The charity for this past month was Operation Mend that helps our returning military with severe facial and other medical issues to receive reconstructive and plastic surgery.   It is an amazing program and one that I thought everyone could get behind.  And you did.  As always you all came through and I am thrilled to be able to announce that because of YOUR commenting my husband and I will be sending a $187.50 donation on its way to Operation Mend.

And now the moment you have all been anxiously awaiting……..the NEW CAUSE is none other than Second Life Bikes.  secondlifebikes I first saw a clip on a tv news program about them and perhaps that is simply the easiest way to show you what this great organization does.  It is less than 3 minutes so check it out!

How fabulous is this idea?   Hats off to this great endeavor!  Following is a bit from their Facebook page which I shamelessly copied and pasted in hopes of giving you a bit more info.

We rescue bikes. Fix bikes. Ride bikes. Love bikes.

More people on bikes, more often.

Company Overview
Second Life Bikes is a biking community center in Asbury Park where people connect to each other, build skills, join group bike rides, learn bike safety, and create bike art and custom designs that can support new social enterprises. Our mission is to get more people (especially youth) on bikes, more often, while encouraging people to repurpose old bikes and bike parts, rather than discard them.Our goals include the following:■Providing youth with positive opportunities and recreational activities
■Improving health and fitness, and building an appreciation for physical activity as a way of life
■Enhancing leadership development skills
■Developing self confidence and a sense of self empowerment
■Enhancing eye-hand coordination and impart first-level applied mechanical and math skills;
■Create a welcoming, fun, and inclusive atmosphere where “play” becomes a way to break through social barriersSecond Life Bikes is also designed as a revenue generating center (a used bike sales and repair shop) and is a hub in the community. This is where people drop-off and donate their old bikes, and/or where they come to shop for a repurposed bike. Once inside the door, they are connected to our shop and appreciate the youth programs, as well as what we need to grow. Please come and visit us to see for yourself.
If you agree with me that this is a great place to donate some cash please join me by commenting often this month.  I know I may not always hit the topic you are interested in with my posts but I guarantee you that I read every comment and try to respond.  A few slip by me but for the most part I catch them.  I would love to bump this up to another level so please invite your friends to follow me (shameless request ) and comment.  It is pretty easy—the first time you have to fill out some info but after that the settings should remember you.  Thanks so much!


  1. You, my friend, and your dear husband, Chris, are a blessing to so many. That is my comment this morning. Plus I appreciate the thought and research you invest each month in choosing the featured “cause.” I’m learning about a lot of different endeavors I might not otherwise have known about.

    • Thanks, Audrey! I have learned a lot, too!!! It has been really fun to find new ones and learn a bit about some lesser known charities that are out there. Just when I think I can’ t figure out what the next one will be I see something or read something or hear from someone about something and there it is–my next “cause”. thanks for your continued support!

  2. I can’t believe how quickly July flew by! Maybe it was because I got behind in my reading & then had to read so many posts all at once. Sorry if this made my comment count go down in July. I like the idea of re-purposing bikes, I think it’s great. It would be nice if they donated some bikes to under privileged children where a bike could make a Huge difference.

    • I totally agree!!! What happened to July? For me a lot of it was spent in Wyoming and other places but still!!! I got so behind in reading everyone’s blogs—-I may never catch up!

  3. I had never heard of this mission and think it is very good one to learn about and support.

  4. Congrats on getting so many comment!

  5. Whaaaa!! July….Gone……where…how???? Hmmm…..well, you’ve sure come up with another great ’cause’! Hats off to you and Chris (and all who “comment for the cause”)!

  6. How wonderful! Your causes are such an inspiration! Cole’s school rebuilds bikes to be donated to those in need and I was amazed at how long the waiting lists was to receive a bike.
    It’s a joy to comment and contribute. Thanks for the opportunity!

    • That is very cool that Cole’s school does that. It is something that they will remember being a part of for all their lives and will really help instill the desire to do for others, won’t it?? Fabulous to have a school that sees need and addresses it.

  7. Sounds like another good cause! Happy to see your niece and her hubby enjoying thier project.

  8. Another fine choice Beth Ann..I once made a unicycle out of a bicycle.. I left it in the driveway and a car backed over it.

  9. I have seen this and think it is a great choice!

  10. Woohooo! I love all the charities you promote and give to. I’ll do my best to comment!!!!!

  11. You and your husband are very generous.

  12. Yet another worthy cause, you are amazing to do what you do! Thank you so much for spreading love and joy. 🙂


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