Franklin F. Firefly

This post is to prove something to my mom.   We were talking about things from the past, how I have always wanted to write a book, be published and my evident stagnation at producing said book.  I reminded her that in 10th grade I wrote a children’s book for Mrs. Young in Creative Writing  and she illustrated it.  She has no memory of that so I am hoping that once she reads this post and sees proof she will remember.  I am sure she will be cringing but hey—-my words are out there now and my lame attempt at a children’s book are forever going to be floating around cyberspace so she needs to share the fame.

Please keep in mind—-I was in 10th grade.   🙂

The cover which was not very sturdy and as a result I only got an Honorable Mention in competition.  Oh well.

The cover which was not very sturdy and as a result I only got an Honorable Mention in competition. Oh well.

Proof of my mom's participation!

Proof of my mom’s participation!














There you have it—proof that my mom was an vital  part of my creative writing way back then and proof that I have kept this tattered book for 37 years.  Sad but true.

Keep an eye out for Franklin F. Firefly—it is firefly season!!!




  1. Hilary - Dangled Carat says:

    you are an author!!!

    Love this!

  2. This is adorable! The story and the illustrations are so much FUN! Love the name.

  3. Well done. And now you have published a book.

  4. Not only did you write well, but your mother draws beautifully!

  5. I am in pain from laughing! I kind of remember a little but still not much. I am old and forgetful. I had to get my magnifying glass out to read some of it, still could not read it. Bring it along sometime so I can read all of it. I was a bit horrified but I am strong, I am used to my kids and all the things they do to me. So there!

    • Oh Mother—you know it is all because we love you! I loved that you did the pictures for my book—-I had the idea and I remember we used a coloring book to figure out what you could use for the ideas for the pages. I think the cat might be Puss in Boots…..I do remember we had fun doing it together and it managed to get me a decent grade so that was the goal! I will bring it next trip so you can see you handiwork!

  6. Oh, Beth Ann, I am so glad you saved this. What a treasure. I mean that. Your mom really is a good artist. I may have seen Franklin in my backyard. I will watch more closely for the firefly with the light bulb light. Love fireflies.

    Congrats on self-publication of your first children’s book.

  7. Personally, I think the book and the illustrations are “lights-out” kudos to both of you.

  8. This is hilarious! I hope you read it to little ones back then, and you could now, too! A very imaginative and sweet story.

  9. I am so glad you shared this piece with us all (and your mom seems to have enjoyed it, too!). The fireflies are awesome this year….the heat/humidity must be to their liking!!! Hugs…..

    • Thanks, Doreen! I love that I actually kept this little book and that my mom got a kick out of seeing it. I will make sure I take it the next time I see her so we can chuckle over it.

  10. The story is so adorable and the illustrations are pretty amazing. Your mom is quite the artist! 🙂

  11. Joanna Graham says:

    Awesome Beth. It seems that your creativity has gone technical, hence this blog…LOL 10th grade seems so long ago. Have a happy week

    • Joanna, Not sure if you were in that Creative Writing class or not—-Mrs. Young had us do some fun things I remember!!! I am sure she would be surprised that I still have that book!

  12. How delightful. And to think you kept it all this time. I love that you and your mom collaborated on this project!

  13. Beth Ann very sweet! What’s not to love about this? Darling!

  14. Cute story and illustrations. You and your mom are both gifted.

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